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Manager, Projects Branch

Date Posted
4th July 2017
Consulting & Project Management, Government & Public Sector, Management
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Applications are invited from suitable qualified persons for the position of Manager, Projects Branch.

Job Description

Strategic Objectives of the Division/Branch:

The Planning, Projects, Evaluation and Research (PPER) Division is mandated to direct the Agency’s strategic, corporate and operational planning function; provide oversight for programs, plans, project development and implementation; monitoring and evaluation of targets vis-à-vis the National Development Plan, the Agency’s Strategic Action Plan and related programmatic activities; monitor and track the achievements against indicators as well as develop and operationalize the Agency’s research agenda to support evidence-based interventions.


The Projects Branch is one of two branches in the PPER Division. Its primary responsibility is to lead the process to identify, develop, and manage the execution of projects through bilateral, multilateral and local private sector partnerships in keeping with the strategic objectives of the Agency to advance the development and management of the country’s natural and built environments.


The Branch also provides technical project management support in the design and execution of internal operational projects, manages the monitoring and evaluation of these projects as well as ensuring sustainability and mainstreaming project outputs within the Agency’s program of work.


Job Purpose:

To develop and manage the Agency’s project portfolios ensuring effective implementation and coordination between the NEPA and key bilateral, multilateral project partners and local stakeholders to enable successful project execution of the portfolio of projects to achieve the desired project output and outcomes. The position is also required to coordinate project management initiatives across the Agency by providing technical guidance in developing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on internal operational projects.


As the focal point and lead facilitator of the Agency’s project portfolios, the position is expected to enhance the Division’s and Agency’s reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


Key Outputs:

  • Branch’s corporate and  operational plan
  • Project opportunities matrix
  • Project proposals
  • Project monitoring and evaluation framework and plans
  • Project risk management plan
  • Branch policies and procedures manual and charters
  • Project sustainability and mainstreaming strategy and plan
  • Project awareness program
  • Project and other reports
  • Technical advice, guidance and training
  • Direct reports work-plans
  • Direct reports performance appraisals


Key Responsibility Areas:

A.     Technical/ Professional Responsibilities

  1. Leads the process of identifying and presenting to management project opportunities to support the Agency’s strategic objectives; identifies available funding sources at the international, regional and national levels and prepares project proposals to mobilize funding for approved opportunities.
  2. Develops and ensures consistent use of cutting edge administrative, operating and adaptive project management strategies and procedures (including for internal operational projects) and the conduct of periodic analysis and updates as necessary to include changes made in light of the findings and lessons learnt during Project implementation
  3. Conducts periodic field visits (where applicable) to assess project progress, the effectiveness of implementation strategies as well as the level of compliance with contractual agreements of key project partners and other relevant stakeholders.
  4. Provides technical guidance to Branches in project design and implementation of internal operational projects; monitors and reports on project progress.
  5. Facilitates the conduct of end of project evaluation ensuring lesson learnt are adequately documented, communicated to management and incorporated into future project identification, design, and execution; works closely with Project Managers, Divisions and related branches to ensure the seamless integration and institutionalization of project deliverables and outputs into the Agency’s programme of work.
  6. Works closely with project managers to ensure they pay close attention to critical milestones and key deliverables and that appropriate and timely risk management strategies are initiated where necessary to identify and mitigate constraints and potential bottlenecks to the projects; keeps the Director and project partners informed of any mitigating circumstances and propose remedies.
  7. Develops and implements an internal monitoring and evaluation mechanism including a robust change and risk management framework to support the project portfolios, ensures mechanism are in keeping with requirements of project partners and stakeholders.
  8. Collaborates with HR Division to assist with the design and implementation of programs to build internal project management capacity.


