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Assists in patient care under direct RN supervision, collaborating effectively in a multidisciplinary team, demonstrating strong communication skills, and supporting assessments, examinations, and treatments.


Job Purpose:

Assists with patient care based on individual patient needs within the scope of practice under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse. .Demonstrates ability to work effectively as a part of a multidisciplinary team; supports and assists team members in all activities. Communicates in an effective and efficient manner both orally and written, and with all coworkers, patients, visitors and physicians. Recognizes and reports appropriate clinical information to the Registered Nurse. Assists Registered Nurses and Physicians with assessments, examinations and treatment.


Essential Functions

  • Performs selected procedures as directed by Staff/charge nurse: wound care, dressing changes, cervical immobilization, crutch walking, assisting with splint or cast application, placement and removal of Intravenous access, and other and tasks pertinent to the smooth-running of the Patient Care unit
  • Assists with minor surgeries/procedures for which he/she is competent
  • Assists with medical and surgical emergencies
  • Assists with specimen collections and laboratory procedures (capillary blood, venous blood test, urine sputum, stool and bacterial smears
  • Monitors patients receiving medication and Intravenous Infusions, assesses and reports need for medication and treatment as ordered by the physician
  • Assists with scheduling patients
  • Adheres to hospital policy addressing standard precautions, safety regulations and guidelines
  • Documents patient care preformed, including vital signs, bedside care and observations
  • Maintains and prepares rooms between patients and procedures
  • Assists with preparation of equipment for procedures
  • Monitors stock and restocks supplies as needed
  • Assists with correspondence and patient report
  • Works scheduled shifts. Is not absent without leave
  • Follows the department’s Policies and Procedures in the performance of duties
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Communications system, both hardware (radios) and software (frequency utilization and communication protocols)
  • Shows knowledge of local geography, including populations swings during peak loads, and is aware of alternative routes during rush hours
  • Demonstrates knowledge of support agencies, knows what resources are available from the neighboring departments and how to coordinate efforts and resources


During an emergency response, the EMT has the responsibility to:

  • Size up and assure scene security
  • Determine the needs of the incident and communicate that information to the emergency medical dispatcher, who contacts the Medical Directorate for Medical Direction
  • Conduct the patient assessment
  • Assign priorities of care and develop a treatment plan
  • Communicate the plan to the crew members
  • Initiate basic and advanced life support procedures, according to medical direction and established protocols
  • Assess the effects of treatment
  • Establish continuous contact with medical direction for further treatment
  • Direct and coordinate transport of the patient to the appropriate medical facility
  • After the response, the ambulance must be restocked in preparation for the next call


Required Qualifications:


  • High school diploma
  • Emergency Medical Technician Certification
  • Current BLS/ACLS/PALS
  • Bahamas Health Professions Council Registration Number
  • Registration with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians


  • Emergency Department Basic Skills Course
  • Emergency Department Advance Skills Course
  • Basic Arrhythmia Course


Physical Requirements and Environmental Conditions

  • Must be able to walk and stand most of the work day.
  • Able to sit, reach, turn, twist, bend, crawl, climb, balance, run, jump crouch, stoop, kneel.
  • Able to lift and carry, push, pull, and handle all reasonable and customary objects at the level required to meet the demands of the job.
  • Has bilateral manual dexterity of fingering pinching – grasping, holding, feeling writing, typing.
  • Has sense of seeing with accurate color vision, good field vision, depth perception and good visual accommodation, hearing, touching and smelling.
  • Communicates through use of talking and listening; can function effectively in confined spaces, maintains mental and emotional stability. 


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