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Head, Competitive Business Development Unit

Date Posted
21st July 2017
Consulting & Project Management, Government & Public Sector, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Head, Competitive Business Development Unit (CBDU), is expected to lead the work of the unit to deliver the Commission’s programme to promote business development and entrepreneurship in the OECS region.

Job Description

Guided by the philosophy that “the single most important factor, from a strategic perspective, in transforming the economies of Member States of the OECS, is developing an entrepreneurial culture among the citizenry of all the countries”, the CBDU mobilises resources (financial, technical, partnerships) to harvest new and strengthen existing small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such that they have the “capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit”.


The objective of the role is to lead the CBDU to build and/or strengthen the capacities of entrepreneurs concerning business establishment, development and competitiveness. To this end, the CBDU provides support services to include technical assistance, market penetration, training, financing access, business synergies, ICT support and business incubation.


The specific duties for this role are categorised in five categories and are as follows:

Technical and Programmatic

  1. Design market penetration strategies and identify niche market opportunities that are informed by market research;
  2. Determine training needs and use this information to provide generic and bespoke skills to entrepreneurs;
  3. Design mechanisms to improve access to finance such as concessionary financing; financial advice and assistance with preparing financing proposals;
  4. Guide the provision of mentoring and business strategy development;
  5. In collaboration with the OECS Information Technology Unit, conduct IT diagnostics and use this information to prepare IT infusion plans, provide IT technical support and training;
  6. Identify technical assistance needs and the most appropriate resources to fulfil these needs;
  7. Collaborate with the OECS Trade Policy Unit and the OECS Economic Development Policy Unit to design programmes for the beneficiaries of CBDU’s services;
  8. In collaboration with OECS Project Management Unit and OECS Development Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation Unit, mobilise technical assistance and appropriate resources to provide services to the SMEs;
  9. Prepare technical reports to appropriate meetings/events as determined by the Director EARID or the Director General.



  1. Build a high performing team capable of delivering the strategic plans of the unit.
  2. Lead the formulation and execution of annual work plans that are aligned with the Commission’s strategic goals;
  3. Prepare monthly reports on attainment of key performance indicators;
  4. Comply with HR policies to ensure the efficient management of CBDU
  5. Represent the CBDU on the EARID’s management team;


Partnership and Cooperation

  1. Build and maintain durable relationships with stakeholders to secure their commitment and cooperation to create an entrepreneurial culture in the OECS region;
  2. Identify technical assistance needs and most appropriate source of provision
  3. Collaborate and coordinate with partner organisations to build an entrepreneurial culture in the OECS region;


Advocacy, Promotion and Communication

  1. Conceptualise and rollout appropriate events in collaboration with national trade export agencies;
  2. In collaboration with the OECS Communications Services Unit, promote the Unit’s work and advocate for national and regional enabling environment conditions to support entrepreneurs;
  3. Represent the Commission at appropriate and relevant national, regional and international fora.


Evaluation, Research and Development

  1. Conduct research to inform policy proposals and to design appropriate interventions to fulfil the Commission’s agenda to create an entrepreneurial culture in the OECS region;
  2. Regularly evaluate the investment in entrepreneurs to gauge the impact on the beneficiaries;
  3. Work closely with the OECS Project Management Unit to ensure that the Unit incorporates M&E results and lessons learnt in its operations;
  4. Prepare analytical reports on the impact of SMEs (inclusive of entrepreneurs) on the economies of OECS Member States.


Core Competencies

  • Drives with Purpose and Vision
  • Creates an Environment of Trust
  • Ensures Accountability
  • Effective Communication
  • Builds Effective Teams
  • Demonstrates Decision Quality


Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  1. At least a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Strategic Management, Economics, Commerce or related field;
  2. A minimum of eight (8) years’ experience working at a senior level in a national and/or regional organisation involved in business development, trade promotion;
  3. Management skills: ability to plan, organise, prioritise, manage time, manage conflicts, and a proven ability to manage staff and to contribute to their skills and technical and professional development;
  4. Communication skills: good communication (writing, presentation) skills, with fluency in English. Ability to speak French would be an asset;
  5. Computer/Information Technology skills: be computer literate and should be well-acquainted with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Job Location

The OECS Commission is headquartered in Saint Lucia. The position of Head, Competitive Business Development Unit is open to nationals of OECS member states and the position is placed at the Competitive Business Development Unit in Dominica.


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