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Freelance Marketing Assistant/Creative Executive Opportunity

Date Posted
8th December 2016
Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Fashion & Design
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Our Freelance Marketing Assistant/Creative Executive (that’s YOU!) is an essential role for every aspect of the visual, audible, print and digital entertainment media we provide for our discerning local and regional audience.

Job Description

We are a Caribbean based Entertainment and Production Company with a combined total of over 15+ years of successful entertainment expertise. Additionally, our rapid business progression combined with our unfailing passion and knowledge of the entertainment industry, we now present a strong force to be reckoned with.


We are always committed to providing an outstanding level of Caribbean focused entertainment, created to entice; to excite and exceed your every expectation!


Position Description Overview

Our Freelance Marketing Assistant/Creative Executive (that’s YOU!) is an essential role for every aspect of the visual, audible, print and digital entertainment media we provide for our discerning local and regional audience. Responsibilities include developing and assisting in the execution of creative projects for our company by working directly with our Sales and Marketing Management team to provide on time, excellent and cutting edge graphics, copywriting, digital design, and media planning. The role includes developing and maintaining the creative content for our company’s suite of print collateral, digital and or email campaigns, advertising via both video and radio medium, and related tasks. We will rely extensively on both your proven extensive experience in local and or regional advertising and your ‘on-point’ professional judgment to provide content that is second to none in the entertainment industry.

This is a highly dynamic position… So one day YOU may be determining how to create brand messaging for the launch of a new website. While the next day, be thinking through the content for 15 and or 30 sec radio adverts that totally excite our young vibrant regional audience.

Therefore, we need YOU to be an expert in all facets of the creative process — and the creative industry — in order to advertise the best possible entertainment experience!

The Candidate must be a great team player who can produce excellent work with little supervision as a copywriter, graphic designer, digital content designer and product marketer on a daily basis.


Key traits include:

  1. Accountable and easily able to manage the creative process from concept to completion
  2. A design master in digital and multi-media environments, both current and passionate about new creative technologies and analysis tools
  3. Able to present and effectively communicate how a creative vision will help meet our business goals
  4. A highly skilled project manager and multi-tasker
  5. A team player that inspires other team members to work together like a well-oiled machine
  6. Unflappable, consistently cranking out innovative concepts, meeting sharp deadlines, and nailing the requirements of both internal and external clients of our fast past Entertainment Company.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Work with our Sales & Marketing team to develop, approve, and execute numerous and concurrent advertising campaign creative concepts
  • Ensure the creative team meets deadlines and stays within budget
  • Be Our Brand Monitor! Own the evolution, strategy and maintenance for our entertainment company brand; coordinate internally with top executives to ensure cohesive rendering of brand
  • Work with our Sales & Marketing team and other functional leaders to determine creative needs and budget. Propose concepts and respond to feedback in a timely manner. Work within tight deadlines.
  • Work with our Sales & Marketing team to conceive, develop, and produce effective creative campaigns. Develop creative briefs that respond to the advertising requirements of our entertainment company; create and present storyboards of ideas. Develop copy for our digital presence, advertising, brochures, and other forms of marketing and advertising needs
  • Understand both your local and regional Caribbean entertainment market needs, keep abreast of cutting edge marketing and advertising techniques and offer differentiated and innovative approaches to creative concepts


Job Requirements

  • Bachelors in any Creative discipline.
  • 3+ years of progressive experience in the Creative Marketing and or Advertising functions
  • Demonstrated experience of copywriting, graphic design, digital and radio content and video production. Must present a portfolio of represented and authenticated work in known media
  • Stellar communication, problem-solving, project management, and soft skills that inspire creativity and works well with different personality types — all while juggling various projects
  • A strong working understanding of creative tools and software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, digital media, and email marketing platforms
  • Ability to perform specific marketing and creative functions when required, from copy writing to graphical conceptual design
  • Experience in working for and with internal or external clients within the Caribbean and beyond (US, Canada, UK and or Europe preferred)
  • Experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry is a major plus

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