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WASH Programme Manager

Date Posted
6th October 2016
Engineering & Architecture, Environment, Health & Safety, Mining, Resources & Energy
Job Type
Port au Prince
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

he Programme Manager supports WASH Programme Support Team, contributes to the development of a program that forms part of the strategy of the mission, and oversees its implementation.

Job Description

1. Press the Zone Coordinator for ACTED Representation in its field of competence, on request

  • Representation to the provincial authorities:

Support the Zone Coordinator during technical meetings to ensure maximum visibility of the association with the local authorities.

  • Representation donor:

Support the Zone Coordinator during technical meetings of donors and transmit the collected items Country Director;

  • Representation with other international organizations:

Participate in inter-NGO technical meetings, UN agencies (OCHA, UNDP, UNICEF, FAO, etc.) and other inter-governmental institution;

Contribute to the reporting and platelets and ensure the technical reliability of the information produced and the confidentiality of sensitive information for the mission.

Generally, ensuring support the management team and to convey a positive and professional image of the association. Pay particular attention to respect the mandate, ethics, values ??and discourse of the Association against third parties.


2. Ensure program cycle management

  • Implementation of the program under the supervision of the Zone Coordinator:

Plan the various stages of implementation of the program;

Direct program implementation and monitoring arrangements;

Manage the financial, logistical and program materials;

Facilitate all internal and external interfaces of the program;

Evaluate the actions implemented and ensure efficient use of resources.

  • Performance reporting tasks:

Establish a schedule of reports to be submitted to (x) the lessor (s) of the program;

Write narrative reports and contribute to the preparation of financial reports through regular budgetary monitoring;

Monitor compliance with FLAT procedures.

In general, systematically inform the Country Director or Area Coordinator on the progress of the implementation of the program and future prospects.


3. Ensure the technical part of the program

  • Ensuring the inclusion of the technical requirements in the implementation of the program:

Collect technical data and analyze the opportunities and risks;

Identify technical supervisory authorities and technical partners and propose modalities of contracting and / or partnership.

  • Leading the quality approach of the program:

Analysis of the technical added value and impact of the program;

Implementation of technical assessment of the program.


4. Ensure the management of the program team

  • Management and supervision of the program team:

Organize and facilitate program team coordination meetings;

Prepare and follow work plans for each team member program;

Ensure team cohesion program (resolve potential conflicts);

Stimulate team life, within the limits of privacy;

Adapt the organigramme and ToRs of personnel according to the evolution of the program;

Undertake regular evaluation of N-1 employees and send the Administrator country or area of ??the assessments and recommendations grids (assignment, changes to contract or salary etc.);

Ensure training of the technical staff of the program in its field of competence.


5. Contribute to the capitalization of experience

  • Collect data and tools used for the implementation of the program;

  • Develop an account of capitalization of the experience developed in the program;

  • Disseminate the report to program partners;

  • Transmit the report to the Area Coordinator.


IV. Qualifications

  • Master water and sanitation engineer, infrastructure

  • At least two years of program management experience and field coordination in the field of water and sanitation

  • Knowledge of the aid system and empowered to understand the system and donor governments

  • Excellent oral and written expression

  • Ability to coordinate and manage a team and projects

  • Ability to work independently and creatively in the field and in capital

  • Teamwork and ability to create a team spirit

  • organizational capacity

  • High flexibility, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills.

  • Strong ability to work in an intercultural context

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Knowledge of local language and / or regional is a


V. Conditions

  • Salary set according to the grid of wages ACTED

  • Monthly living allowance

  • Food and lodging provided at the organization's guesthouse or housing allowance (depending on contract length and country)

  • Flights supported by ACTED

  • Social Security Mutual and repatriation supported by ACTED

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