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Education Specialist, EDMU

Date Posted
31st March 2017
Consulting & Project Management, Education & Training
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The OECS Commission is seeking to recruit an Education Specialist to be based at the Education Development Management Unit (EDMU).

Job Description


The EDMU, formerly known as the OECS Education Reform Unit (OERU), is a professional service Unit which facilitates and coordinates initiatives in education reform that adds value to the development process in OECS Member States. The Unit was established in 1993 as the executive arm of the Member States in coordinating the regional reform in education. The reform strategies were outlined in Foundations for the Future and subsequently in the revised strategy entitled Pillars for Partnership and Progress. These two documents have guided major regional reform initiatives which were facilitated by the OERU for nearly two decades.


The EDMU’s work has been viewed as adding value to the regional integration movement through achievement in several areas including harmonization of legislation, adoption of common policies, development to common curricula and engagement in common management practices in the education systems of the OECS. Over time the Unit’s responsibilities have involved:

  • Conducting professional and technical work related to planning and implementing the reform strategies as approved by the Council of Ministers of Education
  • Establishing work linkages with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors of OECS Member States, as well as with relevant regional organisations and institutions, in the execution of their tasks
  • Executing professional and technical work related to monitoring and evaluating the progress of the reform efforts or the commissioning of such work
  • Conducting professional and technical work related to negotiation and interaction with development partners and regional institutions


In executing its responsibilities the Education Unit has been engaged in mobilizing technical and financial resources through collaboration with development partners. These resources have been used to support education development initiatives at both the level of individual Member States and, more broadly, across the OECS. A significant part of the work also involved: organizing regional meetings and seminars with education officials of OECS Member States; communicating information about the work of the Unit; and facilitating collaboration among Ministries of Education.


At their 22nd Meeting held in May 2012, the Council of Ministers of Education of the OECS endorsed a new OECS Education Sector Strategy (OESS) which will guide education development in the OECS over the next decade. Most member states have aligned their national education strategies and plans to the regional strategy which will also serve as a framework for coordinating partner support for national and regional initiatives in education. The OESS is an outcomes-based strategy with a focus on improving the teaching and learning situation to ensure that every learner succeeds. The core of EDMU’s work which the Education Specialist will be expected to support relates to facilitation of the implementation of the OESS, the development and implementation of subsequent strategies and plans.


Duties and responsibilities

The Education Specialist will work under the direction of the Head of the Education Development Management Unit (EDMU), and will collaborate with other staff within the EDMU and the Social and Sustainable Development Division (SSDD) and the Commission as necessary, in planning and implementing the work of the EDMU.

General responsibilities will include providing technical advice and support for the planning, implementation and monitoring of the OESS at the national and regional levels, with specific responsibilities for technical vocational education, skills training and higher education.


Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting with the implementation of development partner-financed projects executed by the EDMU;
  • Assisting with the mobilization of resources to support the implementation of the OESS;
  • Providing advice to education officials in the OECS on various aspects of education policy and practice in the development and implementation of their national education plans;
  • Assisting with sharing of knowledge and lessons learnt from exemplary practices in Member States;
  • Preparing progress reports on regional education initiatives being implemented by the EDMU;
  • Preparing relevant documentation for developing project proposals and for advising on policy options for developing education in the OECS;
  • Facilitating development partner support for education in the region by building synergies and using opportunities for convergence in implementing sustainable education initiatives;
  • Contributing to preparing and reporting on the EDMU’s annual work plan;
  • Undertake any related assignments as requested by the: Head, EDMU; Director, Social and Sustainable Development Division; and Director General.


The Education Specialist will be expected to travel to Member States and to other countries in the conduct of his/her duties and to work extended hours, as required by exigencies of the work of the Unit and of the Commission.


Technical and professional competencies

Education and Training:

  • An advanced degree in Education with specialization in technical vocational education and training or higher education.
  • Certification in Project Management would be an asset.


Work Experience:

  • A minimum of 7 years working experience in a relevant education-related fieldincluding some experience in education development programmes;
  • Experience in leading or managing education programmes at the national or regional level in his/her field of competence;
  • Exposure to work with development partners who support national or regional education sector programmes 


Role-specific competencies:

The holder of the post should possess the following competencies:

  • Analysis and Reporting: Capacity to examine and breakdown information into smaller parts in order to understand and present findings and/or relevant content.
  • Research: Capability to obtain and interpret data and information
  • Consultation, facilitation and collaboration: Capacity to work cooperatively, fairly and openly with team members and other stakeholders to promote open discussions, seek input and share information
  • Project Management: Ability to plan, organize, secure and manage resources to bring about the completion of a project on time and within budget.
  • Strategic intelligence: Ability to connect long-term visions and concepts to daily work, and to effectively assess long-term implications of daily work or activities.
  • Public Relations and Marketing: Ability to create a positive public image, promote organizational awareness and persuade outcomes.


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