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Human Resource Officer (GMG/AM4)

Date Posted
12th October 2017
Human Resources & Recruitment
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Director, Human Resource Management & Administration, the Human Resource Officer provides support in human resource functions such as the administration and benefit services to employees

Job Description

Key Outputs

  • Leave application processed
  • Leave calculated
  • Leave records updated
  • Leave roster prepared
  • Leave register updated
  • Retirement schedule prepared
  • Pension submissions generated
  • Service records maintained
  • Personnel records maintained
  • HR documents updated
  • Attendance and punctuality record generated
  • Reports submitted


Principal responsibility Areas


  1. Processes leave application for vacation, departmental, sick, maternity and no pay for employees by:
    1. Determining eligibility
    2. Calculating/generating leave entitlement and resumption date
    3. Monitors leave utilization and accumulation
    4. Updating respective leave records
    5. Records all approved leave
    6. Prepares annual leave roster
    7. Maintains a leave register
    8. Informs the relevant personnel of approval of leave and resumption dates
  2. Prepares leave reports for submission to Director Human Resource Management
  3. Prepares correspondence for the implementation and adjustment of salary related matters
  4. Maintains pension particulars for current and former employees by:
    1. Calculating the quantum of pre-retirement leave for employees
    2. Preparing schedule of employees eligible for retirement and all relevant documents for pension submission
    3. Maintaining schedule of deferred pension
  5. Updates service records to reflect changes in salary, job title and classification and acting appointments
  6. Administers the medical, life and personal accident insurance benefits for employees
  7. Monitors the attendance records and prepares relevant correspondence
  8. Prepares/collates the absenteeism and late report for employees
  9. Administers the process for the issuing of staff identification cards
  10. Ensures the maintenance of the personnel records reflecting all changes related to employees
  11. Participates in the recruitment process by scheduling appointments, arranging and preparing the necessary documents as directed
  12. Assists in providing advice on staff welfare and benefits to stakeholders
  13. Monitors vehicle particulars for travelling officers
  14. Participates in the development and execution of staff welfare programmes and events
  15. Assists with the administration of the performance management records
  16. Assists with the application process for loans, grants and exemption benefits
  17. Consults with the relevant training /educational institutions to identify training and development opportunities for staff
  18. Monitors the work experience and volunteer programme by:
    1. Assigning individuals to the relevant departments
    2. Monitoring attendance
    3. Ensuring the submission of relevant documents upon completion
  19. Reviews all HR documentation to ensure up to date information consistent with current policies
  20. Exhibits professionalism, tact, diplomacy and confidentiality to promote good working relationship among staff members;
  21. Keeps abreast of guidelines, policies, procedures and legislation impacting deliverables in areas of responsibility.
  22. Performs any other duties assigned from time to time


Performance Standards/Indicators

  1. Leave processed within specified time
  2. Leave monitored according to agreed standard
  3. Leave roster and register prepared within specified time
  4. Incidence of errors and omission in monitoring and processing leave
  5. Retirement schedule prepared within specified time
  6. Pension submission generated according to agreed standards
  7. Pension submission generated within specified time
  8. Personnel records maintained according to agreed standards
  9. Personnel records maintained within specified time
  10. Service records generated according to agreed standards
  11. Incidence of errors and omission in service records
  12. HR documents updated within the specified time
  13. Attendance and punctuality record generated within specified time
  14. Incidence of errors and omission in punctuality records
  15. Reports submitted within specified time


Required Competencies /Skills/Knowledge

Core Competencies:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Customer & Quality Focus


Technical Competencies:

  • Administrative Management
  • Records Management
  • Database Management
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Leadership



  • Sound knowledge of general office practice and procedure
  • Sound knowledge of government regulations specific to leave administration, and service records management
  • Excellent knowledge of the relevant software application to include desktop publishing
  • Excellent interpersonal, human relations and presentation skills
  • Good vision for details, methodical and resourceful
  • Be able to maintain confidentiality in the strictest sense


Minimum education and experience

  • Diploma/Associate Degree in Human Resource Management or relevant discipline
  • Training in GOJ Leave/Pension Administration
  • At least two (2) years related experience
  • Training in the use of the relevant software applications


Special conditions associated with the job

  • May be required to work outside of normal working hours to include weekends



  • Record absences and deduct absence from available leave where the attendance register is unsigned
  • Certifies expense claims for Human Resources related expenditure


Salary scale $1,206,296 - $1,433,907 p.a. *N.B. Temporary position ending March 31, 2018


We appreciate all responses, however only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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