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Vulnerability Targeting Technical Coordinator

Date Posted
9th January 2017
Information & Communication Technology
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Vulnerability Targeting Technical Coordinator works with a team comprised of members from different organizations and is responsible for the definition, design, development and maintenance of the Kore Lavi targeting system and its update.

Job Description

The staff coordinates and develops the targeting system of the Kore Lavi social safety net so as to ensure targeting of the extremely vulnerable households using a proxy means test (PMT) formula. The Coordinator supervises socio-economic surveys to be administered in each of the priority areas of the country. He/she liaises with the National Coordination on Food Security (CNSA) and supports national food security monitoring efforts.

Furthermore, the Coordinator develops the vulnerability analysis methodology for Kore Lavi, ensures supervision of the data collection, analysis and the establishment of a socio-economic database and information system at MAST. The staff supervises directly a food security specialist, a survey specialist and a mapping expert and works closely with the senior database manager and his or her team on the development of the information system. The Coordinator oversees as well the work of the organization contracted conduct the surveys at household level.

The Coordinator is part of the Kore Lavi program management unit and prepares for and attends all coordination meetings. He/she manages relationships with the other members of the Kore Lavi consortium (CARE, ACF and World Vision) and ensures the seamless integration of the targeting and information with other activities.

Duties and Responsibilities
Surveys and Targeting

  1. Oversee the set-up, design, implementation and analysis of socio-economic surveys
  2. Lead the targeting team in the improvement of the targeting methodology for the Kore Lavi program, including the design, test and analysis of new methodologies to improve efficiency (community-based targeting, geographical targeting and others)
  3. Organize, participate and moderate training on data collection, targeting algorithm and data analysis
  4. Lead the data update process for Kore Lavi beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries
  5. Prepare and set up technical meetings and/or represent WFP and Kore Lavi in meetings with governmental and non-governmental partners
  6. Conduct other tasks as required

Integration of Targeting and Information System

  1. Together with the senior database manager, review work plan, methods, tools, and guideline documents for the setup of the database
  2. Establish standard formats for data entry, viewing, editing, and outputs for the various applications
  3. Review data for quality control, timeliness and recommend methods of improving methods, tools, and processes
  4. Review work flow from various stakeholders (public and private) and recommend enhancements
  5. Review and support linkages between database, applications, and external systems (voucher, phone-based, other)
  6. Support subject matter specialists, information technology and application developers whose expertise is needed during the course of the program
  7. Conduct demonstrations and trainings using documentation and other training materials;
  8. Conduct other tasks as required

Food Security Monitoring

  1. Oversee the implementation of acute IPC process by contributing to define the strategy, budget, data analysis, workshop, report writing, etc.
  2. Support the Government to establish a national food security monitoring system
  3. Conduct other tasks as required

Coordination and Capacity-Building

  1. Organize and moderate regular working group meetings to discuss and find solutions to pending issues, update partners and donor on progress
  2. Develop the capacity of partners’ staff, principally MAST and CNSA, on vulnerability targeting
  3. Provide inputs to all Kore Lavi reports prepared for the Government and donor
  4. Ensure coordination with other partners working on vulnerability targeting such as FAES, UNPD, UNICEF, CNSA, etc.
  5. Participate in humanitarian, food security and nutrition coordination fora
  6. Conduct other tasks as required

The Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • A functioning, tested and operational targeting system including finalized high-quality surveys with data integrated in the information system;
  • A handover strategy for the government to take over the Kore Lavi targeting system including technical training on PMT, data collection and database management;
  • The organization of an end line evaluation of the Kore Lavi targeting system to be run by external consultants;
  • A review of the targeting algorithm with the support of a PMT expert;
  • Quarterly reports on progress and challenges to program management unit and to the donor;
  • Regularly updated communications with all program partners and stakeholders.


  • University degree in information systems, mathematics/statistics, economics, business management or another pertinent field
  • Master’s degree desirable


  • 5+ years of experience related to vulnerability targeting or a similar field
  • 5+ years of experience in data analysis (surveys, assessments, etc.)
  • 3+ years in a team management position
  • Solid data management experience


  • Expertise with database software (MS Access, MySQL, others)
  • Proficiency with quantitative analysis tools (SPSS, others)
  • Excellent information technology skills (Windows OS, MS Excel, internet, computer management)
  • Familiarity with Desktop Mapping and/or GIS systems (ArcInfo, others)
  • Thorough knowledge of food security, social protection and nutrition analysis

Strong attention to details

Proven communication and coordination skills (oral and written)

Fluency in English and French required.

Duration/Type of contract
8-month full-time consultancy contract based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The staff will report to the Kore Lavi Deputy Chief of Party for WFP.


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