Consultant for the preparation of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank
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The Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) invites proposals for the provision of consultancy services for the preparation of its Business Continuity Plan (BCP).


The scope of the consultancy includes the assessment and analysis of various risk indicators, design and development of its Business Continuity Plan, testing, training of Management and Staff, monitoring and reporting mechanisms.


The Request for Proposal includes the following documents:

Section I             -             Letter of Invitation (this letter);

Section II           -             Information to the Consultant.


You are kindly requested to submit your proposal to the Bank, including all attachments where necessary, on or before February 28, 2020.



The Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) seeks proposals from qualified firms or individuals to assist the Bank in developing its Business Continuity Plan; to document related policies and procedures into the Plan and to enhance the capacity of its Management and Staff in the administration of the Plan and monitoring and reporting under the Plan.



The Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) is a corporate body established in 1971 under the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank Act, Chapter 74:03 of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica (1990 Revised Edition).

The Bank’s principal objectives as per its legal mandate are to promote and influence the economic development of the Commonwealth of Dominica and to mobilize funds for the purpose of such development.

The Bank’s principal place of business and registered office is located at the Corner of Charles Avenue and Rawles Lane, Goodwill, Commonwealth of Dominica.


The authorized share capital of the AID Bank is 10,000,000 ordinary shares with a $5 par value.  The Bank’s audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2018 showed that the issued and fully paid shares totaled 9,594,041 valued at $47,970,205. The b a n k ’ s s hareholders are the Government of Dominica who owns 89.6% shares and the Dominica Social Security who owns 10.4%.

The Bank’s core business is to provide loans to the productive sectors of the economy including agriculture, industry, tourism and services as well as mortgages and education. The Bank also owns and operates Industrial Estates where it rents factory sheds and lots to businesses engage in agro-processing, manufacturing, services, ICT and warehousing. Throughout its history and in keeping with its objectives, the bank has made a significant contribution to Dominica’s economic and social development.

AID Bank is regulated in accordance with the Financial Services Act. No. 18 of 2008, by the Financial Services Unit (FSU) of the Ministry of Finance.

Additional information about the AID Bank is available on the bank’s website at



The Bank is seeking professional services from reputable consultants to submit proposals for the design and development of its Business Continuity Plan. The objectives, detailed scope, timelines and other terms for the assignment are outlined in the sections below.


I Planning

Initiate an on-going Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) Program

  • Develop a Business Continuity Policy
  • Select a Program Manager
  • Select a Steering Committee
  • Establish Objectives and Milestones
  • Establish Response and Recovery Teams
  • Design Awareness and Training Program
  • Design Communication Strategies


II Risk Assessment

  • Risk Evaluation
    • Identify business functions essential for continued service or production.
    • Determine the events that can adversely affect the bank, the damage that such events can cause and the controls needed to prevent or minimize the effects of a loss potential.


  • Business Impact Analysis
    • Identify the impacts that result from disruption in the operations of the bank and quantify and qualify such impacts.
    • Conduct a business impact analysis for each of the business functions
    • Prioritize critical business functions based on the result of the impact analysis


III Develop and Document Business Continuity Plan

  • Develop Recovery Strategy
    • Determine and guide the selection of alternative recovery operating strategies to be used to maintain the critical functions.
      • Identify strategies to reduce impact and risk
      • IT Disaster Recovery Planning-   Business Recovery or Business Resumption


  • Document the BC Plan
    • Establish business continuity policy, objectives,targets, controls, processes and procedures to include;

      • An Incident Response Structure for managing critical incidents including;
        • Emergency Response and Assessment
        • Crisis Management Planning
        • Decision-making criteria
        • Management succession
        • Human Resource policies, etc
        • An Awareness and Training program
    • Develop and document detailed procedures for resuming key business activities at alternate site, including:

      • Resource requirements definition
      • Team member contact information
      • Procedure lists
      • Detailed procedure documentation
      • Off-site materials list, etc
    • Develop plans for recovering key technological resources which address:

      • Alternate data center facilities

      • Computer hardware replacement

      • Software and data recovery

      • System connectivity

      • Physical and logical security, etc.

