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Legal Officer/Corporate Secretary (JLG/LO3)

Date Posted
10th January 2018
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (the ÔÇťAuthority) invites applications for the position of Legal Officer/Corporate Secretary (JLG/LO3).

Job Description


The Legal Officer/Corporate Secretary is responsible for managing all aspect of Board of Directors and Board Sub-Committee meetings.  In this scope, the Legal Officer/ Corporate Secretary is responsible for ensuring that there is effective corporate governance in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.  As the liason between the Board of Directors and the Authority, the Legal Officer/ Corporate Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Board Decisions are implemented.  The Corporate Secretary shall also be responsible for preparing and interpreting legal documents; providing legal advice and support to the Board, Board Sub-Committees, the CEO and Directors of the Authority.



  • Responsible for performing legal and corporate secretarial functions for the Authority
  • Draft, review and/or interpret legal documents/agreements on behalf of the Authority
  • Assess submissions from staff for legal assistance in relation to compliance amongst licensees and other aspects of the entity
  • Prepare or review contracts for services, employment contracts, and other legal documents as required by the CLA
  • Prepare or review Memoranda of Understanding with private and/or public entities
  • Provide legal advice and support required by the various departments of CLA in order to facilitate the smooth implementation and development of the agency’s Participate in legal reform consultations and discussions on behalf of the CLA
  • Advise and engage directors, CEO and staff about changes in international and other obligations based on ongoing research
  • Research and give advice on changes to the regulatory and legal framework of ganja industries in other jurisdictions that could inform policy improvements
  • Maintain professional knowledge of the law to enable provision of current applicable guidance
  • Submit inputs for corporate and budgeting documents
  • Collate and submit timely reports as requested
  • Schedule Board and Board Sub-Committee meetings in consultation with relevant Chairpersons
  • Attend and take minutes at CLA’s board meetings and sub-committee meetings and prepare minutes and action sheet for distribution within stipulated timelines
  • Coordinate, collect and arrange delivery for papers, reports and documents to be distributed to Board and Board Sub-Committee members for their review prior to meetings
  • Collate and disseminate information to the Board as requested
  • Manage communication with Board and Board Sub-Committees
  • Safeguard official documents for the Authority including: titles, contracts, MOUs and Board/Corporate documents
  • Any other related duties as assigned by the CEO



  • LL. B Degree and Certificate in Legal Education
  • Two (2) years’ experience in a corporate secretarial role
  • Two (2) years’ relevant experience in tort and company law


Salary range: (JLG/LO3) $2,342,159 - $2,784,091 per annum plus any allowances attached to this post

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