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IT Officer

Date Posted
15th December 2017
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service, Information & Communication Technology
Job Type
Cruise Ship
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

As IT Officer you will be managing and supporting IT systems and operations onboard to provide maximum system uptime.

Job Description

Partner with shoreside IT management on technology advancements and projects, delivering service excellence and prompt service delivery in line with the Company’s Core values.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provides IT systems support, maintenance, and monitoring to always maintain optimal system performance and uptime.
  • Always ensures security updates and anti-virus programs are kept current on Company-provided hardware and that appropriate user access and restrictions are maintained.
  • Performs software and hardware updates and replacements and implements new IT solutions as directed by the shoreside IT department—all in a timely manner.
  • Always effectively manages the onboard IT environment, organizing daily work schedules and prioritization of tasks.
  • Always monitors daily backup processes to ensure integrity and assists in restores as necessary.
  • Always maintains current inventory documentation of IT equipment on board and ensures sufficient working spares are in stock.
  • Consistently verifies that the shipping and receiving of Company IT hardware is done in accordance with IT guidelines for proper tracking.
  • Ensures Company IT equipment is deployed as directed or securely stored and maintained in working order.
  • Regularly performs maintenance on IT equipment and Data Center equipment racks in a timely manner, and makes basic repairs to equipment, scheduling technician repairs as needed.
  • Always provides IT systems support in accordance with Service Level Agreement expectations and escalates to next-level shoreside IT support as necessary.
  • Always sets up IT equipment for embarkation in a timely manner and assists with the transfer of data and all other IT functions associated with embarkation.
  • Always responds to support requests in a timely manner, prioritizing to meet operational demands.
  • Provides prompt assistance and training for IT systems as needed.
  • Always ensures compliance with SOX, PCI, and PII regulations.
  • Effectively enforces all Company IT policies and procedures.
  • Consistently monitors and maintains compliance with IT system and software licensing on board and promptly reports findings to shoreside IT management.
  • Always maintains the security of the Data Center and access control to systems.

Minimum Requirements:

  • This position requires a strong computing background, with very advanced knowledge of Windows Operating Systems, Networking, Printing peripherals and general Troubleshooting skills.
  • Exposure to Windows Desktop and Server environments necessary
  • Good problem solving, troubleshooting and time management skills
  • Proactive and self-motivating, as well as possessing organisational skills in order to identify and carry out projects
  • Good multi-tasking skills, in order to work on several projects at once.
  • Strong verbal and good written communication skills.
  • Ability to be pro-active within his/her department
  • Ability to communicate (written & verbal) in the English language.

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