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How To Become A Nurse

If there could be a living example of the word compassion, the chosen profession would most likely be that of a nurse. No one else, short of a parent, could do so much, for so many people at one time, without thanks, or much recognition. It takes a deep seated passion to be a nurse, and be able to heal without giving in to sorrow because of all the pain you will see.

Nurses heal, do their level best to make every patient under their care as happy and as comfortable as possible. They follow doctor’s orders and dispense vital medicines, while monitoring important life signs like pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. They are the kings and queens of multitasking, able to care for multiple patients at the same time, while answering questions from staff and family at the same time, as they are filling the doctor in on a patient’s latest complaints. They are the heart of medicine.

What Do They Do
At any given moment, there will be at least three different kinds of nurses in a hospital setting. The first is a C.N.A., a certified nursing assistant. This is the person who handles every little complaint a patient may have, and soothes whatever problems they can. They change diapers, empty bedpans, get patients out of bed and out the door.

The second is the LPN, or licensed practical nurse. They have more responsibilities than the aide, but may differ from area to area. They often work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, taking vital signs, transferring patients to different departments, and even administering drugs. The third type of nursing staff found in a hospital setting would be the RN, or registered nurse. They are often in supervisory positions on the floor, and answer only to doctors and administration, when it comes to making life saving decisions for patients.

Career Progression
People entering the nursing profession will often start out working as an aide for a few years before deciding to go on with their education. The next position would be that of an LPN, followed by that of a registered nurse, once they receive their Bachelors degree. After that, nurses will often go on and get their doctorate, and become a Nurse Practitioner. This will allow them the same duties as a doctor in some areas, and they will be able to do research, surgeries, and even be able to prescribe medicines.

Education Required
There is no education required to become a nurse’s aide. Certification and training are often a part of their employment. Graduation with an associates degree is necessary to become an LPN, just as a bachelors degree is required to be a registered nurse. To become a nurse practitioner, they would have to get their doctorate degree, and complete at least two years as an intern under a training physician.
Knowledge, Skills And Attitude

  • Must be compassionate for patients
  • Must care about medicine and patient well being
  • Must be dedicated and willing to work long hours
  • Must be willing to get physical and move patients
  • Must be safety conscious at all times
  • Must be attentive to instructions
  • Must be able to work independently without supervision