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Contracts and Grants Specialist

Date Posted
15th May 2017
Accounting & Finance, Consulting & Project Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

CARE Haiti is seeking a Contracts and Grants Specialist to develop and facilitate the implementation of systematic Grants and Contracts management processes and systems within CARE Haiti.

Job Description

The Contracts and Grants Specialist will develop a plan and methodology for the review of all transactions processed under the emergency response grants and oversee the review to ensure that the CO is well prepared for audits. S/he will map out all G&C management (both Award and Sub-Award) process workflows and timelines, identify ways to streamline and ensure each step is value-added. S/he will document these in a user-friendly way and train all concerned staff on how to implement all processes (the Short-Term employee will consider CARE USA revised Agreement and Sub-Agreement Management Policy that will be effective July 1st, 2017). The person in this role will develop tools to help Finance, Program Support and Program Staff better adhere to financial management and compliance practices and recommend how interfaces between them could be improved. The Contracts and Grants Specialist will also provide training for Finance, Program Support and Program staff on essential financial literacy questions (how to read transaction list, how to assign codes, etc.).



  • Ensure that all Matthew response transactions comply with donor and CARE regulations
  • Set up G&C management process workflows and tools and train CO staff on their use
  • Set up a Compliance Risk Register to identify, document and monitor management risks
  • Identify and share with C.USA institutional bottelnecks to efficient G&C management
  • Set up/reinforce CO G&C management information systems
  • Coach the CO G&C Senior Manager



  • Bachelor degree in Business, Administration, Finance or Organization Systems required
  • Master degree in Business, Administration, Finance or Organization Systems desired
  • At least 5 years' experience in Grants &Contracts management process design and implementation System thinker, with process improvement skills
  • Must possess strong analytical skills
  • knowledge of CARE major donors' regulations (USG, EU, ECHO)
  • Training and facilitating skills required
  • Demonstrated coaching skills
  • Fluency in English (French recommended)

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