Director 3, Public Procurement (GMG/SEG 3)

Department of Correctional Services
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Government & Public Sector, Management, Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain
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Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the post of Director 3, Public Procurement (GMG/SEG 3) in the Public Procurement Branch, Department of Correctional Services.



Under the direct supervision of the Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Administration, the Director 3 - Public Procurement has the responsibility to ensure that goods and services required by the MDA are procured and delivered as requested in accordance with Government of Jamaica Public Procurement Act 2015 and Regulations.



Management / Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Provides advice to the Director, Corporate Services, other Directors and Managers on procurement policies and procedures.
  • Participates in the operational plan and work programmes.
  • Advises the Director, Administration and Property Management of supplier’s reliability/ suitability and performance.
  • Attends meetings of Procurement Committee.
  • Represents the Ministry at Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.
  • Monitors and ensures that effective and up to date procurement records are maintained.
  • Monitors and ensures that procurement practices conform to the Financial Audit Act (FAA) and Government Procurement Guidelines.
  • Monitors and maintains an inventory listing of all equipment brought within the Ministry.
  • Acts as purchasing agent on behalf of the MDA as well as local funded projects.
  • Prepares/ Reviews policies and procedures for Parish Offices and Agencies
  • Evaluates the performances of the Procurement Process along with Director, Administration and Property Management and Committee member.



Technical / Professional Responsibilities:

  • Act as the Procurement Coordinator and Lead Evaluator.
  • Coordinate and conduct procurement compliance reviews.
  • Coordinate and conduct organization procurement training seminars/workshops.
  • Coordinated reports for submission to the MOFP, OCG, PPC and Cabinet.
  • Ensure that tender documents are prepared in accordance to GOJ standards, disseminated timely and accurately.
  • Monitor  the  organization’s  procurement  activities  to  ensure  conformity  to  the Procurement Plan.
  • Oversee the contract award process.
  • Oversee the tendering process.
  • Provide advice on public procurement matters to officers.
  • Represent Unit at Procurement and Contract Award Committees and Board meetings.
  • Represent Organization at PPC Sector Committee, PPC, Cabinet Infrastructure Committee meetings.
  • Review and approve contract award recommendations within the specified threshold.
  • Review procedure for the procurement of works, goods & services carried out by the Organization.
  • Review reports for submission to MFP, PPC, OCG and Cabinet.
  • Provides the Finance and Accounts Division with the necessary assistance and information as it related to preparation of cheques for payments and reconciliation of accounts.
  • Manages, monitors and controls the procurement of goods and service and ensures that the objectives and basic principles of procurements guidelines and procedures and complied with.
  • Procures goods and services on a competitive basis without compromising quality and ensures proper storage.
  • Monitors the issuing of purchase orders and follows up for receipt/delivery of goods and /or services.
  • Prepares Budget for the Unit.
  • Certifies all invoices, payment orders and commitment vouchers prior to submitting to the Finance and Accounts Division.
  • Acquires clearance letter from N.I.S and National Housing Trust and Tax Compliance Certificate from the collector of Taxes for the MDA to be exempted from these taxes.
  • Ensures that funds are allocated to meet the expenditure for goods prior to placement of orders and ensures that the procurement practices conform to procurement guidelines of the FAA Act.
  • Monitors and maintains contacts in the commodity market to keep abreast of price movements, technological improvement and changes to ensure that orders for supplies are procured in the most efficient and economic manner.
  • Informs the relevant offices of changes in the Government Procurement Guidelines and Procedures and ensure implementation is effected within the MDA.
  • Liaises with representatives of finding agencies and Government Departments on matters relating to purchases and external payments for goods to ensure that established guidelines, rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • Assists Senor Directors in developing guidelines for establishing priorities in the allocations of resources.
  • Liaises with customs brokers to ensure that imported goods are cleared from wharves and airports in time and accordance with established Government Regulations.
  • Prepares and submits reports to the Ministry of Finance and Planning for all goods purchased by the MDA inclusive of cost and locations supplied.
  • Monitors orders and re-orders levels in order to minimize incidence of extravagance and waste.


Human Resource Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and evaluates the performances of direct reports, prepares performance appraisals and recommend and/or indicates corrective actions where necessary to improve performance and/or attaining established personal and/or organizational goals.
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Division/Unit and recommends transfer, promotions, terminations and leave in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures.


  • Provides leadership and guidance to direct reports through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, monitoring and coaching.
  • Ensure the welfare and development needs of skill in the Division/Unit are clearly identified and addressed.
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the Division’s and organizations goals.
  • Chairs tender opening exercises conducted at the MDA.
  • Participates in the evaluation of tenders.
  • Any other duties assigned as directed by the Director, Administration and Property Management.



  • Goods and services procured in accordance with the Government of Jamaica FAA Act and Procurement Guidelines.
  • Comprehensive and accurate reports prepared and submitted within the agreed timeframe.
  • Accurate information disseminated.
  • Continuous guidance and advice provided as requested.
  • Procurement Policy updated and implemented within the agreed timeframe.
  • Quotation requested is authentic and meets the requirement of the Procurement Guideline.
  • Procurement of goods in a cost effective manner is maintained.
  • Staff needs are clearly identified and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Staff performance meets or exceeds set targets:



  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills;
  • Good customer relations skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent problem solving and negotiation skills.



  • Sound knowledge of the Government Public Procurement Act 2015 & Regulations;
  • Sound knowledge of the FAA Act;
  • Sound Knowledge of Supplies Management;
  • Knowledge of Project Management;
  • Knowledge of Budget Preparation;
  • Knowledge of Contract Management;
  • Knowledge of Tender Management;
  • Proficiency in the relevant computer application  software.



  • Bachelor’s Science in Business Administration, Management Studies, Public Administration, Public Sector Management Economics, Accounts or any related field;
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 3 or lNPRl Level 4 and MIND;
  • Five (5) years related work experience in procurement of goods and services.


  • ACCA Level 2;
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 3 or lNPRl Level 4 and MIND;
  • Five (5) years related work experience in procurement of goods and services.


  • Diploma in Accounting, Business administration or any related fields;
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNEIP/CIPS Level 3 or lNPRl Level 4 and MIND;

  • Seven (7) years related work experience in procurement of goods and services.


While we thank all applicants for their interest, please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.


Salary range $2,336,309 – 2,777,138 per annum and any applicable allowance(s).


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