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Computation Officer (SERP)

Date Posted
12th October 2017
Information & Communication Technology
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Computation Officer is responsible for the processing of retirement benefits to public officers under the SERP.

Job Description


As part of the process of pension reform, new Pension Legislation is now before Parliament for approval which will inter alia make provisions for pension contributions to be made by all central government employees and will change the basis on which pensions are calculated. To this end, an early retirement project for Central Government Employees within the age range 50 – 59 is being contemplated. This project is owned by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and is being supported by the Public Sector Transformation Programme.

The project will have three main components focused on delivering specific and targeted services over a 12-month timeframe.



The Computation Officer is responsible for the processing of retirement benefits to public officers under the SERP.



In order to achieve the stated objectives of the assignment the individual will be required to:

1.     Create, update and maintain filing system for pension files.

  • Ensures the Generation of Pension control numbers for files.
  • Records pensioner’s personal data on Pension system.
  • Review files to ensure that they are completed and that they are correctly indexed.
  • Dispatches letters of approval for advances and/or alimentary allowances and awards to the Accountant General and other payment agencies.
  • Dispatches and receives files from the Auditor General, Director Superannuation and Pensions Unit.
  • Submits files after approval.
  • Ensures the handing over of files once finalized with all approvals and documentation for SERP.


2.     To calculate payents for applications for SERP.

  • Keep abreast of the various pension’s statues, legislations, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Seeks legal advice where necessary to determine interpretation of Acts/Regulations.
  • Collaborate with the Pensions Administration Unit to determine statute/ legislation applicable to each case.
  • Liaises with personnel in the Ministries/Departments/Agencies regarding incomplete documentation.
  • Works with and through the Liaison Officer to request any additional information required.
  • Examines pension particulars, service records, birth certificates, memorandum of effective date and statement of earnings for authenticity and accuracy.
  • Ensure information submitted is correct (e.g. salary paid is at correct point in scale.
  • Prepare and recommend the payment of advance and alimentary allowance.
  • Generate and edit documents from the Automated Pension System for payment of awards.
  • Prepare Submission for the various Services Commission.


3.     To prepare final award letters for pension payments by the Accountant General’s Department.

  • Prepare and generate letters of awards.
  • Prepare and generate the calculation for advances and final pension.
  • Submit letters to Supervisor for signature.
  • Prepares files for submission to the Auditor General and the relevant Services Commission Submission.
  • e.     Edits documents generated and forwards cases to the Pensions Processing Expert.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by the Pensions Processing Expert.


4.     To provide information to internal and external clients on pension matters.

  • Answers queries on SERP pension cases being processed.
  • Liaises with Personnel Officers from Ministries/Departments/Agencies to request/ confirm information.
  • Provides monthly reports.
  • Maintains a record of (i) cases computed, (ii) cases returned for query, and (iii) award letters generated.



  1. Certificate/Diploma in Public Administration or Management Studies or a related field; or an equivalent with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.
  2. Experience in the calculation of retiring benefits for public officers and the preparation of letters of authorization.
  3. Computer literacy.
  4. Sound knowledge of statues/legislations/regulations/policies and procedures governing pensions.
  5. Sound knowledge of the Automated Pension Systems (APS) of the GOJ.

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