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Senior Clerk, Customer Service & New Accounts

Date Posted
13th January 2017
Banking & Financial Services, Customer Service & Call Centre
Job Type
Cayman Islands
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

This position reports to the Branch Manager and assists Supervisors within the department to ensure the provision of excellent service to new and prospective customers in the Banking Hall, and on the telephone.

Job Description

 Utilises knowledge based on experience in exercising discretion and independent judgement in interpreting policies and procedures, referring whenever necessary.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • assisting clients in the branch, and on the telephone with customer service queries, ensuring a timely and acceptable resolution to all issues raised 
  • facilitating the pinning/ re-pinning of clients’ debit and credit cards 
  • assisting with the recording and submission of online, credit and debit card applications/ dispute forms to Electronic Banking and Card Services respectively 
  • assisting proactively with the organisation and execution of morale-boosting sessions on a quarterly basis 
  • maintaining a positive, polite and approachable disposition, ensuring contribution to high levels of morale on the team 
  • facilitating clients’ access to their safety deposit boxes, ensuring that authorised persons signs the registers in accordance with our mandates (Governors Square) 
  • assisting supervisors with the preparation of entries for clients who wishes to rent Safety Deposit Boxes (Governors Square) 
  • assisting supervisors with the preparation of appropriate entries for clients whose box rental is being terminated (Governors Square) 
  • assisting with the opening of personal accounts (including but not limited to) conducting interviews, completing the applicable forms and checklists, and inserting the details into SOA and FCUBS 
  • assisting with the processing of requests for address changes, signature changes, account closure, sub-account openings and other amendments to clients’ files 
  • authorising, within approved limits, transactions for CSRs and other clerks, including, but not limited to the signing of wire transfer requests, FDs requests, cash withdrawals, and cheque encashment 
  • assisting with the preparation and countersigning of wires, drafts, FDs requests, as needed 
  • assisting with the timely and accurate processing of amendments to business accounts, when required by a supervisor 
  • assisting with the maintenance of statistics for the New Accounts Department 
  • ensuring that adequate supplies of New Account packages and other forms are in stock 
  • assisting with the recording of Night Deposits and overseeing of the processing of Night Bag Deposits and ATM deposits 
  • checking that CSR prints when necessary 
  • performing other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Manager 

Required qualifications and skills:

  • High School graduate with a minimum of four ‘O’ Level/ CXC passes 
  • minimum of two years banking experience, preferably diverse 
  • very good oral and written communication skills; ability to converse effectively with colleagues and clients alike 
  • ability to operate in multiple roles, senior and otherwise, with minimum supervision 
  • highly flexible and organised in order to cope with the demands of the job 
  • proficient in Microsoft Office suite of applications 


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