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Consultant for Emergency Response and Preparedness

Date Posted
14th July 2017
Consulting & Project Management, Government & Public Sector
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

J/P HRO is seeking an ERP Consultant to provide technical assistance, consultation to the organization in the development of emergency response tools, systems and processes, to support its emergency response coordination in Haiti.

Job Description

This includes the development of an Emergency Management Program (EMP) that will cover planning, decision making and assignment of required resources to support J/P HRO’s efforts of emergency mitigation, response and recovery. The ERP Consultant will also be available to coordinate J/P HRO’s humanitarian response efforts under the supervision of the Country Director should a humanitarian crisis occur during the term of the consultancy.


As an expert in the field of ERP, the consultant will help develop local emergency management capacity, provide technical expertise, support and train staff in the implementation of emergency management interventions. S/he will prepare an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) – the response and recovery component of the EMP above - to provide the structure and processes that the organization will utilize to support communities to respond to and recover from an event.

In addition, the consultant will have report writing skills and representation duties, namely coordinating with external agencies, attending ERP working group meetings.



Under the supervision of the Country Director and in close collaboration with J/PHRO’s Program, Human Resources, Admin and Finance and Communications departments, the responsibilities of the ERPC are to:

  • Analyze J/P HRO’s current and past ERP program activities, processes, experiences, and competitive positioning to understand J/P HRO’s priorities in ERP.
  • Develop an EMP proposal to implement J/PHRO’s mission, vision, goals and objectives in this sector.
  • Develop an EOP that includes best practices with respect to emergency preparedness, ensuring it meets applicable laws, regulations, and J/P HRO standards. The EOP will include action plan, procedures, protocols supporting J/P HRO’s emergency management objectives and goals, as well as associated implementing tools to maintain organizational awareness regarding emergency preparedness;
  • In collaboration with HR, develop job descriptions for key ERP positions, conduct pre-qualification of personnel to inform the development of an ERP personnel roster to execute potential emergency management functions in a timely manner.
  • Develop ERP standard organigram for a core emergency response team, to serve as model for future emergency HR planning
  • Create ERP standard forms, such as incident management reports, generic and sector-specific assessment forms, etc.
  • Create a standard procurement plan taking into account different types of emergencies (flooding, hurricanes, earthquake) to facilitate coordination of the logistics of future disaster response or crises management activities, and to have a set of key items in stock;
  • In collaboration with procurement, conduct a pre-qualification process to identify and establish a roster of preferred services providers who will be available for contracting when required. This will include development of Scope of Work (SOW) and launching a requests for Expression of Interest (EOI) to identify a pool of service providers to support future emergency operations, enabling rapid project start-up.
  • In collaboration with the security manager, develop and circulate instructional materials to educate and inform personnel about potential security threats during emergency response and ways of dealing with them;
  • Ensure all Emergency Management standards and regulations are communicated throughout the organization;
  • In the event of a new emergency occurring during the term of this consultancy, ensure representation of J/PHRO in ERP working groups, meeting and committees;
  • Other duties as assigned by the CD;



  • Written proposal for a full-time J/P HRO Emergency Management Program (EMP) encompassing emergency preparedness, mitigation and response phases;
  • Written J/P HRO standard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), incorporating action plan, procedures, protocols and associated implementing tools such as incident management reports, approved by senior management;
  • Development of roster of pre-qualified ERP personnel to execute potential emergency management functions, approved by senior management;
  • Sample standard emergency response team organigram supporting future emergency response implementation, approved by senior management;
  • Pre-qualification of service providers to support future emergency operations, enabling rapid emergency project start-up, approved by senior management;
  • Standard model ERP procurement plan to facilitate coordination of the logistics of disaster response or crises management activities, approved by senior management;
  • List of relevant local stakeholders including GOH officials and sister agencies, to facilitate emergency plan development and response effort coordination;
  • Documentation of any coordination meetings attended, (meeting documents, notes and contact details);
  • Standard instructional materials to educate and inform personnel about potential security threats during emergency response and ways of dealing with them;
  • Dissemination of Emergency Management standards and regulations throughout the organization.



  • Minimum of Bachelor Degree in a relevant field; plus 8 years of progressive work experience in the field. Certifications coupled with training experience in areas of emergency management is highly desirable.
  • Specific knowledge, skills, abilities and past experience with:
    • Emergency management principles, response operations, and the fundamentals of establishing and implementing an emergency management and response effort, or developing, providing TA to an organization or agency;
    • Emergency response management, administration, and event/emergency management system policies, protocols, and procedures.
    • Resource management, logistic support, and finance considerations.
    • Evaluating a response environment and experience in engaging in planning and developing action plans; and in initiating and monitoring a response;
  • Familiarity with: Risk communications
  • Coordinating comprehensive services that include infrastructure, human resources, transportation, equipment, and supplies.


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