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Customer Services Coordinator (GMG SEG 1)

Date Posted
24th August 2017
Customer Service & Call Centre
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

the incumbent assumes direct responsibility for coordinating the delivery of the Citizen’s Charter and thereby ensure the consistent effectiveness of the Customer Service Programmes throughout the Ministry’s Divisions, Agencies and Sub-Agencies.

Job Description

Under the general direction of the Director Administration and Office Services, the Customer Services Coordinator assumes direct responsibility for coordinating the delivery of the Citizen’s Charter and thereby ensure the consistent effectiveness of the Customer Service Programmes throughout the Ministry’s Divisions, Agencies and Sub-Agencies; for reviewing and upgrading on an ongoing basis the systems, procedures and policies governing internal and external customer service; for ensuring the effective and efficient dissemination of information to walk in customers; for assisting with the design and delivery of promotional programmes, orientation programmes; and for staff training in the techniques of effective customer service.




  • Advises the Permanent Secretary, Director, Administration and Office Services and Senior Managers on matters relating to the adequacy of existing customer service arrangements.
  • Advises on issues relating to the policy changes in the delivery of customer service and organizational effectiveness.
  • Collaborates with senior officials in the Ministry and its Agencies to develop and implement strategies, policies and guidelines for reinforcing the principles of the Citizen’s Charter; support the internal customer service mechanisms, ensure effective communication processes, eliminate bottle necks, waste and overlap, promote greater effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Collaborates with Senior Officials and the Director Communications and Public Relations to ensure the internal dissemination of information on policy and procedural changes affecting the Customer Services Programmes.
  • Collaborates with management to develop and implement customer awareness programmes.
  • Advise management about reinforcing or changing established time-line to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Prepares and submits monthly progress reports to the Director Administration and Office Services.
  • Convenes schedule and unscheduled meeting with Managers to discuss areas of concerns and ensure follow-up action on decisions.
  • Convenes schedules and unscheduled meeting with staff under supervision.
  • ·             Ensures that effective communication links are maintained with Customer Service Representatives in the Ministry’s Divisions and Agencies that their operations are monitored and that high customer service standards are consistently enforces.
  • Conduct surveys to ascertain level of customer satisfaction and advise the Director on the results and recommendations where necessary.



  • Advise management on strategies for organizational improvements, institutional strengthening, design and management of customer friendly environments.
  • Analyses systems and procedures, administrative work flows, crowd behavior, and problem areas in order to develop recommendations for improvement by:
  • Conducting interviews with relevant staff to pinpoint problem areas; observing the flow of customers, methods of operations and the resulting problems.



  • Develops and organizes effective procedures for managing the front line customer services in the Ministry’s foyer for walk in clients, officials and visitors to the Ministry.
  • Ensures that the Ministry’s Information Booth is adequately manned during working hours and the staff are trained, knowledgeable, courteous and timely in their response to customers.
  • Places Suggestion Boxes in strategic positions; clear them regularly; analyze their contents and ensure that suggestions are accorded due consideration.
  • Ensures that complaints from source other that the Suggestion Boxes are effectively addressed by appropriate personnel and animosities diffused.
  • Ensures appropriate and expeditious responses to telephone and written complaints.
  • Develops in collaboration with the Director Communications and Public Relations communication tool such as information registers, directories for entrance offices, and leaflets, brochures etc for general distribution at front desks.



  • Collaborates with the Director Communications and Public Relations to design programmes to promote the service offered by the Ministry and its Agencies in areas such as:
  • Exhibitions and open days
  • Information brochures and pamphlets
  • Conducting orientation for new employees.



  • Collaborates with M.I.N.D. and other institutions to design and mount in-house programmes to enhance the methods of service delivery.
  • Conducts seminars and training modules for front desk personnel as required.
  • Performing any other duties as directed by the Director Administration and Office Services


Core Competencies

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Integrity          
  • Team Work & Cooperation
  • Initiative          
  • Compliance    
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Adaptability    
  • Customer and Quality Focus


Technical/Functional Competencies

  • Use of Technology
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Planning and Organising
  • Leadership
  • Managing External Relationships
  • People Management
  • Highly  developed analytical and research skills


Other Competencies

  • A mature individual with a methodical approach to problem solving
  • Ability to coordinate the various aspects of customer service
  • Good human relations skills



(a)   Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:

(b)   Qualifications and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Arts or Social Sciences with seven (7) years experience in a middle management position in the Public or Private Sector and
  • training in either Customer Service Techniques, Organizational Behaviour, management Systems or Social Psychology.


  • Diploma in Customer Service, Public Relations or Public Administration with ten (10) years experience in a customer service environment with a least five(5) years at the management level.

(c)   Continuous Professional Development

  • Attend relevant training on emerging trends and practices within the customer services field.
  • Network within the profession and relevant associations to keep abreast with the industry



  • Approve/Recommend staff for training and development
  • Approve/Recommend leave, promotion and disciplinary action
  • Provide recommendation and advice to management on areas of responsibilities

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