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Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Date Posted
17th July 2017
Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The National Education Trust (NET) is seeking to recruit qualified individuals to fill the position of Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist.

Job Description


The Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MoEY&I) continues to be challenged with issues relating to the maladjusted behaviour of children in schools. These challenges have continued to disrupt the normal flow of learning and in most cases affect the general quality of education being provided for our children.


The USAID/MoEY&I Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools Project is therefore intended to reduce anti-social and violent behaviour among youth, both in schools and out of school.  Through this initiative, the necessary measures will be implemented to transform schools and their immediate surroundings into safe zones through a multi-layered, multi-sectorial approach, utilizing community, parents, public and private partnerships in an effort to ensure a quality education system and raise the bar to benefit all learners, both male and female.



  1. To reduce violence and critical incidence among youth by :
    1. Creating a security and safety network through the establishment of school/community uniform groups.
    2. Controlling access to the school campus by installing or repairing perimeter fencing.
    3. Controlling possession of weapons and other contraband in schools through the use of security monitoring equipment and increasing the number of security personnel assigned to schools.
  2. To reduce  anti-social behaviour among youth through:
    1. The implementation of Security and Safety Guidelines.
    2. Continued promotion of uniformed groups and clubs that promote positive values and attitudes at both school and community levels.
    3. Full implementation of the behaviour modification systems that encompass schools, homes and communities.
    4. The incorporation of human trafficking, cyber-crime, bullying, scamming and sections of the Child Care and Protection Act in the Health and Family Life Education curriculum and training teachers to deliver these topics will be a key prevention strategy. 
    5. Capacity building and training of the school, youth, community and parent leadership.
  3. Engagement of parents and community in the behavioural change process through a partnership with youth, community-based and faith-based organizations, agencies and departments with responsibility for youth.
  4. Providing co-curricular activities such as youth empowerment summer camps, sporting competitions, homework centres, enhancement of Youth Information Centres into youth empowerment centres that will assist in the engagement of youth and help them to develop better social and life skills.
  5. Conduct data gathering, analysis and monitoring activities that will continue to inform decision makers on the management of safety and security in schools and by extension crime and violence in the wider society, particularly among youth.
  6. Build capacity in the MoEY&I and its agencies, FBOs, CBOs and other MDAs to facilitate sustainability of the initiatives through the provision of equipment, adequate human resources and technical management for the project.

Essential Job Functions:

The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist reports to the Project Manager and collaborates with the MIS Officer, the Planning and Development, Department of School Services and Youth Divisions in the MoEY&I , the Data Collectors and other team members in the conduct of the following activities:

  1. Prepare the M and E Plan for the USAID/MoEY&I Partnership for Improved Safety and Security project.
  2. Identify/Select project indicators and prepare a Project Monitoring/Management Plan with details of the definition of the indicator, source of data, how data will be collected and analysed to satisfy the USAID/MOE reporting requirements on these indicators. The main indicators are in the areas of, i) student enrolment, ii) teachers and administrators trained, and iii) student performance in reading and mathematics.
  3. Plan and guide the implementation of baseline and yearly data collection procedures, such as:
    1. Questionnaires to the schools
    2. Attendance records of training sessions held
    3. The construction of Reading and Mathematics tests and the administration of these tests in a sample of project and comparison schools.
  4. Ensure the quality of data collected and collaborate on data entry and the preparation of data files from activities in # 3.
  5. Analyze the data collected disaggregating by gender, groups of schools, and regions and write quarterly and annual reports with special emphasis of the data needed to complete the indicator tables.
  6. Collaborate on the preparation of Project Work Plans.
  7. Provide assessment and research services in respect of the conduct of the Camps initiative including the administration of pre and post- tests and the follow up of students after attending the camp. 
  8. Advise and collaborate on the preparation of other data collection instruments that the project might need to enhance interventions.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct of surveys and provide survey findings and analysis
  2. Quarterlyand annual reports with the analysis and data for the indicator tables
  3. Data files, procedures and source documents that could be inspected at any time by the USAID/MoEY&I auditing department.
  4. Reports of other research, data collection instruments that were completed.
  5. Qualification, skills and attributes
    1. Education: Master’s degree with specialization in Monitoring and Evaluation or related field.
    2. Work Experience:   At least 5 years progressive professional work experience in M&E or related field.


Other  skills:

  • Knowledgeable of the GOJ and USAID policies and procedures
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office computer applications
  • Values: Integrity/Commitment to Mandate, Knowledge Sharing/Continuous Learning, Valuing Diversity.
  • Managing Relationships: Working in teams, Communicating Information and Ideas, Conflict
  • and Self-management.
  • Working with people: Empowerment/Developing People/Performance Management.
  • Personal Leadership and Effectiveness: Strategic and Analytical thinking, Results Orientation/Commitment to Excellence, Appropriate and Transparent Decision-making.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Ability to work in an international and multicultural environment
  • Client orientation.


We thank all applicants for expressing an interest, however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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