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Corporate Services Manager

Date Posted
29th November 2016
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Corporate Services Manage will be responsible for contributing leadership for the achievement of the Mission and Strategic Objectives of GuyOil

Job Description

Responsible for contributing leadership for the achievement of the Mission and Strategic Objectives of GuyOil, through effective management of the Human Resources and the Information & Communications Technology Departments, the Security, Training & Development, Health Safety & Environment and Registry Sections in particular; and for coordinating and monitoring the timely preparation of the annual programmes and budget of the Division.




The Corporate Services Manager is required to provide strategic leadership for the corporate operations of GuyOil; and is responsible for coordinating effectively the execution of the agreed strategies and the effective delegation of authority to discharge responsibilities.


The Incumbent provides specific oversight responsibility for the following Departments/Section:

  • Human Resources Department: Providing technical and managerial leadership in planning, implementing and evaluating human resources systems for the provision of advisory, consultative and monitoring services at GuyOil.
  • Information & Communications Technology Department: Analysing the systems and operating procedures of the Divisions/Departments/Sections of GuyOil to devise efficient computer programmes and systems, as well as for monitoring and coordinating the network services of the Company.
  • Security Section: Coordinating the security of GuyOil’s operations and premises and for investigating and reporting on discovered cases of theft, breakage, damage to equipment and other property and personal belongings of employees.
  • Training & Development: Providing training in an effort to improve continuously the level of technical ability, people skills and managerial competence; ensuring that training is geared to prepare employees to fill positions at all levels, as well as ensuring new employees learn proper methods, the rules and procedures of the Company.
  • Health, Safety & Environment: Promoting compliance/enforcement in relation to handling and use of petroleum products; environmental effects monitoring and assessment and inspection and safety enforcement.
  • Registry: Monitoring the classification system, creating and indexing files; guiding and training staff in methods and procedures for maintaining new ne or revised systems and ensuring proper conservation and storage of records for GuyOil.


The Corporate Services Manager must ensure the effective preparation of work programmes by each of the reporting Departments and Sections; agree the implementation schedule of each programme; and set performance standards.


The Incumbent conducts divisional meetings with a view to providing necessary guidance towards upgrading performance standards.


The Corporate Services Manager must determine on an annual basis the ‘Major Job Objectives’ for each aspect of the Work Programme of the Corporate Services Division and identify and discuss with Subordinates the ‘Key Results Areas’ to be used as determinants to their performance results on a quarterly basis.




Chief Executive                    

To  report  as  required  on  special  projects;  to  report  on  and  discuss implementation of existing policies, and on new developments in the Corporate Services Sector   and   the   implications  for   GuyOil;  to  coordinate   the implementation of approved policies and strategies; to report on the monitoring of the Work Programmes; to discuss reports on assigned responsibilities and to receive appropriate guidance.


Management Committee        

To agree with the Senior Management Team GuyOil’s policies and strategic objectives; to monitor the implementation of strategies and associated budgets, and also ensures that mechanisms for management imperatives are in place.


Human Resources Manager  

To  advise  on  strategies  and  programmes  to  improve  human  resource management and development systems; to review relevant reports; to agree implementation activities related to training and development.


Information & Communications Technology Manager  

To review short and long range plans for GuyOil’s Information Systems and Strategies; to develop and maintain policies related to information services, maintenance and ensuring compliance; to develop standards and procedures for information technology, including computer  software  and  hardware, systems programming, documentation, computer operations and databases; to discuss computer systems security, including data integrity, data and network security and a comprehensive data recovery plan.


Chief Security Officer

To discuss/review/implement all aspects of the Company’s Security Programme; to review  and write  security and safety related policies and procedures; to discuss emerging security and safety issues.


Divisional/Departmental Managers        

To discuss/review/agree on relevant corporate strategies and practices as they may affect specific systems, procedures and identified human resources; to keep under constant review the outputs of the respective Division/Departments/Section  and  comments  and/or  takes  action  as applicable in respect of identified weaknesses.



PARTICIPATES in  the  strategic  planning  process  of  GuyOil,  taking  into  consideration  GuyOil’s Mission and Mandate, its internal and external environment, and the needs and priorities of clients and stakeholders.

MONITORS procedures for the implementation of policy decisions; UNDERTAKES a leadership role in interpreting policies and in strategy conceptualization and formulation with Senior Management; and collegially establishes priority areas of activity.

PROVIDES the Board with up-to-date decision support information flowing out of policy and operations analyses, impact assessment studies, technology evaluation, etc. and PREPARES management reports to facilitate Board decisions.

