Medical Laboratory Technologist I

South-West Regional Health Authority
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Healthcare & Medical
San Fernando
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Perform routine lab procedures in Medical Lab Technology, conducting tests on human samples, operating equipment, and handling clerical tasks under supervision.


Job Purpose:

Responsible for performing routine laboratory procedures in Medical Laboratory Technology under supervision.

  • Work involves conducting a variety of tests using specialized procedures and techniques of organic and analytical chemistry on different types of samples human organs, tissue, and body fluids such as blood, stool, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, semen and urine.
  • Work also involves operating computerized equipment and performing clerical functions related to laboratory activities.
  • Work is assigned by a MLT II or Technical Section Leader.
  • Work is performed independently and is reviewed for accuracy, use of proper methods, results and timeliness

The Authority reserves the right to assign the officer to any Facility under its management.


The core functions include but not limited to the following:

  • Performs routine tests on blood, body fluids, stool and tissues using automated and manual methods.
  • Performs routine pathological examinations and analysis of human body fluids and excretions, and quality assurance/quality control on a daily basis.
  • Prepares tissues and slides for staining under supervision.
  • Prepares human tissue for histological examination by Pathologist.
  • Prepares solutions and stains under supervision.
  • Reports any discrepancies to MLT II.
  • Performs daily maintenance and minor trouble-shooting on equipment.
  • Performs culture, biochemical testing and sensitivity of all clinical samples.
  • Receives, labels, registers and stores blood samples at the Blood Bank.
  • Labels specimens, sorts and files request forms and cassettes in accordance with departmental procedures.
  • Uses microscope for analyzing slides for correct staining and organization identification.
  • Labels, stains and mounts slides pertaining to Histology, Cytology and Pap Smears for viewing by Pathologist.
  • Records findings on anatomy and cross-sections of specimens under the guidance of a Senior Technologist or Pathologist.
  • Files (for preservation and retrieval) all slides, blocks and other specimens after viewing by the Pathologist.
  • Performs clerical functions such as checks reagents and other materials in daily use.
  • Records results, files specimens and compiles statistical data on tests completed.
  • Records and reports all results from tests conducted, ensures reports are posted to hospital wards and completes laboratory statistics as required.
  • Checks and monitors machines and computerized equipment utilized in the performance of duties to ensure proper working conditions and report if not.
  • Provides task supervision for Laboratory Assistants, imparting advice and guidance.
  • Performs related works as may be required.
  • Ability to perform duties according to assigned rosters or plans that can be formulated in times of authorized service exigencies.
  • Ability to use the relevant computer applications related to job functions


Required Qualifications, Training and Experience:

  • A recognized Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology or the relevant Associate degree.
  • Registration with the Medical Laboratory Technician’s Board, Council for Professions related to Medicine.
  • Any equivalent combination of qualifications, experience and training would be acceptable.
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