    • Organise and document a written plan. The Bank to review and approve the proposed plan.


IV Test, Approve, Training and Implement Business Continuity Plan

  • Test and Evaluate the BC Plan
    • Develop testing criteria and procedures.Establish processes for testing plans and exercising teams such as:
      • Desk checks, peer reviews
      • Structured walkthroughs
      • Call tree tests, operational tests
      • Table top and simulation exercises
      • Operational exercises
      • Drills, mock disasters
    • Coordinate, test and evaluate the plan. Establish on-going processes for:
      • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Plan
      • Auditing the BCMS processes
      • Management reporting and review
    • Document all results.


  • Approve and Implement BC Plan
    • Obtain the bank’s endorsement of the Plan


  • Training
    • Provide training to team managers and team members
    • Provide training and awareness to general staff


  • Maintain Plan
    • Establish a framework for the continual improvement of the on-going BCMS program:
      • Revising policies and standards
      • Updating BC Plan contents
      • Distributing BC Plan updates
      • Controlling BC Plan access
      • Maintaining accountability
      • Oversight by BCMS Steering Committee
      • Reviewing annual budgets and objectives



The AID Bank requires that this assignment be completed no later than three (3) months from the date of execution of the contract.



The Consultant is expected to utilize the most recent ISO Business Continuity standards.



  • A Master’s Degree qualification in Disaster Risk Management or a related field or a professionally qualified individual or firm with expertise and knowledge in Disaster Risk Management and Business Continuity for a financial institution.
  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience in the risk management/planning with a focus on ensuring business continuity and practical application in a financial institution.
  • Strong technical knowledge in the preparation and implementation of actions for Risk Management and Business Continuity as well as their financing is highly desirable.
  • Proven training development and delivery abilities.
  • Good presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English



  • Payment 1 – Mobilisation fee of 30% of the contractual sum within fifteen working days of execution of the agreement at which time a synopsis and schedule for the preparation of the Plan should be submitted.
  • Payment 2 – Payment of 30% of the contractual sum within fifteen working days of submission of 1st draft of the Business Continuity Plan.
  • Payment 3 – Payment of 20% of the contractual sum within fifteen working days of undertaking testing and training.
  • Final Payment – Payment of 20% of the contractual sum after two (2) months from the date of acceptance of the Plan by AID Bank. This period will facilitate any further revision required by the Board of Directors prior to approval and any additional training required.



General Information of Firm

  • Provide a brief description of your firm, including but not limited to the following:
    • Name of the principal(s) of the firm.
    • Name, telephone number and email address of a representative of the firm authorized to discuss your proposal.
    • Number of employees of the firm.


Experience and Resources

  • Describe your firm and its capabilities. In particular, support your capacity to perform the Scope of Works.
  • Indicate the principals/associates within your firm who will be involved in providing services tothe AID Bank. Provide appropriate background information of these individuals, identify his or her specific responsibilities and estimated time required to undertake in the engagement/assignment.
  • Provide at least (3) references to include the name, address, telephone number of organizations or businesses for whom you have performed similar services.

Work Plan

  • Submit a description of the methodology and work plan to be utilized in undertaking the engagement/assignment.


Fee Structure

  • The information requested in this section is required to support the reasonableness of your fees.
  • Provide a cost proposal for providing the Scope of Works, to include all related activities and attendance at related meetings/training sessions. Provide an itemized breakdown of billing rates and hourly rates, list of key personnel and their hourly rates, where applicable, reimbursable expenses, etc. for any services that may be requested in addition to the services previously described.
  • The fee structure should clearly identify as a separate amount any local taxes, levies or other charges imposed where applicable.
  • Provide any other fee information applicable to the engagement that you wish to bring to the attention of the AID Bank.
  • All fees shall be clearly stated in either East Caribbean Dollars (ECD) or United States Dollars (USD).



