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Director, Organizational Development and PMAS (GMG/SEG 3)

Date Posted
23rd July 2017
Government & Public Sector, Human Resources & Recruitment, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the position of Director, Organizational Development and PMAS (GMG/SEG 3) in the Department.

Job Description


Under the general direction of the Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development, the Director, Organizational Development and PMAS provides management, advisory and support service to the Department with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. The incumbent oversees duties related to organizational reviews and restructuring, conducts research and manages the Performance Management and Appraisal System (PMAS).



  • Advise/make recommendations on appropriate organizational structures provided;
  • Preliminary and final reports containing findings and recommendations prepared;
  • New and revised job descriptions completed;
  • Workflow chart developed;
  • Business process re-engineered;
  • Operation manuals developed and implemented;
  • Support for human resources policies and programmes provided;
  • Work plans for the Department’s staff reviewed and guidance provided;
  • Staff needs identified and addressed;
  • Staff performance evaluated and assessed;
  • PMAS monitored.


Duties and Responsibilities

Technical/Professional Responsibility

  • Identifies and documents areas in need of strengthening in terms of structure, systems and human resource development;
  • Consults with divisional heads and other senior managers and staff in the Department to identify and determine challenges;
  • Conducts preliminary surveys to determine and define the objective of the study, scope of study, appropriate methods and techniques to be employed and the requisite terms of reference;
  • Develops detailed plans of action in collaboration with the relevant parties including targets and deadlines;
  • Examines relevant statutes, regulations, directives and reports related to the organization to determine legislative framework for functional responsibility;
  • Maintains organizational structure in alignment with the desired mission and culture of the Department; establishes a system for identifying and determining structure related problems; ensures that organizational restructuring is in line with the strategic plan of the Department;
  • Collects job related data through interviews, questionnaires, observations and examining records to validate findings;
  • Examines the delegation and exercise of authority, grouping of functions, inter-relationship of organizational entities to determine any significant bearing on Departmental operations;
  • Studies formal and informal lines of communication and controls and the allocation of planning and developmental activities;
  • Conducts detailed analyses of data collected; develops specific recommendations/solutions to challenges identified including changes in organizational structure, span of control, channel of coordination and communication, existing legislation, manpower utilization, forms and office output;
  • Develops new and revised job descriptions; prepares charts of existing and proposed organizational structures;
  • Discusses finding and recommendations with divisional heads and senior managers to arrive at consensus;
  • Prepares and submits reports of findings and recommendations assists with implementation of recommendations;
  • Develops and implements a change management plan that will deliver the outputs of the Department; conducts readiness for change exercises as required that will be specific and tailored to the desired result; identifies and assesses the impact of and resistance to change; utilizes the appropriate tools and techniques in the mitigation or reduction of resistance to change;
  • Ensures that the business processes, contribute to maximum efficiency and effectiveness; develops mechanism to identify need for change within a process; defines the scope, issues, problems, opportunities and processes; gains commitment in principle to pursue the solution;
  • Examines the operations and work flow of the selected entities to determine systematic weaknesses, e.g. Duplication/overlaps, waste as well as activities that do not add value to the process;
  • Analyses the data to obtain full understanding of operations; Formulates recommendations to reflect business process re-engineering to eliminate duplications/overlaps and waste;
  • Promotes the use of technology to enhance efficient delivery of service and accomplishment of major targets and objectives; liaises with the MIS Division in ensuring that new systems take optimal advantage of opportunities provided by technology;
  • Prepares flow/flow process charts of proposed operations; presents findings and recommendations to divisional heads and senior managers; prepares final reports;
  • Updates/prepares operational manuals to reflect changes in policy/operations; develops standard operating procedures and maintains operational manuals to ensure consistency and quality assurance in the performance of duties throughout the organization;


Management/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Provides support for all human resource policies and programmes within the Department by participating in formal and informal training programmes particularly for delegated functions;
  • Participates in and promotes the corporate planning process and supports the implementation of the reform initiatives with special emphasis on the Performance Appraisal System (PMAS);
  • Establishes and maintains the Employee Performance Management and Appraisal System in the organization; ensures that the strategic objectives of the office are cascaded into individual work plans;
  • Oversees the administration of the performance management programme to ensure effectiveness, compliance and equity within the organization;
  • Facilitates appeals regarding performance evaluations and recommendations;
  • Ensures that all unit work plans are completed and returned in a timely manner; as part of a team, reviews the work plans and performance reports for the staff of the Department and ensures that work plans are properly prepared and reflect measurable performance indicators;
  • Provides feedback to divisional heads and recommends areas for improvements;
  • Conducts sessions with focus groups in the development/preparation of output focused job descriptions and work plans;
  • Uses the HRIS and any other relevant information system to produce reports and identify trends; conducts research and analysis of policies, trends and issues related to human resource management and organizational development;
  • Develops and ensures approval of output focused job descriptions for the PMAS development exercise, in collaboration with other HRM colleagues, managers and employees;
  • Ensures that the Department’s organizational chart is maintained by continuous updating and revision to reflect current changes in operation;
  • Assists with the monitoring of the Performance Management Appraisal System (PMAS) within the Department to ensure equity and fairness.


Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of direct reports, prepares performance appraisal and recommend and/or attaining established personal and/or organizational goals;
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Unit and recommends transfers, promotions, terminations and leave in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures;
  • Provides leadership and guidance to direct reports through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring and coaching;
  • Ensures the welfare and development needs of staff in the unit are clearly identified and addressed;
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the Department’s goals.


Required Competencies

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • Possesses high level of integrity;
  • Capacity to think analytically & critically;
  • Strong problem solving & decision making skills;
  • Excellent time management, planning and organizational  skills;
  • Possesses leadership and management, strategic management, and project management skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills;
  • Capacity to pay attention to details;
  • Ability to use initiative and be confidential;
  • Proficient in the relevant computer applications.


Qualification, Experience and Training

  • First degree in Management or Social Science or equivalent;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in Operation Management or Human Resource Development to include at least two (2) years in a similar position;
  • Specialized training in management consultancy/analysis;
  • Sound knowledge of government administrative systems and operations management.


Any other equivalent combination of qualification and experience.


NB: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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