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Director, Human Resource Management (GMG/SEG 3)

Date Posted
23rd August 2017
Government & Public Sector, Human Resources & Recruitment, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

To direct, coordinate and monitor the functions and activities of the Human Resource Management (HRM) Section; to ensure enforcement and equitable administration of the HRM policies and selection of the right staff to achieve the mandate of MOJ.

Job Description


  • Operation Plan with the supporting budget prepared and submitted;
  • Manpower recruitment and retention/strategies developed and implemented;
  • Staff recruitment/orientation conducted;
  • Processing of staff appointment, promotions, rotations, transfers, resignation and retirement monitored;
  • Update and maintenance of Human resource information system monitored;
  • Designated programmes related to staff benefits/welfare implemented
  • Human and financial resources managed.



Managerial & Administrative Duties

  • Provides leadership, support and guidance to staff to ensure that the Section is effectively managed;
  • Develops the Operation and Work Plans with the supporting budget for the Section ensuring that all the relevant activities to be under taken and required resources are considered;
  • Plans, coordinates and directs all the activities of the functional area;
  • Ensures staff is aware of and operates in accordance with all relevant laws and policies;
  • Maintains effective working relations with external and internal stakeholders ensuring that the Section provides a consistently high level of service;


Technical and Professional Duties

  • Manages/administers the implementation and enforcement of the human resource polices and the Department’s Code of Conduct;
  • Interprets and communicates the Department’s HR policies;
  • Advises the Chief Human Resource Management & Development Officer on various staff related matters;
  • Maintains network links with HR practitioners to keep abreast of new developments and best practices;
  • Identifies areas where human resource improvements are needed and develops proposals to rectify same;
  • Evaluates and advances policy proposals submitted by staff at any level which will improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization;
  • Interprets manpower needs by constantly evaluating vacancy listings and liaising with Heads of Divisions /Branches/Sections/ regarding the filling of these vacancies;
  • Monitors the preparation of profile of staff to be appointed or promoted for submission to the Human Resource Executive Committee (HREC);
  • Ensures that the human resource requirements for all MOJ’s programmes are met in keeping with approved budgetary allocation;
  • Provides and administers appropriate selection tools/methodologies;
  • Plans/co-ordinates the interviewing processes;
  • Participates in the selection process by short-listing and sitting on interviewing panel;
  • Arranges for placement of new recruits and the conducting of the necessary induction/orientation programmes;
  • Ensures that the personnel record management system/database (HRMIS) is correctly updated and maintained and personnel records are also properly managed and maintained;
  • Compiles statistical reports on staffing matters eg. attrition rate;
  • Conducts exit interviews to determine reasons for termination of service and recommends remedial action if necessary;
  • Keeps all rules and regulations which affect staff current and posted for their information;
  • Ensures members of staff are kept informed of all benefits for which they are eligible in keeping with conditions of service policy, these include:
    • All types of leave
    • Retirements
    • Increments
    • Grants
    • Health Insurance
    • All types of loans and concessions
    • Tertiary education refunds and
    • Widows and orphan fund.
  • Advises Heads of Divisions/Branches/ Sections of matters affecting staff welfare;
  • Co-ordinates with the Public Sector Employee Assistance Programme (PSEAP) at the Ministry of Finance & Planning and conducts counseling sessions with employees, individually as necessary;
  • Ensures that arrangements for medical examination of permanently appointed staff members are made;
  • Collaborates with Staff Benefits Branch, Ministry of Finance & Planning;
  • Performs other related duties assigned by the Chief Human Resource Management & Development Officer.


Human Resource Management Duties

  • Develops and manages the Section’s HR plan that addresses staff requirements and succession planning and liaises with the Chief Human Resource Management & Development Officer.
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Section and ensures that they are aware of and adhere to the policies and procedures of the Department;
  • Conducts periodical reviews of supervisees in accordance with the Work Plans;
  • Completes final performance assessments and recommends appropriate training and development programmes as necessary;
  • Initiates and participates in disciplinary proceedings relating to staff members within the Section and implements corrective measures.



This job is satisfactorily performed when:

  • The Operation Plan with the supporting budget for the Section is prepared as stipulated and submitted by the required time;
  • Manpower recruitment and retention strategies are developed and implemented in keeping with TAJ’s vision and mission;
  • Staff recruitment/orientation exercises are conducted in keeping with the developed plans and strategies;
  • The processing of staff appointment, promotions, rotations, transfers, resignation and retirement is strictly monitored to ensure accuracy and completion;
  • The recognition and reward scheme fully adopted in keeping with the guidelines;
  • The updating and maintenance of Human resource information system is closely monitored for accuracy and currency;
  • Designated programmes related to staff benefits/welfare are equitably implemented in keeping with the plans;
  • Accurate and comprehensive HRM reports are produced in the required format and submitted by the due date;
  • Human resource policies and procedures administered equitably without discrimination and finances utilized as budgeted and in according with the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act.



Core Competencies

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Integrity
  • Team Work & Cooperation
  • Initiative
  • Compliance
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Adaptability
  • Customer and Quality Focus


Technical/Functional Competencies

  • Use of Technology
  • Planning and Organising
  • Methodical
  • Leadership Skills
  • Negotiating skills


Other Competencies

  • Understanding of the Staff Orders and the Public Service Regulations
  • MOJ’s Code of Conduct, functions and operations;
  • Excellent knowledge of emerging human resource practices
  • Excellent knowledge of the Human Resource Information Systems package
  • Understanding of Human Resource Management Practices in Government




(a)   Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:

  • Comprehensive knowledge Human Resource Management practices and techniques;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Public Service Regulations and Staff Orders and
  • Good knowledge of Labour Laws and Industrial Relations practices;


(b)   Qualifications and Experience

  • Masters degree in Human Resource Management, Management Studies, Public Administration or the equivalent qualification;
  • Five (5) years related work experience with three (3) years at the managerial level.


(c)   Continuous Professional Development

  • Attend relevant training on emerging trends and practices within the field.
  • Network within the profession and relevant associations to keep abreast with the industry.





No adverse working conditions

Travel (25%)



Recommend policy proposals to improve efficiency and effectiveness in Human Resource Management;

Recommend HR intervention strategies to promote career development ;

Recommend disciplinary action within scope of authority;


Access confidential information within scope of duties.




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