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Chief of Party, Eastern and Southern Caribbean

Date Posted
3rd January 2017
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

RTI is currently accepting applications for Chief of Party (Chief of Party 1) for an anticipated USAID-funded Local Capacity for Local Solutions project that will focus on ten countries in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) region.

Job Description

~~RTI International is an independent nonprofit research institute and leading development organization headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. Since 1958, RTI has worked in over 150 countries and designed and implemented cutting-edge solutions in the sectors of economic growth, governance, education, and health. A cornerstone of RTI’s work is strengthening the capacities of local partners and systems in order to increase local ownership and ensure that host country individuals and organizations have the skills and resources to achieve their missions and sustain their services in the long term.
Position Summary
RTI is currently accepting applications for Chief of Party (Chief of Party 1) for an anticipated USAID-funded Local Capacity for Local Solutions project that will focus on ten countries in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) region. These countries include: Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago. The project office and staff (including the COP) will be based out of Bridgetown, Barbados and the COP and other key staff will be expected to travel to other target countries as necessary.
The Local Capacity for Local Solutions project will focus on strengthening the operational, managerial and administrative capacity of NGOs/CSOs in the ESC using innovative and non-traditional means. This will likely involve a mix of peer-to-peer learning, mentoring and coaching, distance learning and other outside-the-box approaches beyond training. Although NGOs/CSOs are the primary beneficiary of capacity development activities, the project will also seek to strengthen the connectivity of NGOs/CSOs and other disparate entities in the private sector, academic, and government at national, sub-regional and regional levels. The project approach and management should strongly reflect USAID’s Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) approach. The project is expected to be four years in duration and approximately $16 million USD in value. The project is anticipated to launch in early April 2017.

The COP will be responsible for the overall implementation and management of the project so that activities and deliverables are executed out at the highest levels of quality. The COP will represent RTI and the project and will create a team dynamic among RTI’s partners and beneficiaries, stimulating broad project buy-in and engagement with a wide variety of institutions across the region.

This position is contingent upon receipt of donor funding. Nationals of ESC countries are strongly encouraged to apply.

Primary Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the COP for the Local Capacity for Local Solutions project will be diverse and will require an individual who is able to multi-task, work under pressure, and manage complex relationship dynamics. The responsibilities of the COP are as follows:

• Provide overall strategic direction of the project in order to ensure that activities are carried out with stakeholder buy-in and can achieve timely results within the constraints of the project budget.

• Prepare major deliverables required by USAID, including the project work plan, monitoring and evaluation plan, quarterly and annual progress reports, and other required reports or products.

• Contribute to the development of capacity strengthening materials in order to ensure that there is consistency and exceptional quality to the capacity strengthening activities that various partners are engaged in and tasked with implementing across the region.

• Oversee the implementation of project activities at all levels in order to ensure that they are taking place on time and within budget. She/he should also ensure that project partners are closely coordinated so that the team has a shared vision and understanding of goals and progress in meeting them.

• Supervise and mentor staff to ensure that they are empowered to perform their duties, collaborate as a team, and are performing at the highest of levels.

• Promote the development of civil society networks, both among NGOs/CSOs at the local, national, and regional levels, but also creating connections among NGOs/CSOs and government, private sector, and government agencies.

• Serve as the project point of contact / liaison to USAID and develop an effective and collaborative relationship so that USAID is regularly updated and consulted at appropriate levels.

• Liaise regularly with RTI’s home office in order to share updates, collaborate on deliverables, and consult on approaches. The COP must ensure that all activities are performed according to both USAID and RTI policies and procedures.

• Oversee and assume overall responsibility for managing the project budget, including those of the budgets of local partners, to ensure that resources are utilized efficiently and judiciously.

• Ensure that grants to local partners are managed efficiently and that grantees are accountable for results and can comply with RTI and USAID procedures.

• Continuously monitor the results of project activities in order to gauge progress against project targets and discuss course-corrections that may be needed in order to improve impact.

• Succinctly and articulately convey project results to partners, the donor, and the general public via social media, reports, success stories, and public events, stimulating greater interest and momentum around project activities.
Required Skills and Qualifications

The successful applicant will have extensive experience in managing complex, multi-dimensional, and multi-year programs that focus on strengthening civil society. In particular, the ideal candidate will possess significant experience in working with and strengthening the institutional capacity of NGOs/CSOs within the ESC region. She/he will be results-driven, able to absorb and respond to information in a timely manner, and possess strong team-building and negotiating skills in order to bring diverse NGOs/CSOs and other civil society organizations together.

The candidate must be a strategic thinker with a proven ability to develop innovative program approaches to strengthening local capacity that can be successfully implemented and sustained in extremely under-resourced environments with geographic distances. Because the Local Capacity for Local Solutions project seeks to develop innovative ways to strengthen the managerial, operational, and administrative capacities of NGOs/CSOs in the region, the COP must look beyond training as the primary means to engaging partners and boosting skills. Understanding the receptiveness of local organizations to these approaches and the impact of project interventions will require constant evaluation and reflection and potential adaptation of activities and methods in order to enhance results.

Excellent management, organizational, and interpersonal skills and an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, partners, and the donor are essential to the role. Applicants must be able to successfully bring together a wide range of actors that include NGOs/CSOs, for-profit entities, academic institutions, and government agencies across the region so that connectivity and capacity can be amplified and the overall ecosystem of civil society in the ESC region is strengthened.


Applicants should possess:

• A minimum of a master’s degree in international development,  public administration, public policy, finance management, economic policy, or related field.

• A minimum of 12 years of experience in increasingly responsible positions implementing and managing international development projects.

• A minimum of five years of experience in a senior management role within a development project of equivalent size and scope.

• Substantial experience in working with NGOs/CSOs in the ESC region and strengthening their institutional capacities.

• Successful experience in non-traditional approaches to capacity development, such as peer-to-peer learning and mentoring and coaching.

• A track record in managing a multi-country presence, implementing multiple tasks across multiple countries, economies, cultures and geographies.

• Strong experience collaborating with and connecting with stakeholders in the private and government sectors. 

• An ability to manage and track budget expenditures to achieve outcomes with limited resources.

• Effective cross-cultural and communication skills so that she/he is able to create a shared vision on project objectives and activities among diverse stakeholders.

• An ability to resolve sensitive and complicated work issues with senior high-level country counterparts, donor representatives and senior-level staff.

• Fluency in English.

• Experience in managing a USAID-funded projects is highly desired.

Application Instructions: Qualified candidates are invited to apply for this position and submit their CV and cover letter to RTI at . Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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