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MIS Database Officer

Date Posted
12th September 2017
Information & Communication Technology
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The National Education Trust (NET) is seeking to recruit qualified individuals to fill the position of MIS Database Officer.

Job Description

The MIS/Database Officer will be responsible to maintain an integrated information management system to support the project objectives and the storage, retrieval and sharing of information with the MoEYI, NET, USAID and other MDAs to facilitate the smooth project implementation of USAID/MOEYI Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools Project and the interface with National Education Trust and the MoEYI.

Key Outputs

  • Fully functional, secure and stable software solutions 
  • Operational Plan 
  • Information Systems, policies and procedures 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans  
  • Technical advice and recommendations 
  • Database/Management Information Systems Reports 
  • IT applications that assist in office automation 
  • A robust IT system that facilitates the project’s processes 
  • User training and assistance 

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Technical/Professional
  • Ensure the execution of security standards and policies.
  • Review project initiatives from an IT perspective and identify potential opportunities for modifications to facilitate these initiatives.
  • Consult with MIS staff at the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information to address networking and hardware issues, needs and ensures that the computer systems are compatible.
  • Develop and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for the project’s information needs and assets.
  • Coordinate the design, acquisition, modification, evaluation and use of all technologies, required to facilitate the work of the project and NET.
  • Determine needs and make recommendations for the procurement of information systems assets
  • Provide sound technical advice to the Project Manager and the Managing Director of NET.
  • Ensure data and software security within the technological environment.
  • Provide advice on how technology can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the project and interfaces with NET and the MoEYI.
  • Collaborate with the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to provide the reporting requirements detailed within the Project Management Plan (PMP) mainly by providing electronic access to field data for further analysis.
  • Assist in the development or review of the forms or other protocols for collecting data as required.
  • Develop systems to ensure that source data – forms, questionnaires etc. are collected and processed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Devise a system to ensure that all information required in the source document are supplied including returning or contacting activity process owners  if there are incomplete documents.
  • Design the databases and develop the format of the electronic files for data entry to create the required databases.
  • Supervise and check work done by data entry clerks in the entry of forms, questionnaires or other source data from field workers.
  • Monitor and satisfy the data quality control assurances for the data provided in the project reports.
  • Store source data forms etc. in a manner that ensures easy retrieval for inspection or other audits.
  • Assist in the provision of tables for the annual and semi-annual project reports by running queries in the database.
  • Provide technical assistance to ensure that the office maintains its connection to the MoEYI 

Performance Standards

  • Participants’ enrollment, training and performance databases with complete data records that accurately portray the information in the source documents.
  • Source data from surveys and other primary data collection methods 
  • Monthly progress reports on the collection and entry of data.
  • Training sessions at meeting or other events in the use of the source data forms and any issues that may arise from this usage.
  • Stable, secure, functional software solutions in evidence at all times.
  • Minimal software downtime experienced.
  • Effective utilization and management of information technology assets i.e. hardware, software tools etc. 
  • Timely presentation of comprehensive reports.
  • IT Policies and Security Plans 
  • Timely and effective response to clients' needs

Required Competencies:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Sound personal and professional integrity.
  • Strong customer orientation skills.
  • Detail orientation


  • Competence in database development and management.
  • Proficiency in disaster recovery and business continuity policies, procedures and strategies.
  • Ability to identify, analyse and resolve security breaches and vulnerability issues on the MIS system in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve user challenges.
  • Required to keep abreast of current technological trends
  • Knowledge of data platforms and databases.
  • Knowledge of the Public Sector and USAID Data Security Policies and Procedures.

Minimum Required Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with knowledge of Systems Design and Database creation and management.
  • Professional certification in networking 
  • Two (2) years’ working experience in database development and management and website management 

Other skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Projects 
  • Proficient in SQL and other programming languages an asset
  • Values: Integrity, commitment to excellence, Knowledge sharing, continuous learning, diversity
  • Managing relationships: working in teams, communicating information and ideas
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in an international and multicultural environment

Specific Conditions Associated with the Job

  • Exposure to confidential information
  • May be required to work extended hours and on weekends

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