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Facilities Director

Date Posted
17th November 2016
Construction & Building Service, Engineering & Architecture
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

As Director of Facility at St. Boniface Hospital, s/he will plan, direct and manage the operation of campus services, including infrastructure, maintenance, grounds and biomedical.

Job Description

Oversight of the safety, maintenance and the day-to-day functions of all assigned facilities on and off the St. Boniface Hospital campus.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Hire and manage maintenance staff.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and recommend on promotions and salary for supervised staff. Establish goals, determine resource requirements, and allocate available resources to meet those goals.
  • Plan and execute construction or renovation projects as assigned.
  • Develop training and support plans for specific facilities-management specialties (e.g., photovoltaic energy system maintenance, oxygen production system).
  • Monitor and manage utilities consumption (electricity, water, fuel and medical gas) and performance of assigned buildings. Take appropriate actions to ensure buildings systems perform within set targets. Manage the processes, as required, to improve efficiencies and ensure quality.
  • Develop and manage an environmental plan for the facility, including effective waste and disposal practices, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Assess and recommend equipment repair and replacement schedules.
  • Assess and recommend capital improvement projects in conjunction with operational and clinical teams. This includes minor construction and renovation projects.
  • Ensure proper preventative maintenance plans are developed and implemented.
  • Develop and oversee department budget and provide long-term strategic plans for all assigned functions, services and programs.
  • Serve on various organizational committees and serve as a liaison and consultant to the Executive Team on facility planning and operations.
  • Coordinate with operational and clinical department heads to support the multidisciplinary mission of St. Boniface Hospital.
  • Work closely with St. Boniface Hospital Security and Safety Department concerning security matters, Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency Management.
  • Prepare bids for tenders, supervise and train contractors and manage directly progress during each phase of a project
  • Other duties as assigned.




  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Management



  • A personal and professional commitment to the mission and goals of the St. Boniface Hospital, and to supporting the long-term development of Haiti.
  • Significant experience in a facilities management role at a large and complex facility, such as a major hospital, college campus, municipal facility, manufacturing plant, etc. and/or healthcare construction and engineering.
  • Hands-on experience maintaining and fixing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.
  • Strong people management experience, including the demonstrated ability to work respectfully, productively, and with humility across cultures.
  • Experience living and working in resource-limited environments is strongly preferred. The candidate should have a demonstrated ability to be flexible and effective in the face of unexpected challenges, materials shortages, and other sudden changes; as well as the willingness to accept a standard of living that is clean and comfortable but very simple.
  • Academic or professional background in civil, industrial or electrical engineering a plus
  • Aptitude for teaching and training, both through on-the-job mentorship opportunities and through structured training programs.


Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to foster effective working relationships and build consensus across multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to make effective oral presentations and prepare concise written reports to a variety of audiences.
  • Ability to manage problems and effectively identify solutions.
  • Knowledge and understanding of civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering.
  • Knowledge of computer systems and software.
  • Ability to speak and read French and/or Creole a plus.
  • Ability to manage high stress situations.

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