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Commodities and Logistics Director

Date Posted
28th September 2016
Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Chemonics seeks a commodities and logistics director for the USAID Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) project in Haiti.

Job Description

PSM will be the primary vehicle through which USAID procures and provides health commodities, assists partner countries in improving the management of the supply chain, and collaborates with key international stakeholders to support global health initiatives. The Haiti office will provide commodities and supply chain technical assistance in support of the project's HIV/AIDS and family planning objectives. The commodities and logistics director will ensure the overall warehouse management and supervision of the PSM warehouse and distribution operations. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world.


Responsibilities include:

  • Supervise and monitor warehouse activities and processes to ensure continuous availability of quality pharmaceutical commodities and laboratory supplies including test kits, and other products related to HIV/AIDS and family planning commodities
  • Ensure the warehouse meets international standards for pharmaceutical warehouses, such as World Health Organization guidelines
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for warehouse operations including clearance, receiving, inspection, testing, storage, registration, and accurate and complete recording/documentation and distribution under optimal conditions
  • Work closely with other members of the PSM team to ensure accurate, timely, and efficient shipment of all customer orders, and regularly communicate with clients concerning the timely and effective distribution of related products and to resolve relevant queries
  • Review in collaboration with IT specialist the electronic tool (MACS) for recording all movements of commodities and pharmaceuticals to produce more accurate and timely reports
  • Perform regular inventories within the warehousing system and proactively alert the country director of potential product or process issues (e.g., shortages, expiries, damaged products, distribution network problems) and recommend solutions
  • Ensure periodic stock inventory and reconciliation by comparing physical and recorded stocks, investigate all significant stock discrepancies and inform the country director and the operations director to correct any issue and take appropriate measures
  • Take appropriate proactive measures to prevent the storage and issue of outdated (expired) materials and pharmaceutical products
  • Work closely with waste and environment manager on returned commodities or pharmaceutical products to be handled in accordance with appropriate procedures and placed in quarantine until their destruction
  • Ensure that products returned as waste or originating at the warehouse as waste are recorded appropriately if stored in the warehouse, and record and separately store such waste
  • Ensure that the storage conditions are well labeled in all the components of the warehouse, verified on schedule and reported electronically
  • Manage the optimization and maintenance of other warehouse systems as required (e.g., power generation, water supply, security systems, CCTV, air conditioning, cold room storage, and computer networks)
  • Develop, maintain, and implement effective and relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) of all actions related to the warehouse to include receiving of stock, returns, storage bin management, and health and safety
  • Ensure that newly appointed staff members under the commodities and logistics director's supervision are competent on current valid SOPs related to their job, by the end of the given training program period, and ensure that all staff members are trained on any updated SOPs in a timely manner
  • Supervise and manage warehousing staff performance to ensure adherence to SOPs, specific to warehouse processes including receiving, replenishment order releasing, picking, checking, packing, stock counts, and health and safety
  • Introduce a quality management system (QMS) in preparation for obtaining ISO 9000 certification
  • Work closely with the country director supply and other members of the senior management team to actively work toward empowering stakeholders in the Haiti Ministry of Health and any other designated stakeholders, to increasingly accept responsibility for management of their public health supply chain system
  • Participate in senior management meetings, work plan development, and reporting
  • Identify, plan, and document the need for short-term technical assistance to strengthen supply chain capacity and warehouse operations and management
  • Supply all required statistics and reports for the purpose of management reporting and budget control, establish and measure key performance indicators, and provide needed reports in a timely manner to the monitoring and evaluation team



  • Bachelor's degree required; advanced degree in relevant discipline desired
  • Minimum five years of managing warehouses with temperature-controlled, ambient and cold room facilities as common in pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and other industries  
  • Strong skills in supply chain management required
  • Field experience desired, including long-term overseas positions or extended short-term engagements
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and implement complex donor-funded public health programs in a developing country context
  • Ability to supervise local and international staff effectively
  • Ability to work with cooperating partners in implementing complex programs
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity
  • Knowledge of Haitian operating environment preferred
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communications skills
  • Proficiency in written and oral English and French

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