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Audit Specialist (FMG/AS3)

Date Posted
4th February 2018
Accounting & Finance
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Plans and supervises audit assignments by ensuring proper management and adherence to standards, policy, applications, systems and controls.

Job Description


Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Prepares and reviews work plans and submits to Human Resource;
  • Accumulates data, maintains records, and prepares reports on the administration of audit projects and other assigned activities;
  • Provides for flexibility in audit schedules so as to be responsive to management’s special needs;
  • Maintains effective working relations with operating management;
  • Coordinates the programme with the auditor general departments;
  • Represents the Unit at meetings internally and externally as assigned;


Technical and Professional Responsibilities

  • Provides a comprehensive practical schedule of annual audit coverage within general areas assigned by the Chief Internal Auditor;
  • Develops a comprehensive, practical programme of audit coverage of assigned areas of auditing;
  • Schedules projects and staff assignments so as to comply with management’s needs within the scope of the activity’s overall schedule;
  • Reviews and approves the purpose, scope and audit approach of each audit project for assigned areas of audit cognizance;
  • Directs audit projects to see that professional standards are maintained in the planning and execution and in the accumulation of evidentiary data;
  • Reviews and edit audit reports and, in organizations with the auditor-in-charge for the assigned project and discusses the reports with appropriate management;
  • Provides for and performs research on audit techniques;
  • Identifies factors causing deficient conditions and recommends courses of action to improve the conditions including special surveys and audits;
  • Provides for a flow of communication from operating management to the Chief Internal Auditor;
  • Evaluates overall results of the audits;
  • Conducts pre-audits of medical, overseas travel and special payments files;
  • Appraises the adequacy of the corrective action taken to improve deficient conditions;
  • Ensures conformance with acceptable audit standards, plans, budgets and schedules.


Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Supervises the work of auditors engaged in the reviews of organizational and functional activities;
  • Conducts on the job training for auditors;
  • Provides support, guidance, leadership and motivation to staff in order to promote maximum performance;
  • Supervises the staff through various human resource activities including coaching and mentoring;
  • Resolves problems and mediate conflicts encountered during daily operations and determine solution;
  • Recommends request for vacation and departmental leave;
  • Conducts annual & bi-annual performance review of staff
  • Counsels and guides auditors to see that the approved audit objectives are met and that adequate practical coverage is achieved.


Other Responsibilities

  • Performs other related functions assigned from time to time



(a)   Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:

  • Knowledge of the organisation’s mandate and objectives
  • Sound knowledge of the FAA Act
  • Sound knowledge of Staff Order and Public Service Regulations
  • Sound knowledge of Government’s Accounting policies and procedures


(b)  Qualifications and Experience

  • ACCA level 2 or 3 or
  • A.Sc Degree in Accounting (MIND) along with the Diploma in Government Accounting course; or
  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Management Studies with Accounting
  • Post graduate training in Accounting would be an asset
  • Three (3) years experience in an Auditing position


(C)   Continuous Professional Development

  • Attend relevant training on emerging trends and practices within the audit field.
  • Network within the profession and relevant associations to keep abreast with the industry.


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