SETS performance standards for GuyOil’s Corporate Operations and MONITORS and EVALUATES each Division’s/Department’s efforts to achieve targets.

KEEPS abreast of all relevant statutes, conventions, protocols, guidelines and ensures that Managers and Staff also are adequately informed.

ADVISES on the adequacy of both quality and quantity of all necessary resources – human and physical – to achieve the targeted outcomes of the strategies, and timely satisfaction of resource requirements of the corporate projects; ASSISTS in identifying programmes to develop human resources for maximum motivation and performance.

COORDINATES the timely preparation of the annual work programme and budget of GuyOil, and ASSISTS in monitoring the annual approved programme and budget of GuyOil.

SCANS the internal and external environment in which GuyOil operates and ASSESSES the impact of factors that are likely to influence its business currently and in the foreseeable future.

ENSURES that as far as possible the established manning levels of each Department/Section is maintained.

FOCUSES especially on the training and developmental activity of the corporation, ensuring that in-house capacity obtains to deliver those programmes more specific to the immediate needs of GuyOil.

REVIEWS statutory and other periodic reports, CONFIRMS their validity and that their outputs are reproduced and disseminated in appropriate formats as officially agreed.

ENSURES that GuyOil’s information and communications technology systems are secure and stable and CONTRIBUTES to the achievement of the approved business plan.

Continually CONDUCTS meetings, interviews and other fora on matters of interest to GuyOil and Stakeholders.

PARTICIPATES in the review of disciplinary procedures and MAKES decisions or recommendations on action to be taken to the appropriate levels of authority in GuyOil.

REPORTS periodically, and as required to the Board and Management Committee through the submission of Board Papers and Memoranda.




Post Graduate Degree in Management or Administrative occupations plus in excess of eight (8) years’ experience at a professional level. Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite.



Professional and Technical worker requiring over five years and up to ten years’ experience  acquired  through  formal courses  of  study,  on-the-job  training  and practical experience. Comprehensive, intensive practical knowledge and skills in applying knowledge to difficult and complex work assignments.



The Manager provides administrative direction for assignments in terms of broadly defined   goals   and   objectives.   Directs   the   operation   of subordinate Managers/Professionals  and  Supervisors. The  Incumbent  has  responsibility  for planning, designing, and carrying out work independently and enforcing GuyOil’s regulations  and  National  and  International rules  and  procedures  related  to  the Petroleum industry.



Responsible for contributing leadership for the achievement of the Mission and Strategic  Objectives  of  GuyOil,  through effective  management  of the  Human Resources and the Information & Communications Technology Departments, the Security,  Training  &  Development,  Health  Safety  &  Environment  and  Registry Sections in particular; and for coordinating and monitoring the timely preparation of the annual programmes and budget of the Division.



Requires  comprehensive  knowledge  and  application  of  related  Laws,  operating policies, rules and technical procedures and ability to interpret same in situations of both a recurring and non-recurring nature; in normal and unique situations and to provide technical advice and opinions. Constant analysis of complex, multifaceted, high impact information and data is required to make administrative decisions; as well as to co-ordinate and direct staff activity.



The Incumbent has responsibility for planning, coordinating and implementing work plans independently.  The  quality  of effort  impacts  on  all  aspects of  GuyOil’s objectives. The Incumbent bears ultimate responsibility for the degree of success of the operations and ensures that quality of work meets or surpasses performance standards and targets within the legal/regulatory framework.



The Incumbent’s decisions are based on the Legal Framework, Mission, Strategic Plan and over-all goals of GuyOil and subject to the principal Acts, regulations, rules, precedents and those constraints imposed by economic and fiscal considerations. Failure to act would adversely affect output levels and quality of services offered. Quality and high performance standards are most important. Constantly undertakes accurate analysis of information and data and, the manner in which formulated, to ensure compliance of the most complex legal and technical requirements.



Extensive  knowledge  of  complex  processes,  techniques  and  practices.   Work requires knowledge of: planning, monitoring and evaluation methods and technical directives including marketing and research processes. The employee must also use judgement and ingenuity in developing applications to specific areas of work.



The Incumbent requires high level interpersonal skills to investigate, interview and understand people with diverse viewpoints, goals and objectives to understand the problem, arrive at a satisfactory solution, to compromise or to develop suitable alternatives.



Requires constant and intense application and close visual attention for sustained periods to complete large volumes of work or very broad ranges of activities within prescribed time frames.



Generally works indoors, and in a congenial team environment. May be required to work  under  pressure  to  meet  deadlines  in  special  cases  and  travels throughout GuyOil’s operational areas.


NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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