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BSc in Accounting

Field of Study: Accounting
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Institution: University of the West Indies Open Campus
Island: Caribbean

This is a specialized programme designed to build competencies in accounting theory and practice. Accounting is a key component for the successful functioning of businesses and other organizations and in recognition of this; the programme is designed to prepare learners for careers in accounting and related fields in finance and banking.


It seeks to develop and enhance the theoretical and practical accounting skills of junior and middle level accounting personnel in both the public and private sectors and provides accounting practitioners with an understanding of the economic, managerial, organizational, social and cultural contexts within which strategic decision making in organizations takes place. The BSc Accounting is a full degree programme offered via distance. Learners will not be required to transfer to a main UWI Campus to complete the programme.

Currently, to take this programme the candidate must be located in one of the Caribbean countries serviced by the UWI since the programme includes traditional assessment. The UWI Open Campus Country Site (OCCS) facilitates examinations for courses assessed through a traditional face-to-face examination


Who is this programme for?

Junior and middle level accounting personnel in both the public and private sectors will benefit from this programme. Accounting professionals who wish to take individual refresher courses or courses for professional development in key areas such as Auditing and Taxation will also benefit from the programme offer as well as persons in related fields in finance and banking.

Learners in this programme will be exposed to the theory and practice of Accounting needed to commence a career as an accounting professional or advance their career options.


Programme Structure

Courses are delivered using the blended learning approach and learners must have access to a computer and the Internet. Online orientation is conducted before the start of the programme.
Learners complete a total of 90 credits normally equivalent to 30 courses. Learners explore general education and core courses in a number of areas including:

• Mathematics
• English for Academic Purposes
• Financial and Management Accounting
• Auditing
• Taxation
• Company Law

Award of the Degree

To be awarded an undergraduate degree you must achieve a minimum GPA of 1.0. This means that it is possible to pass all the courses in your programme and not receive your certificate because your GPA is under 1.0.


When will the programme start?

The programme starts in August and January of each academic year.


Entry Requirements

Applicants should meet normal or lower matriculation AND have an acceptable pass in CXC-CSEC (General Proficiency) Mathematics or its equivalent. For entry into Economics or Accounting degree options, a minimum of a Grade 2 pass in CXC-CSEC (General Proficiency) Mathematics is mandatory.

Applicants should meet normal or lower matriculation AND have an acceptable pass in CXC-CSEC (General Proficiency) Mathematics or its equivalent.

An acceptable pass in English A in an examination of the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC-CSEC), or an acceptable equivalent AND one of the following minimum qualifications:

1.       Holders of CXC-CSEC Certificates, General Certificates of Education (GCE) (or the approved

        equivalents) who satisfy either Scheme A or Scheme B as stated below:


        Scheme A: They possess FIVE (5) subjects of which at least TWO (2) must be GCE

        Advanced Level (A’ Level)* passes, while the remainder may be acceptable passes

        in the CXC-CSEC or GCE O’ Level examinations.

         Scheme B: They possess passes in FOUR (4) subjects of which at least THREE must

        be GCE A’ Level** passes, while the fourth may be an acceptable pass in the CXC-CSEC or

        GCE O' Level examinations.


2.       Holders of Certificates and Diplomas awarded by this University


3.       Holders of an Associate Degree from the UWI, or from approved Caribbean tertiary level

      institutions with a minimum GPA of 2.5


*       Candidates who have passed two two-unit courses in a particular subject area fall

      within the two ‘A’ Level matriculation standard (Reference Scheme A).


**     Six CAPE units, including the two single-unit courses – Caribbean Studies and

      Communication Studies will be accepted under normal matriculation

      (Reference Scheme B)

Lower Level

The following are eligible for lower level matriculation for admission to degree programmes:

1.       Holders of five (5) CXC-CSEC or GCE O’ Level passes or equivalent, not necessarily obtained at the same sitting, as follows:

      (i)     English (A), and

      (ii)     Mathematics or a foreign language, or an approved science (not Health Science),

          or additional Mathematics or Geography

      (iii)   Three (3) other approved subjects not already counted above.


2.       Persons over the age of 21, who have been out of school for at least five years, on the basis

      of their overall academic and professional attainments.


3.       Holders of one of the approved certificates from the School of Continuing Studies with an

      acceptable pass in English Language


NOTE:   The same subject cannot be counted at both CXC-CSEC General Proficiency and

          GCE O’ Level.


English Language Proficiency Examination

The English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) is used to assess whether persons applying to pursue

undergraduate degree programmes at the UWI Open Campus possess a satisfactory level of writing

and reading proficiency in English for university academic purposes. For detailed information on the

ELPT, see English Language Proficiency Test.


Academic Preparation

OOL1001     Orientation to Online

IYRS1001   Improving your Reading Skills

IYSS1001   Improving your Study Skills

IYMS1001   Improving your Math Skills (if applicable)

ECON0001  Remedial Mathematics (if applicable)


Course of Study


ACCT1002Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON1001Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON1003Mathematics for the Social Sciences I
FOUN1001English for Academic Purposes
SOCI1002Introduction to Sociology
ECON1002Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON1005Introduction to Statistics
ACCT1003Cost and Management Accounting I
FOUN1101Caribbean Civilisation
FOUN1210Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
ACCT2014Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT2021Cost and Management Accounting
MGMT2006Management Information Systems I
MGMT2008Organizational Behaviour
MGMT2023Financial Management I
MGMT2021Business Law
MGMT2011Caribbean Business Environment
MGMT2012Introduction to Quantitative Methods
MGMT2020Managerial Economics
ACCT2015Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT3039Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACCT3040Accounting Theory
ACCT3041Advanced Accounting
ACCT3043Auditing I
MGMT3011Management Information Systems II
MGMT3031Business Strategy and Policy
MGMT3046Company Law
MGMT3048Financial Management II
MGMT3051Taxation I
ELECTIVE COURSES (choose 1 only)
MKTG2001Principles of Marketing
ECON3051Topics in Economic Development
GOVT2031Public Sector Management
MGMT3017Human Resource Management
MGMT3037International Business Management
SOCI2007Survey Design and Analysis

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