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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M&E)

Date Posted
17th July 2017
Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
Job Type
Montego Bay
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Responsible for monitoring the field activities of the SR and SSRs to ensure implementation according to the approved work plans of the Global Fund and USAID Grants and also in accordance with JASL’s procedures and binding agreements

Job Description


The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer works under the supervision of the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and will be responsible for monitoring the field activities of the SR and SSRs to ensure implementation according to the approved work plans of the Global Fund and USAID Grants and also in accordance with JASL’s procedures and binding agreements


The M&E Officer will be support the designing, implementing and managing the M&E activities of the organization and completing monthly technical reports; assist the M&E Manager in preparing quarterly and annual reports on the organizations progress and monitor the project activities on a regular basis, assist in maintaining the MIS of the organization as well as the collection and analysis of the different data in relation to the organizations work.



  1.  Maintain the integrity of Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) among staff, clients, local and international donors, and well-wishers through strict adherence to JASL’s procedures and binding agreements
  2.  Ensure accuracy in the documentation of all data gathered and recorded.
  3.  Ensure and maintain transparency in the operations of all projects and programmatic activities undertaken by JASL.



  1. Create and update a data bank on the programming process including updates on progress of the GF and USAID projects.
  2. Collate and review monthly reports from the SSRs and JASL Chapters
  3. Ensure timely and effective execution of all programme activities across JASL Chapters and SSRs.
  4. Collate and review monthly reports from all programme staff.
  5. Prepare and submit monthly organizational programmatic reports to the M&E Manager by the 3rd working day of each month.
  6. Prepare all programmatic donor reports in accordance with stipulations of the governing agreement.
  7. Support the M&E Manager to compile data for quarterly review of programmatic outcomes and impact with stakeholders and target group members.
  8. Coordinate the development of appropriate educational material (print, audio, visual etc.) for target groups to support programme activities
  9. Assist with the development of annual and quarterly organisational workplan and budget including target and indicator settings.
  10. Work with M&E Manager to prepare Quarterly and Annual Reports
  11. Assist with the development of organisational newsletters for publication.
  12. Assist SSRs to develop quarterly newsletters for publication
  13. Contribute to programme design and proposal development
  14. Keep up to date with literature, research and practices relating to target population e.g. UNGASS, NSP, INT, etc.
  15. Conduct planned and unplanned site visits to all JASL chapters and SSRs to verify efficient and effective programme delivery.
  16. Liaise directly with SSRs to ensure that threats to project implementation are identified and addressed in a timely manner.
  17. Conduct field visits to SSRs and Chapters to ensure that project activities are completed according to work plans and agreements.
  18. Represent Jamaica AIDS Support for Life at meetings, conferences, etc., relevant to the subject matter and themes of the assigned portfolio and disseminate information regarding Jamaica AIDS Support for Life’s overall capabilities.



  • Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications
  • Ability to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate multiple projects and events.
  • Ability to handle high volume of activities in a timely, professional and efficient manner.
  • Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
  • Ability to evaluate and edit the content, structure, and format of a range of written material.
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Advanced oral and written communication skills and the ability to work with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
  • Ability to use independent judgement and to manage and impart confidential information.
  • Ability to work professionally and cooperate with team members and representatives of other agencies.
  • Communicate effectively with clarity, authority and in a way that is appropriate to the audience.
  • Experience in working with most at risk populations (MARPS) for at least one (1) year.
  • Strong time management skills, especially when facing tight deadlines



  • Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences or diploma in Project Management or equivalent certification.
  • Three (3) years experience working in related field.



  • Flexible working hours (including some Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
  • Incumbent must own or  have access to a reliable motor vehicle
  • Incumbent must possess a valid driver’s licence
  • Extensive travelling throughout the island and, in some cases, travel overseas.


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