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Biomedical Technician I

Date Posted
14th March 2017
Engineering & Architecture
Job Type
San Fernando
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Biomedical Engineering Technician I is required to repair, calibrate, and maintain medical equipment and devices used in health-care delivery. The Biomedical Technician I will report to the Senior Bio-Medical Technician.

Job Description

Key functions & Duties:

  • Tests electronic circuitry, such as transistors, amplifiers and integrated circuits.
  • Assists senior technicians in performing corrective and preventative maintenance on electronic medical equipment, e.g. replacing components, taking test readings, and wiring circuits in accordance with specific instructions.
  • Inspects and tests medical electronic equipment for electrical safety, using appropriate testing equipment.
  • Makes minor repairs on medical electronic equipment, and assists in planned preventative maintenance and other related duties on biomedical equipment.
  • Prepares work order form and submits to senior officer for verification and certification.
  • Demonstrates and explains correct operation of equipment to medical personnel.
  • Maintains appropriate records of repairs and maintenance.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Key knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Working Knowledge of basic test equipment, such as oscilloscope, signal generator, or frequency generator.
  • Working Knowledge of electronic, electricity and electromechanical, including concepts of voltage, current, resistance, power, Ohm’s law and common electrical units.
  • Working knowledge of the installation and commissioning of biomedical equipment.
  • Working Knowledge of semi-conductors, integrated circuits, resistors, transformers and transistors.
  • Basic Knowledge of current safety regulations and requirements.
  • Ability to read and follow electronic schematic diagrams.
  • Ability to use small hand tools, such as soldering irons, pliers and wrenches.
  • Ability to maintain simple electronic equipment.
  • Ability to prepare maintenance records.
  • Ability to interpret schematic diagrams to perform effective repair and maintenance on basic biomedical equipment.


Required Qualifications, Training and Experience:

  • Electrical and Electronic Technician Diploma (EEET), Mechanical Electrical and Electronic Technician (MEET) or an equivalent engineering Diploma from a recognized institution.
  • Five (5) O’level passes including Mathematics, English and a Science subject.
  • At least one (1) year On-The-Job training in the field of Bio-Medical equipment or a related field.

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