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Disabilities and Compliance Officer

Date Posted
10th October 2017
Education & Training, Environment, Health & Safety
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The University is seeking to employ a Disabilities and Compliance Officer (DCO).

Job Description

This position will have primary responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students with disabilities. The DCO will provide leadership and administrative management to the Students with Disabilities Unit. He/she will work with and advocate for students with disabilities to ensure that they have equal access to all programmes, services and activities that the University provides.


  • Ensure compliance with University policies on disabilities (OR on all matters relating to disabilities); 
  • Serve as the liaison between UB-North (the Northern Bahamas Campus) and other campuses on all matters pertaining to students with disabilities; 
  • Liaise with the business community, government ministries, boards and agencies on matters pertaining to students with disabilities; 
  • Liaise with the Office of Recruitment and Admissions; 
  • Serve on committees and task forces as assigned; 
  • Develop policies and procedures that promote disability inclusion and universal design in programmes, services and facilities; 
  • Plan and implement programme goals and activities and evaluate programme effectiveness; 
  • Develop and implement assessment tools for evaluating the services provided; 
  • Assist the Department in achieving its goals by actively responding to the initiatives of the Department and Division; 
  • Coordinate ongoing efforts to have a fully accessible campus; 
  • Liaise with the Human Resources Department in order to provide disability-related training and technical assistance to faculty, staff, and administrators; 
  • Collaborate with students, faculty, staff and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments; 
  • Assist with conducting workshops and conference presentations on disabilities; 
  • Conduct interviews with students with disabilities to determine appropriate accommodations; 
  • Oversee provision of auxiliary aids, support and services including materials in alternate formats, interpreters, transcribers, lab assistants, adaptive technology, assistive devices, etc.; 
  • Write grant proposals to receive funding for initiatives that support the creation of more usable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments for students with disabilities; 
  • Prepare and manage the Unit’s budget; 
  • Prepare monthly and annual reports; 
  • Perform other duties as required to support the strategic mission of the University. 


  • Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills; 
  • Working knowledge of UB’s policy on disabilities, and national legislation relative to Students with Disabilities in higher education; 
  • Knowledge of universal design; 
  • Knowledge of the social and rights-based models of disability; 
  • Working knowledge of disabilities and teaching methodology supportive of student success; 
  • Knowledge of assistive technology for persons with disabilities; 
  • Knowledge of information and communication technology accessibility requirements; 
  • Principles of business, organization, management and public administration; 
  • Principles and methods for conducting analysis of procedures and improving operational services. 


  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in Rehabilitation Counselling, Special Education or related field. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Public Administration, Rehabilitation or related field. 


  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience. 
  • Experience and/or training in disability studies, disability policies and services, disability compliance or closely related fields. 

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