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Junior Housekeeper

Date Posted
31st January 2018
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service
Job Type
Cruise Ship
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Oversee all operational aspects of the staterooms, corridors, pantries and steward stations on the assigned decks, ensuring cleanliness, maintenance and presentation standards are maintained as per HAL standards

Job Description

Major Responsibilities:

  • Inspect on a daily basis guest staterooms, corridors, pantries and steward stations for cleanliness, maintenance and setups as per established HAL standards. Inspections are to be carried out both during the morning service and evening service and corrections made to any deficiencies found.
  • Maintain accurate record keeping, report all maintenances to the Housekeeping Clerk and follow up promptly on all maintenance deficiencies to ensure prompt completion.
  • Coordinate all the special cleaning programs on the assigned decks; this includes soft furnishings cleaning program, carpet shampoo program, special projects etc.
  • Monitor and enforce compliance to all USPH related cleaning and sanitization procedures on a constant basis in all the pantries, steward stations and guest staterooms on the assigned decks. This includes all GIS protocols, cleaning standards, sanitization procedures, pantry logs etc.
  • Take inventory and monitor par levels of the amenities and supplies required before placing orders via the Assistant Housekeeper in order to control costs and at the same time ensuring that all team members have supplies for operational needs.
  • Supervise the baggage collection and distribution process on the assigned decks. Ensure efficient and prompt operation. Ensure that no baggage is left behind on the assigned decks and report missing luggage, if any, to the Assistant Housekeeper.
  • Enforce all company policies including MOM’s, compliance regulations, environmental policies and workplace safety standards on the assigned decks. Report any violations to the Assistant Housekeeper
  • Provide training to all stateroom attendants, both On-the-Job and classroom training on a continuous basis.
  • Follow up on all guest special requests and informs the Assistant Housekeeper of any guest related issues that require management involvement.
  • Report disciplinary issues encountered to Assistant Housekeeper, so that follow up and corrective action can be taken.
  • Assist Assistant Housekeeper in the preparation of evaluations for Stateroom Attendants, by providing concrete feedback of specific observations.
  • Review Guest feedback survey comments for respective area, and take appropriate follow up action as instructed by the Assistant Housekeeper.
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as related to facility maintenance/cleanliness, guest requirements and various orders assigned by Assistant Housekeeper/Chief Housekeeper.



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