B. Management and other Responsibilities

  1. Participates in the development of the Division’s corporate and operational plan and accompanying budget; leads implementation of the Branch’s plans ensuring initiatives are on course to achieving established targets; recommends modifications to plans as necessary to facilitate shift in priorities and/or attainment of established targets.
  2. Collaborates with other Divisions (such as IT and procurement) and provides technical input into the identification and selection of project resources such as project management software, to support project administration and implementation.
  3. Liaises with project Accountants and the Agency’s Financial Controller to ensure appropriate use, effective management and reporting of projects financial resources.
  4. Collaborates with the Public Education Branch to facilitate the development and implementation of project awareness and public education programs.
  5. Prepares reports, for internal distribution as well as for submission to project partners and other stakeholders; ensures project reports are submitted to project partners and other stakeholders within established.
  6. Coordinates and monitors the impact assessment of Agency’s programs and projects and assist in preparing the State of the Environment Report.
  7. Leads and/or provides support to project managers in preparation for, and hosting of, key project events such as: periodic review meetings, program monitoring meetings with project partners and stakeholders.
  8. Develops and implements a programme for the management and engagement of projects partners, stakeholders and vendors ensuring all parties are kept adequately informed and partner specific requirements are maintained.
  9. Represents the Division and Branch internally and NEPA externally as required.


C.   Human Resource Responsibilities

  1. Liaises with the HR Branch and undertakes/contributes to human resource related duties including development of terms of reference, selection, training and development, discipline and leave management for Agency and project staff in accordance with the Agency’s and project partner’s policies and procedures.
  2. Develops annual work plans for direct reports; monitors their performance and provides timely feedback to facilitate development of performance gaps and/or reinforcement of performance excellence; conducts performance appraisals within the guidelines provided by the HR Branch.
  3. Directs the development and oversees the implementation of initiatives to promote teamwork and cooperation within the Branch and contributes to building an environment which stimulates, motivates and keeps employees and project staff engaged.
  4. Provides leadership to direct reports through effective objective setting, delegation and communication; ensures direct reports are aware of, and adheres to, the Agency’s policies, procedures and regulations.




The position incumbent is authorized to:

  • Make recommendations on project opportunities
  • Identify and recommend potential project partners
  • Prepare project proposals
  • Authorize project expenditure
  • Administer discipline in keeping with HR polices
  • Approve Branch and project staff leave
  • Recommend training and development programmes for Branch and project staff
  • Communicate directly with project partners


Performance Standards:

  • Established personal, branch and project  targets are consistently achieved
  • The operations of the Branch are effectively managed to enable efficiency, cost savings and a productive and engaged cadre of staff
  • The Branch’s Operational Plans are prepared in conformance with established guidelines and submitted with established timeframe
  • Project proposals are comprehensive, conform with established requirements of partner and stakeholders, and submitted within established timeframe
  • Policies and procedures manuals are comprehensive and kept current
  • Effective working relationship is maintained with project partners and key stakeholders
  • Required reports are comprehensive, accurate, compliant with partner requirements and submitted within established time frames
  • Sound technical advice and guidance are consistently provided
  • Confidentiality and integrity are maintained in the conduct of professional and personal business
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is consistent with standard monitoring and evaluation principles, is user friendly, meets requirement of project partners and kept current.
  • Direct reports work-plans and performance appraisals are completed and submitted within established timeframe.
  • Direct reports are consistently satisfied with the quality and timeliness of guidance and performance feedback provided.


Working Conditions

  • Typical office environment
  • Occasional travel island wide to visit project sites


Required Competencies


  • Excellent Interpersonal and leadership Skills
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Excellent judgment, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Excellent planning and coordinating skills.
  • Ability to lead and work effectively with multi-disciplinary teams.



  • Project management expertise at a level to be regarded as subject matter expert.
  • Proficiency in the use of project management software e.g. (Basecamp, MS Project etc.) Microsoft office and other relevant computer applications.


Minimum Required Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Natural, Environmental, Social or Developmental Sciences
  • Certification in Project Management from a professional project management institution; preferably from the Project Management Institute.
  • Training in Supervisory Management
  • At least five years of experience in the environmental field working with governmental and non-governmental organizations and in the management of bilateral and/or multilateral projects.


Salary Range: $2,413,914.00 - $3,005,031.00 per annum and any allowances attached to the post


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