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Hotel Accountant

Date Posted
26th April 2017
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service
Job Type
St Johns
$45-55K plus travel, phone & health insurance
Closing Date
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

FOUR STAR ALL INCLUSIVE PROPERTY IN ANTIGUA. Need an experienced Hotel Professional to lead a team of 10 staff in the Accounts and Warehouse department. Development of SOP manual and I.T. strategy.

Job Description

POSITION:                       HOTEL ACCOUNTANT


DEPARTMENT:                  Accounts


REPORTING TO:                General Manager/ Finance Director


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Accounts Payable


                                       Revenue Auditor

                                       Night Audit

Cost Control








To oversee the administration of all financial aspects of the Resort’s operation, to ensure that all company Policies and Procedures are observed, to prepare and distribute monthly management accounts and annual budgets.




·        To prepare and distribute Management Accounts to a high standard of accuracy. To be responsible for the adherence to time-tables, monthly, quarterly and annually to enable the Accounts Department to achieve deadlines – work to time lined action lists.

·        Prepare year-end Financial Statements in preparation of Annual Audit, including the preparation of all supporting audit schedules.

·        Liaise with the external auditors to ensure that the audit is completed in a timely manner and Financial Statements are filed in accordance with local Statutory Regulations.

·        To prepare the Annual Budget and cash forecasts as necessary; in consultation with the General Manager and Finance Director

·        Be familiar with the transactions of the Resort so as to make recommendations to Managers concerned to improve the profitability of the organisation by cost reduction or revenue generation schemes.

·        Take appropriate personnel related action (i.e. recruitment, vacation planning, discipline, evaluations, etc.) with accounts & warehouse staff.

·        To develop an Accounts/ Warehouse Department Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P) Manual and develop S.O.P.’s for other departments in relation to all matters of control of assets, both monetary and otherwise.

·        Be responsible for the safe custody, control and proper disposal of all company monies, negotiable instruments, assets, stocks, records and statutory books of account.

·        Maintain a close liaison with Senior Management and Heads of Department to identify the reporting needs of the Resort and individual Departments, and develop practical schemes to ensure satisfactory methods of communication.

·        Be fully familiar with the computerised systems used by the Resort in the recording and reporting of the financial data, and train Accounts staff as appropriate. Ensure that computer software is updated on a regular basis and conforms to Statutory reporting requirements, both local and international.

·        Maintain reconciliations and audit schedules for designated balance sheet accounts in established company formats.

·        Ensure that all taxes are paid within Government deadlines, thus avoiding penalties and fines.

·        Monitor the company bank accounts and prepare the Weekly Cash Requirements Report.

·        Oversee the Warehouse, Cost Control and Purchasing functions, and ensure that the processes are completed efficiently.

·        Through the Accounts Supervisor, ensure the Accounts Payable, Payroll and Night Audit functions are completed in an efficient and accurate manner.

·        Oversee the work of the I.T. Technician and advise management on improvements and efficiencies that can be gained through technology.

·        Provide project costings and cost/ benefit analysis for proposed projects; and analysis of expenditure on completed projects.

·        Perform any additional duties as assigned by the General Manager.

·        Perform the role of Duty Manager as required (maximum 1 shift per week).

·        Attend the weekly Management Cocktail party on a regular basis.

·        Attend Management meetings and other departmental meetings as necessary to disseminate financial information and convey Accounts Policies and Procedures to the staff of those departments.

Special Requirements

·        Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major tasks and responsibilities.

·        Must have a thorough knowledge of all tasks in the Accounts Department.

·        Must have a commitment to follow all company Policies and Procedures.

·        Must have a high degree of professional integrity and confidentiality, and work in a safe, prudent and organised manner.

·        Must be able to maintain the control systems and procedures over income, expenses and assets of the Resort.

·        Must be able to develop and administer a sound plan of organisation and procedures for efficient operation of the Accounts Department in order to assist in operating the Resort successfully.

·        Must be able to maintain the books of account in line with statute and company Policies and Procedures.



I hereby declare that I fully understand that the nature of my duties and responsibilities is highly confidential and therefore undertake to keep and treat all information obtained during the course of employment, concerning any financial and other related business of my Employer, with the strictest of confidence.


I further understand that any material breach of this fiduciary responsibility may result in the immediate termination of my employment.

General Health and Safety

·        Ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported immediately and rectified.

·        Be fully conversant with all departmental Fire, Emergency and Hurricane/Earthquake procedures.

·        Emergency procedures are rehearsed, implemented and enforced to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.

·        Ensure the safety of the persons and the property of all within the premises by fairly applying Resort Regulations, by strict adherence to existing laws, statues and applicable ordinances, and by anticipating possible and probable hazards and conditions and either correcting them or pre-planning a defence against them.

·        All staff within the department must be trained in a manner, which is safe and unlikely to give risk of harm or injury to selves or others.

·        Stimulate and encourage a general awareness of Health and Safety in relation to all tasks and activities undertaken in the department.

·        Ensure that all members of the department maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.



·        Assist with special duties in the event of an emergency or other non-routine matter.


This document reflects the job content at time of writing and will be subject to periodic change in the light of changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be discussed with the job holder and the job description amended accordingly


Details on all the above duties are outlined in the Staff Handbook and/or in the SOP Manuals which can be found in the Personnel Department.


The above are examples, which you may or may not be required to do on a regular basis.  However, you will be expected to comply with any other reasonable request, which may be made from time to time by management.


This job description is by no means exhaustive and may be updated at any time.  The company expects the highest standards of behaviour inside and outside the premises at all times.


I, (print name) ……………………………………………………………… have read and fully understand all the contents in this Job Description and understand that a signed copy will be kept on my personal file in the Personnel office.  I agree to abide by the guidelines set above at all times and I understand that a failure to do so is a breach of company policies and may lead to disciplinary action.

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