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Inventory Clerk (MIS/IT1)

Date Posted
12th October 2017
Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The incumbent receives, maintains, distributes and reports on the supplies and operations of the Stores; safeguards and effectively manage all incoming and outgoing items from the Stores. The incumbent also maintains the fixed asset inventory.

Job Description

Key Outputs

  • Stock inventory distributed
  • Stock balance maintained
  • Stores secured
  • Stock breaches reported
  • Records maintained
  • Reports submitted
  • Fixed asset coded
  • Assets registers maintained
  • Location record updated
  • Fixed assets reports completed


Principal responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

Receipt and Distribution

  • Checks all goods received against orders and ensures they are in good condition returning defective and/or incorrect items where necessary
  • Reconciles goods with requisition
  • Distributes supplies in accordance with established procedures
  • Updates inventory system with in-coming and out-going stock
  • Advises supervisor upon receipt of goods and or undue delays in the delivery of goods/services
  • Maintains adequate supply of disaster preparedness and emergency supplies


Maintenance of Storeroom

  • Packs and organizes shelves, racks and other storage areas ensuring that items are easily identified and retrievable
  • Ensures that the security of Stores is not compromised by the entry of unauthorized personnel or other breaches of the rules applying to the operation of Stores
  • Monitors re-order levels and makes requests for replenishment of stock
  • Ensures storeroom is kept clean at all times
  • Participates in stocktaking exercise.


Fixed Assets

  • Applies appropriate coding to fixed assets
  • Maintains fixed asset register and location records
  • Maintains warranty register for all equipment purchased
  • Updates and monitors equipment service records
  • Ensures proper documentation of items to be “written off”
  • Completes reports for missing fixed assets
  • Assists with the Board of Survey for the disposal of obsolete and unserviceable items/assets



  • Prepares correspondence and reports as directed
  • Maintains files and records
  • Received and responds to queries as directed
  • Performs any other duties assigned from time to time


Performance Standards

  • Stock inventory distributed according to agreed standards
  • Stock records maintained according to agreed standards
  • Stock records maintained according within specified time
  • Incidence of errors and omissions in stock records
  • Stock balances maintained according to agreed standards
  • Stock breaches report within specified time
  • Delays reported within specified time
  • Fixed assets coded according to agreed standards
  • Fixed assets coded within specified time
  • Asset registers maintained according to agreed standards
  • Location recorded updated within specified time
  • Missing assets reported and documented according to agreed standards


Required Competencies

Functional/Technical Competencies

  • Database Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Information Communication Technology


Core Competencies

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Team Work and Cooperation
  • Customer and Quality Focus


Education and Experience

  • Four (4) CXC subjects  or equivalent including English Language and a numeric subject
  • Training in supplies/inventory management
  • Knowledge in the use of the relevant computer applications
  • One year working experience


Special Conditions Associated with the Job

  • Required to lift and move objects up to 30lbs
  • Moderate physical effort required involving bending and stretching
  • Stooping to inspect in confined spaces
  • May be required to work outside of normal working hours to include weekends


Salary scale $615,723 - $731,901 p.a.


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