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BEd Primary (Language Arts Option)

Field of Study: Education
Degree Level: Graduate
Institution: University of the West Indies Open Campus
Island: Caribbean


The Bachelor of Education degree is a professional degree, which is normally intended for practitioners in the field of education. Its main thrust is towards the holistic development of reflexive professionals who are sensitive to the need to combine caring and advocacy with school and classroom management skills, leadership, and information communication technology.
The programme is offered through partnership with the School of Education at the UWI St Augustine Campus, and targets learners at all of the Open Campus Country Sites.

Currently, to take this professional programme the candidate must be employed in a school at the Primary level in one of the Caribbean countries serviced by the UWI since the programme involves a Field Study/Practicum.  The UWI Open Campus Country Site (OCCS) facilitates examinations for courses assessed through a traditional face-to-face examination.



Who is this programme for?

The BEd Primary (Language Arts) programme is suitable for practitioners who wish to develop the knowledge and skills required to understand the pedagogical challenges associated with teaching English as a second language, and design, develop and implement appropriate and effective programmes based on best practice.


Programme Structure

Courses are delivered using the blended learning approach and students must have access to a computer and Internet access.  Online orientation is conducted before the start of the programme.
Learners complete a total of 90 credits in this programme, which consists of compulsory core and professional and content courses.

Award of the Degree

To be awarded an undergraduate degree you must achieve a minimum GPA of 1.0. This means that it is possible to pass all the courses in your programme and not receive your certificate because your GPA is under 1.0.


When will the programme start?

This programme starts in August of the academic year.


Entry Requirements

Successful applicants should:


  • Satisfy the matriculation requirements of the University


  • Hold a Teachers’ diploma from a recognized Teachers’ College or should have successfully completed an approved programme of study for certification as a teacher in his/her country.


English Language Proficiency Examination

The English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) is used to assess whether persons applying to pursue

undergraduate degree programmes at the UWI Open Campus possess a satisfactory level of writing

and reading proficiency in English for university academic purposes. For detailed information on the

ELPT, see English Language Proficiency Test.


Academic Preparation

OOL1001        Orientation to Online Learning

IYRS1001       Improving your Reading Skills

IYSS1001       Improving your Study Skills

IYMS1001       Improving your Math Skills (if applicable)

ECON0001     Remedial Mathematics (if applicable)


Course of Study

University Foundation Courses to be completed for the B.Ed. Degree
FOUN1001English for Academic Purposes
FOUN1101Caribbean Civilisation
FOUN1210Science, Medicine and Technology in Society


Year 1 
Semester 1 
EDFA1401Schooling, Personal and Social Development
EDEA1410School and Classroom Management
EDLA1180Developing Literacy Ability     
1 Foundation Course 
Semester 2 
EDEA1410School and Classroom Management
EDLA1180Developing Literacy Ability
EDRS1402School and Classroom Research
EDMA1721Mathematics Appreciation
Semester 3 
EDTL1720Instructional Design
1 Foundation Course 
Year 2 
Semester 1 
EDLA2104The Teaching of Language Arts in the Primary School
EDFA2401Cultural Diversity, Citizenship and Schooling I
EDCU2013Introduction to Curriculum Studies
EDME2006Classroom Testing and Evaluation
1 Foundation Course 
Semester 2 
EDLA2113The Teaching of Literature
EDFA2402Cultural Diversity, Citizenship and Schooling II
EDLA2105Language Structure Content of  English Teaching
GEND2013Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean
Semester 3 
EDLA2106The Language Use Content of Teaching English
EDTL3701Diagnosis and  Remediation: Reading, Writing and Mathematics
Year 3 
Semester 1 
EDEA3870Field Study
EDLA3112Literature for Children
EDLA3113The Structure of Creole
EDTK3202Use of Media and Production of Educational Materials
THEA3301Theory and Practice of Educative Theatre I
Semester 2 
EDEA3870Field Study
EDLA3111Principles, Approaches and Methods in Teaching Standard English  in the Caribbean
EDLA3319Reflection and Teacher Development in Primary Language Arts Education
EDFA3201The Challenge of Human Development

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