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Date Posted
11th September 2017
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Guyana Tourism Authority is seeking a highly motivated individual to fill the position of Director.

Job Description

Overview of organization

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is a semi-autonomous organization responsible for the product development and promotion of Guyana as a travel destination. Established by Act of Parliament in 2002 the GTA is governed by a Board of Directors, with a professional staff under a Director responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency.


Successful candidate

The successful candidate must be a person who has the regional and international connections needed to accelerate national tourism development. Prior work experience in the administration, promotion, sales and marketing of tourism destinations will be a strong asset.



The Director has primary accountability for the accomplishments and fiscal integrity of the entire organization and is expected to work with the Board of Directors to determine the focus and direction of the agency. The Director is responsible for the operations of the GTA, by acting as its spokesperson and representing it before others.


Work involves marketing the attractions of the country to stimulate economic development and promote tourism. He or She meets monthly with a Tourism Board of Directors and reports directly to the Chairman of such Board. Responsibilities shall include the following tasks:


General responsibilities

  • Identifying and soliciting available tourism promotion program funding from both private and public sources by working with various governmental and economic development agencies to develop and assemble a portfolio of financial resources including grants and loans to finance tourism development projects.
  • Working with representatives of regional and state government in coordinating the activities of the GTA and in negotiating financial support, while continuously seeking new opportunities to increase the financial stability of the organization, by increasing its membership base, as well as seeking alternative sources of revenue.
  • Supporting individual tourism businesses and tourism providers in an advocacy role to develop and successfully implement tourism-marketing strategies and promote tourism development for Guyana.
  • Developing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan to promote Destination Guyana as the premier destination for travellers seeking an experience of principally nature-based sustainable tourism; group tours, small to mid-sized meetings, and heritage and culture experiences based on the information from visitor and industry research.
  • Working with tourism providers, travel agencies, receptives and other tourism agencies by promoting a positive image of the Guyana tourism industry through a variety of media efforts by implementing promotional campaigns that include a mix of advertising, public relations, and sales promotion activities to include traditional (print, brochures…) and Internet based (websites, mobile…) marketing ideas.
  • Networking with individuals and various organizations to improve and enhance the viability and visibility of local tourism businesses through diversification, niche marketing and destination branding.
  • Supervising and directing the GTA staff, as well as developing revenue-generating strategies for the agency.
  • Ensuring that the tourism services providers fully comply with the regulations for the operation of their respective businesses.


Specific responsibilities

  • Develop a tourism budget for the agency
  • Oversee creative message development
  • Organize various media information events and make affordable and effective media buys to promote tourism in Guyana
  • Oversee design/printing of marketing publications
  • Plan new research-based advertising strategies for current and subsequent years that will increase travel market share.
  • Develop relationships with national, international and regional tourism based publications and writers, tours operators and travel agents.
  • Prepare and release press kit to media; build campaigns and stories for unique selling points
  • Design, develop and conduct familiarization tours for media, event planners, tour operators and travel agents.
  • Implement cooperative advertising programs integrating the tourism related segments that exist in the destination (food/lodging, resorts, the Arts, recreation, heritage and culture events etc.)
  • Promote attractions & community events to visitors
  • Contribute to and monitor the flow of new web content. Coordinate with the web maintenance provider to create regular reports on the effectiveness of the website.
  • Provide awareness programmes for specific segments of the population
  • Gather data and prepare annual tourism situational analysis for the Board of directors
  • Participate in radio talk shows; provide current and updated information to the press.
  • Attend joint planning sessions to establish Regional tourism activities; serve local committees that enhance tourism and foster economic development.
  • Attend meetings, seminars, conventions, and workshops to further knowledge, stay informed of the changes in the tourism industry, and exchange information.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations to both local and regional civic and governmental organizations on Tourism.
  • Design, develop and implement in-service training programs for staff members.
  • Prepare monthly reports on ad negotiations and placements, basic inquiry data and creative initiatives as well as activities of the Director. Keep updated advertising history files and archives ad materials. Collect necessary and pertinent travel research and reports findings.
  • Any other duties as assigned.


Supervisory responsibilities:

Responsible for supervision of all assigned staff. Responsibilities include working with the Board of Directors to execute arrangements for interviewing, hiring and training employees; planning, assigning and directing of work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.


Reporting Duties:

The Director will report directly to the Board of Directors and prepare agendas for both Executive and Full Board meetings, as well as work with Chair of the Board in planning Board meetings, work on committees, etc.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least five years of increasingly responsible administrative experience in a tourism or tourism-related entity, at least three of which have been in a supervisory capacity.
  • Relevant experience in fundraising, sales and/or marketing, and be able to write effectively, speak in public and have a demonstrated track record of leadership and success.
  • Negotiating skills and be able to act as a forceful advocate in promoting both the country’s tourism industry as a whole and the
  • interests of individual entrepreneurs. Proven talent in developing and marketing both project ideas and products is essential.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills to include report writing, presentations, experience with and strong working knowledge of Internet, social media, electronic communication media and Microsoft Office applications.
  • At least a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as communications, business administration, or tourism /hospitality management. Comparable experience may substitute.
  • A highly detail-oriented individual, who has the capability to multitask and who possesses an advanced degree of organizational, interpersonal, financial and communicational skills.
  • Knowledge of Board-led, not-for-profit governance and operation; policy development and/or government relations experience is an asset. Familiarity with tourism and hospitality industry is essential.
  • Knowledge of Guyana’s actual and potential attractions



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