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Inventory and Procurement Manager

Date Posted
28th November 2016
Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Inventory and Procurement Manager will be responsible for managing and maintaining GuyOil’s Inventory and Procurement Systems

Job Description

Responsible for managing and maintaining GuyOil’s Inventory and Procurement Systems to ensure the timely availability and adequacy to meet projected market demands of petroleum fuels and lubricants, as well as engineering and other materials and supplies, equipment and stationery.




The Inventory and Procurement Manager is responsible for the management of GuyOil’s Inventory and Procurement Systems in respect of:

  • Petroleum products including Mogas, Gasoil, Kerosene, Jet Fuel and Fuel oil
  • CASTROL Lubricants and Lake Asphalt Products
  • Vehicles, pumps and spares
  • Computers and IT related items
  • Stationery and other consumables for in-house use

The Incumbent must coordinate the purchasing and maintenance of adequate inventories of fuels and lubricants at all Terminals and Depots with the Marketing and Sales Manager and liaise with other Heads of Divisions/Departments to formulate plans and programmes to enable GuyOil to have efficiently and economically managed Inventory and Procurement Systems.

The Inventory and Procurement Manager directs and controls the purchasing, shipment, storage and distribution of all fuels and lubricants and ensures that replenishment cargoes are economically programmed, timely and adequate to meet projected market requirements.

The Incumbent coordinates all overseas and local purchases of machinery, spare parts and materials required by GuyOil.

The Inventory and Procurement Manager oversees all shipping and customs activities associated with the importation of products and materials from all supply sources as well as those related to Inter-Terminals/Depot transfers.


The Incumbent is also required to ensure:

  • All activities within the Department are carried out safely in accordance with GuyOil’s and Government Safety Regulations.
  • An appropriate plan of action and the preparation of budgets for Sections within the Department to achieve agreed targets.
  • Operational procedures and systems of control for key activities are developed to aid subordinates in their execution of assigned tasks.
  • Work performance of subordinates is evaluated periodically and that appraisal reports are submitted.


The Inventory & Procurement Manager must determine on an annual basis the ‘Major Job Objectives’ for each aspect of the Work Programme of the Inventory & Procurement Department and identify and discuss with Subordinates the ‘Key Results Areas’ to be used as determinants to their performance results on a quarterly basis.



  • OVERSEES all inventory and procurement activities; MONITORS and CONTROLS changes, PREPARES procurement status reports.
  • REVIEWS requisitions and interviews Vendors/Suppliers to obtain information concerning product, price, and ability to deliver by specified date. CONSULTS catalogues to obtain prices and specifications.
  • ESTIMATES values according to knowledge of market price; REVIEWS bid proposals and ENTERS into Contracts within budgetary limitations.
  • MANAGES the inventory of all fuels and lubricants to ensure timely and adequate deliveries as required for the achievement of product sales.
  • MAINTAINS statistical and other data related to the purchase, delivery and usage of the inventory of fuels, lubricants and other items required for the smooth functioning of the company.
  • VERIFIES nomenclature and specifications of purchase requests and CAUSES to be compiled records of items purchased or transferred to Stores or requesting Division/Department/Section and ENSURES that receiving documents are prepared for all goods delivered.
  • DISCUSSES stock and consumption levels with Stores Personnel and PREPARES for review all necessary Purchase Requisitions; ADVISES on the safe-keeping of stock in a manner to prevent deterioration and other forms of wastage.
  • ARRANGES with Custom Brokers for the preparation of documents relative to clearance of goods from overseas suppliers.
  • APPROVES the ordering of necessary products and in-house consumables and FINALISES details of orders and deliveries.
  • LIAISES with Procurement Executive on suppliers’ evaluation and selection criteria to provide assurance of quality and timely delivery.
  • PERFORMS risk management regarding supply contracts and agreements.
  • PARTICIPATES in development and improvement of the organisation procurement policies and control procedures.
  • SUPPORTS estimate development with budgetary quotations for material and assessment of expediting, inspection and logistics costs.
  • ACTS as the focal point accountable for Spare Parts Management and ENSURES delivery of spare parts, providing guidance to warehouses.




Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical Engineering along with training or experience in Business Administration. Knowledge of Inventory Management Policies, procedure and evolving practices.  Knowledge of computer systems, including database management is important for the position.



Minimum  of  5  years  inventory  management  experience  in  the  Oil  and  Gas Industry, of which at least 4 years would have been in senior or lead positions on major project implementation. Ideal experience would include tendering and negotiation in at least one Oil and Gas Project.



The Incumbent reports to the Chief Executive to identify and resolve faults in the  Procurement  and  Inventory  systems  and  procedures;  and  provide necessary advice on tendering, ordering, shipping and other related issues.



The Incumbent is responsible for managing the Inventory and Procurement Systems  in  such  a  manner  so as  to  ensure  the  timely  procurement  of materials, supplies, equipment and stationery for sale and in-house use.



The Incumbent ensures adherence to GuyOil’s Code of Conduct, and all Rules and Regulations. Ensures that safety procedures during delivery and activities are  aligned  to  the  Company’s  established  rules.  Plans,  supervises  and coordinates purchasing activities; prepares reports showing amounts, types and values of purchases against  budgeted expenditures and purchase schedules. Reports  on  feedback  from  Managers  and  advises  on  the  efficacy  of  the purchasing procedures.



The Incumbent  must  ensure  that  Inventory  and Procurement  Systems  are functionable  and  that  Inventory  record  keeping  is  up-to-date;  maintains  a comprehensive  register  of  prices  consisting  of  up-to-date  catalogues  from various suppliers; carries out sporadic field checks to confirm prices and price fluctuations;  follows-up  transactions  and  discusses  product  defects  with Suppliers and Users.



The Incumbent should be able to demonstrate clear experience of developing procurement strategy; vendor and contractor assurance and oversight; analyse market  and  delivery  conditions to  determine  present  and  future  material availability and prepare market analysis for reports; maintain statistical and other data related to purchase, delivery and usage of stock.




The Incumbent should possess skills in reviewing all category-related data, such as supplier quality, market intelligence and vendor references, to assist the Chief Executive in making decisions.



The Incumbent should possess good communication skills with keen emphasis on negotiating abilities due to having to communicate with local and foreign suppliers to initiate business partnerships and to get the most profitable terms.



The Incumbent must be visibly and mentally capable to handle bookkeeping activities, with special attention paid to dates, figures and items of delivery.



The  Incumbent  will  work  indoors  and  outdoors,  overseeing  stocks  in warehouse  as  well  as  in  coordinating  shipment  and  delivery  activities  and allocating product and consumable in-house goods to all Terminals and Depot.

Must sometimes work under pressure to meet deadlines.


NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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