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Marketing Executive

Date Posted
28th November 2016
Advertising & Marketing
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Marketing Executive will be responsible for developing marketing strategies for new and existing programmes.

Job Description

Responsible for developing marketing strategies for new and existing programmes; for disseminating facts and information about GuyOil’s products and activities to the general public; for researching prospective audiences; and for organising marketing events to promote GuyOil’s image.




The Marketing Executive is responsible for facilitating the accurate dissemination of information regarding the aims, objectives and programmes of GuyOil through the distribution of informational releases.

The Incumbent coordinates the implementation of promotional media campaigns and in this regard liaises with the relevant Managers and advertising agencies in implementing corporate advertising strategies.

The Marketing Executive is also required to plan and attend functions, ensuring efficient operations and adherence to protocol as well as foster activities to promote togetherness of staff.

The Incumbent organises and participates in community projects on behalf of GuyOil and assists in resolving complaints.

The Incumbent is required to implement or assist in the implementation of programmes to publicise GuyOil’s products and services with external audiences. In doing so the Incumbent must be able to:

  • Write and edit communications products, including news releases, reports, brochures, online annual reports, newsletters; content for website pages and scripts for presentations and videos and email announcements, special projects and announcements.
  • Analyse, identify and mitigate risk in the context of corporate and operational communication interventions.
  • Assist in training Senior Staff to be comfortable in interviews and deliver on-point messaging during media interviews.

The Marketing Executive is required to work closely with colleagues in the Division/Department Managers in planning, developing and implementing public relations strategies.



  • PROMOTES the Vision, Mission and Core Values throughout all levels of the Organisation; DEVELOPS programmes to inform of and enhance changes in the organisation.
  • PLANS, DESIGNS, and IMPLEMENTS of strategies to promote effective communications with external and internal audiences. HELPS design and implement communications strategies and GuyOil’s initiatives, or work streams, DEVELOPS expertise in several core areas.
  • LEADS the process of implementing programmes designed to publicise GuyOil’s organisational objectives, operations and accomplishments to its employees through the coordination of activities that will include the designing and formulating of relevant programmes.
  • CONTRIBUTES to and DEVELOPS marketing plans and strategies for GuyOil and WRITES action plans to attain specific objectives.
  • MEASURES, ANALYZES and EVALUATEs programs as required.
  • MANAGES GuyOil’s public and press relations matters.
  • RESEARCHES and SOURCES, advertising opportunities; ARRANGES, PREPARES, DRAFTS MANAGES the production of marketing materials including leaflets, posters, flyers, E-newsletters, bulletins, press releases, articles, notices, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes
  • DISTRIBUTES marketing material and PLACES adverts in the press, on radio and the internet
  • SOURCES and MANAGES speaking and sponsorship opportunities and FOSTERS community relations through involvement in community initiatives.
  • LIAISES and NETWORKS with customers, colleagues, suppliers and partner organisations.
  • COMMUNICATES with target audiences and MANAGES customer relationships.
  • ORGANISES photoshoots and ATTENDS events aimed at promoting GuyOil’s brand.
  • WORKS closely with media and create longstanding relationships with relevant journalists.
  • HELPS train Senior Staff to be more comfortable in interviews and deliver on-point messaging during media interviews.
  • COORDINATES surveys to monitor the image of GuyOil in terms of the achievement of its goals and objectives.
  • ANSWERS enquiries from media, individuals and other organisations via telephone and email and DISTRIBUTES press releases to targeted media.
  • ORGANISES media briefings and ATTENDS press interviews of other Staff members to ensure adherence to established organisational policies.
  • DESIGNS and IMPLEMENTS the internal communication programmes to inform staff about the plans, accomplishments and points of view of GuyOil.
  • COORDINATES and CREATES relevant information and awareness programmes and products in collaboration with GuyOil’s Divisions/Departments.
  • MAINTAINS and HELPS initiate effective professional relationships with key external and internal stakeholders.
  • HELPS address external and internal target audiences on policies and positions that are sometimes complex and/or sensitive, via media briefings, conferences, etc.
  • MONITORS the competition markets.
  • MANAGES advertising and promotion budgets.
  • PREPARES weekly and monthly Reports by collecting, analysing and summarizing information




University First Degree in Marketing, Communications, or Professional Accreditation  plus  a  minimum  of  five  (5)  years’  experience  at Professional level. Knowledge of Microsoft Suite is required.



Specialist Training in Public Relations/Mass Public Communications or Journalism.   Ability to examine and evaluate data; to communicate with people to convey or exchange information.  Word processing skills a necessity. Thorough knowledge of and practical experience in full range  of  communications  approaches,  tools  and  methodologies essential  to  planning,  executing,  and  monitoring  communications strategies. Ability to plan and successfully implement a comprehensive communications program in support of defined objectives.



The Subordinate plans and monitors the carrying out of successive steps and handles problems and deviations in the work assignment in accordance  with  the  policies,  procedures  and  guidelines  at  the National and International levels.



Responsible for developing marketing strategies for new and existing programmes; for disseminating facts and information about GuyOil’s activities   to   the   general   public;   for   researching   prospective audiences; and for organising marketing events to promote GuyOil’s image.



Researches and prepares articles, notices and press releases for mass media; draft brochures, posters and other publicity and information material, consistent with objectives of GuyOil. Ensures distribution of promotional and informational releases.



The  Incumbent  is  responsible  for  coordinating  and  implementing Activities within  specific  time  frames and  consistent  with  agreed policies, and related legal requirements. The quality of work must conform  to  standards  of  accuracy,  while  productivity  must  be consistently above normal.



Must be able to effectively assess quality of work and use language in both oral and printed media to avoid mistakes such as misprint in IE&C material; poor quality of video/audio recording can affect importance of messages.



Substantial knowledge of significantly complex processes, techniques and practices requiring understanding of procedures and ability to interpret and analyse information. Must be capable of operating high tech electrical equipment such as audio-visual equipment.



The  interpersonal  relationships  at  this  level  are  with  high-ranking Officials both within and external to GuyOil  in structured or unstructured settings; as well as with clients and staff. Considerable persuasive ability or tact may be required to handle the contacts.



Very broad range of activities covering major functions of Unit which may be widely dispersed.



The work environment involves everyday risks which require normal safety precautions. Works inside, on  shift and around people. May undertake visit to Terminals and Depot.


NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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