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Clinical Assurance Officer (HPC/MO4)

Date Posted
20th November 2017
Healthcare & Medical, Quality Assurance
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Responsible for ensuring clinical processes are in accordance with laws, policies and standards for quality patient care through clinical quality assurance audits. Develops and coordinates quality assurance activities.

Job Description


  1. Clinical quality assurance and Infection control programmes / activities developed and coordinated.
  2. Quality assurance and infection Control reports submitted monthly to the RTD.
  3. Monitoring reports of quality improvement and infection control programmes submitted quarterly to the RTD.



Management and Administrative

  1. Monitoring performance by compiling relevant data and documenting reports summarizing quality assurance findings.
  2. Developing and distributing the organization's quality procedures, standards and specifications to ensure quality care to patients.
  3. Reviewing guidelines, international standards or consensus standards and interpret their appropriateness for guidance.
  4. Managing and maintaining the database for the clinical quality audits /patient exit survey and infection control system.
  5. Preparing and assisting with the preparation of operational plans and annual reports.
  6. Evaluating incidents and queries.
  7. Participating in the Human Resource Management process by being involved in the recruitment of technical staff.
  8. Managing the Patient Exit Survey Programme and prepare reports for the RTD.
  9. Collaboration in the planning and execution of Technical related surveys and prepare report for the RTD
  10. Managing and participating in clinical/ technical research activities required by the Regional Health Authority.
  11. Any other duties as required to advise and collaborate with the RTD in strategic Technical policy related activities.


Technical Responsibilities
  1. Review and evaluate patients' medical records, applying the Ministry of Health's quality assurance criteria.
  2. Ensure through clinical quality assurance and infection control audits that clinical processes and programmes meet minimum international and national standards.
  3. Collaborate with Directors and Programme supervisors to ensure implementation of quality assurance activities and processes (i.e. peer reviews, facility and programme audits, death conferences, client satisfaction surveys) and collection of outcome data.
  4. Review reports prepared from internal and external audits to monitor the quality of care being provided , observe trends and identify areas where further investigation may be warranted and make recommendations.
  5. Provide guidance to Senior Managers in the Parish Health Departments and Hospitals in planning and implementing infection prevention and control programmes.
  6. Communicate to the RTD any critical compliance risks noted from these activities.
  7. Liaise with the Epidemiological and Surveillance section to develop and utilize appropriate data gathering instruments for monitoring the effectiveness of the clinical quality and infection control programmes.
  8. Prepare and submit performance and other reports as required and ensure the timely submission of all documents/information requested from the Regional Technical Department to the RTD
  9. Participate in the planning function for the Technical Directorate, and provide input to policy/guideline formulation or changes in this area.
  10. Any other duties as required to advise and collaborate with the RTD in Technical related activities.



  1. Documented deadlines are consistently met.
  2. Development and implementation of quality assurance and infection control programmes in the SERHA.
  3. Quality control mechanisms which are established and implemented have a positive impact on  the  quality and cost of service offered in health institutions in the SERHA.



Functional/ Technical Competencies

  • Ability to plan, organize and coordinate the work of others
  • Knowledge of the National Health Policy
  • Knowledge of research methodology
  • In depth knowledge of research methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance principles
  • Knowledge of management principles and practices
  • Ability to use technology
  • Knowledge of hospital and health centre functions and operations
  • Information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases.
  • Knowledge of principles, practices and professional standards of medical records management and terminology.


Core Competencies

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good human relations and interpersonal skills
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • A high level of integrity and professionalism



  • Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Post Graduate professional Qualification from a recognized institution
  • A minimum of five (5) years working experience in the quality assurance field



  • Expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity and professionalism.
  • Expected to demonstrate a high level of confidentiality.



  • To recommend and implement and implement norms and standards for service delivery
  • To recommend actions that will ensure safe clinical practise and service delivery.



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