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Policy Manager (GMG/SEG 3)

Date Posted
16th February 2017
Government & Public Sector, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Applications are invited from suitable candidates to fill the post of Policy Manager (GMG/SEG 3).

Job Description


Provides policy development and implementation for activities of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and JCCF; acts as the secretariat for the Defence Board and monitors the performance of specific JDF functions through Defence Board submissions


The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:



  • Drafts Policy, statements, documents and papers for submission to support changes in legislation, policies and regulations for defence matters
  • Oversees the development and preparation of papers and other matters for consideration of the Defence Board and where applicable the Cadet Committee
  • Identifies and analyzes policy issues, developing policy options, identifying any required policy amendments and policy proposals relating to defence matters
  • Monitors developments in defence and assessing impact on defence matters in related policy area and outcomes from international conventions, legislation, technology changes and other developments
  • Collaborates with the Jamaica Defence Force in its association with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies in policy development, implementation and evaluation that impacts defence, disaster mitigation and management and humanitarian assistance to ensure that the policies developed are achievable, workable and realistic
  • Develops and oversees the implementation of effective links with regional and international partners to ensure effective and coordinated development and implementation of the Unit’s portfolio responsibilities
  • Provides the Minister, the Permanent Secretary and the Chief Technical Director with advice on all policy issues as they relate to defence matters and associated issues on serious and organised crime
  • Prepares ministerial statements, speeches and debates
  • Participates in local, regional and international conventions, workshops and meetings on issues relating to the JDF and the JCCF
  • Prepares Cabinet Papers for submission to the Chief Technical Director
  • Reviews policy produced by the Unit to ensure that they correspond to overall Government policy on defence matters and its supporting role in serious and organised crime
  • Maintains oversight responsibilities for the JCCF and provides relevant support for activities
  • Reviews, formulates, develops, implements and evaluates policies for and on behalf of the JCCF
  • Coordinates, develops and maintains effective links with local and regional stakeholders imperative to the development of the JCCF and its members



  • Responds to Parliamentary questions (oral and written), from members of Parliament and other Ministries; and to letters and enquiries from the public,
  • Represents the Ministry as required at local, regional and international forum
  • Attends Defence Board Meeting and Cadet Committee Meetings
  • Provides guidance and assistance to JDF and JCCF in order to enable them to effectively implement agreed policy areas and monitoring their performance
  • Consults with other Ministries, Departments and Agency and external stakeholders on both defence matters and JCCF related issues;
  • Monitors and reviews the performance of the JDF and the JCCF in order to enable them to effectively implement agreed policy areas,
  • Participates and responds to international obligation and commitments,
  • Ensures that regional military and security exercises are organized and coordinated effectively and efficiently
  • Creates effective collaborative relationship with the JDF and the JCCF on policy development, implementation and evaluations;
  • Promotes a shared understanding of issues relating to organized crime done through seminars and workshops for the JDF;
  • Liaises with Non Governmental Organization regarding National Task Force
  • Ensures the management and continuous performance of staff in line with the Performance Management and Appraisal System



Prepares and manages Defence Unit’s budget to ensures efficient use of resources



  • Good interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Management experience and team building skills
  • Ability to think laterally and solve problems
  • Knowledge of:

◊  Research and consultation methods

◊  Issues covered by the policy unit

◊  Government policy and planning processes



  • First degree in Public Policy, Business or Public Management or related qualification
  • Three (3) years experience in military, security management or line management
  • Three (3) years experience involvement in policy formulation or policy advisory role at a senior level



  • Policy Development
  • Cabinet Submission
  • Military/Paramilitary training


Please note that we thank all for responding but only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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