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Lead Backend Software Engineer

Date Posted
3rd November 2016
Information & Communication Technology
Job Type
Christ Church
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

We are seeking backend engineers with extensive experience developing production-ready backend services

Job Description

We've set out on a pretty big mission here - full financial inclusion for every Caribbean citizen.

A life where you're in complete control of your finances, where money systems work for you, not against. A world where anyone, anywhere could be part of the global financial system from the comfort of our smartphone.

There's a space here for you. We're always looking for people with wide vision and the metal to see change materialise. We're in the business of never backing down from a challenge or giving in to easy.

Help us shape the next generation of Caribbean finance.



  1. Develop production environment to withstand High Security Threats.
  2. Address scalability, reliability, logging, and security in development



  • Strong understanding of Microservices architectures
  • Expansive knowledge of issues related to building Cloud infrastructures
  • Prior hands-on experience in developing and deploying Microservices solutions on Cloud infrastructure
  • Experience in working with Docker container, Kubernetes
  • Experience using and developing RESTful APIs using JA-RS, JSON
  • Experience with event-based and message-driven distributed system
  • Strong understanding of HTTP protocol, WebSocket, SSE, and other web technologies.
  • Strong familiarity with web servers and load balancing technologies.
  • Understanding of network communications, including TCP/IP, HTTP, and RPC protocols
  • Familiarity with security principles using SSL protocols and data encryption
  • Experience in use of source code management system like svn or git and build tools like ant, maven, gradle or make.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with several programming languages and frameworks such as Go, Node.js, Python

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