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How To Become A Teacher

A teacher is someone who has a passion for learning and instruction, who views both as a natural type of give and take. They enjoy helping others learn new things, and take pleasure from seeing that look of comprehension on a child’s face. They are willing to give of themselves, always, no matter how long the hours, or how little the pay.

The exact description of the duties for a teacher is actually dependent on the position they hold. Tutors are required to be fluent in a number of subjects, for a number of grade levels, and may not be required to be certified. The same can be said of a teaching assistant and daycare assistants, when it comes to certification, as these positions are generally held by students.

Full time teachers, college instructors, and professors are the specialists in teaching, often responsible for teaching a single subject while employed. By this time, they will have gotten their bachelor’s degree and may even been working towards a master’s degree and tenure, often going into administration and researching.

What Do They Do
Teachers are responsible for teaching their students the material they need to know in order to pass proficiency exams for their grade level. This should be done in a manner that is both informative, engaging and entertaining, so that the students not only comprehend the material, but desire to learn more about the subject matter.

Teachers are also responsible for maintaining grade records, testing students on material learned, assigning study lessons, and counseling students and parents should issues occur. When necessary, they may also be required to discipline their students, depending on the school system rules.

Career Progression
Most students of education will take on some type of teaching position midway through their degree studies. This can be tutoring, working as a teaching assistant, or in a daycare. Once they graduate, and pass their certification examinations, they can begin teaching at any school that will hire them on. Some will be taken on in positions of early childhood education, which means teaching a variety of subjects to the lower grades.

Middle school and up, teachers will be working in single subjects, until they decide to move to colleges or universities. By now, they are working towards tenured positions, getting published, and becoming full professors, and deans.

Education Required
The majority of teaching positions available today, no matter what the grade, school or responsibilities, requires at least a Bachelors degree, plus local certifications, if needed. Beyond this, they can aspire to get a Master’s degree in education, and move on to administration, researching, and potentially becoming a published author, professor and dean.

Knowledge, Skills And Attitude

  • A desire to teach
  • Great communication skills
  • Empathy for their students
  • A good grasp of psychology when it comes to students and learning disabilities
  • The ability to counsel students and parents in an effective and positive manner