Selection Committee

A Selection Committee (the “Committee”) will evaluate all proposals on the basis of their responsiveness to the Scope of Works required and will make a determination principally on the following factors:

  • Professional capacity to undertake the Scope of Works;
  • Proposed fee structure inclusive of taxes, where applicable;
  • Ability to perform within time and budget constraints;
  • Evaluation of potential work plans;
  • Previous work experience and performance with AID Bank and/or similar organizations;
  • Recommendations by references;
  • Other pertinent information submitted.


The Committee will thereafter forward its report and recommendations to the funding agency, the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) for its No Objection.



The Bank will make its best efforts to negotiate with the recommended consultant to reach agreement on all points within the shortest time possible. The payment schedule will also be agreed during negotiations.


Award of Contract

  • The successful consultant, once selected, will be required to sign a Service Contract prior to engagement.
  • The Bank will promptly notify other bidders on the shortlist that they were unsuccessful.

Termination of Procurement Proceeding

The Bank may at any time terminate the procurement proceedings prior to execution of the contract award and shall not be liable to any individual or firm for such termination. The Bank shall give prompt notice of the termination to the applicants.



  1. T h e A I D Bank may invite one or more finalists to make presentations.
  2. In its sole discretion, AID Bank may r e q u e s t  i n d i v i d u a l s / firms who have submitted qualifications to submit a more detailed proposal on specific projects as they arise.
  3. By this Request for Proposal, AID Bank has not committed itself to undertake the work set forth.
  4. AID Bank reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to rebid the original or amended scope of services and to enter into negotiations with one or more respondents.
  5. AID Bank reserves the right to make those decisions after receipt of responses.
  6. AID Bank’s decision on these matters is final.


The consultant will be expected to hold the interests of the AID Bank, including its Shareholders, Board of Directors, Staff and Customers paramount, and in so doing, will ensure that all advice and recommendations reflect the utmost professionalism. The consultant is expected to treat all records and information that comes into their possession as a result of this consultancy as confidential. To this extent, the consultant, including the officers assigned to carry out the Scope of Works will be expected to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement prior to the commencement of work.



AID Bank requires that the Consulting firm observes the highest standards of ethics during the selection and award of the consultancy contract and also during the performance of the engagement/ assignment.



The Consultant will be given access to all the information necessary to carry out the assign works, upon written request, in order to deliver effectively on the requirements of this consultancy. This includes financial and non-financial records and explanations from any Department.

Nevertheless, if in the opinion of Management, a member of the consultancy team is not considered sufficiently senior in position to be allowed unlimited access to the Bank’s information, or has not signed off the confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement as required, such a member may be denied access and the same will be communicated to the officer in charge of the Consultancy. The Consultant is not permitted to take copies of any documents without AID Bank Management’s authorization.


The Bank will provide onsite office space when onsite visits are required and a contact officer necessary to facilitate the Consultant’s work.


The consultant will be under the direct supervision of the Executive Manager, Operations in coordination and collaboration with other stakeholders.


Any clarification of any matter related to the Scope of Works and submission of reports should be made in writing to:

Mathilda John-Rose, Executive Manager, Operations - telephone number 767-255-9450 or email


And copied to:


Marie-Therese Johnson, General Manager - telephone number 767-255-9464 or email



Interested i n d iv i d u a l s o r firms are r e q u e s t e d to submit One (1) original and o n e (1) copy of their proposals to:

Marie-Therese Johnson (Ms.)

General Manager

Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank

Corner of Charles Avenue and Rawles Lane


Commonwealth of Dominica





  1. Any clarification of any matter related to the proposal should be made in writing to:

Marie-Therese Johnson, General Manager - telephone number 767-255-9464 or email

and copied to:

Mathilda John-Rose, Executive Manager, Operations - telephone number 767-255-9450 or email


  1. Proposals must be presented on business letterhead, should be concise and include all attachments where necessary.


  1. Proposals must be marked “ORIGINAL” or “COPY” as appropriate. If there are any discrepancies between the original and the copies of the proposal, the original shall govern.


  1. Proposal must be received no later than February 28, 2020.



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