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Parish Consultant Psychiatrist (HPC/MO 4)

Date Posted
21st November 2017
Healthcare & Medical
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Medical Officer of Health, the Parish Psychiatrist will be responsible for organizing, planning, coordinating and evaluating strategies and programmes for improving the delivery of Community Mental Health Services.

Job Description

This will be done in accordance with the Government's policies and regulations to ensure the appropriate balance in the delivery of health services. To achieve this, the incumbent will:

  • Provide technical inputs in the development of the three (3) or five (5) year corporate plan, the operational plans and the annual budget, consistent with strategic objectives and in keeping with national guidelines.
  • Promote intersectoral collaboration in the planning of health care delivery in respect to mental health and evaluation of mental health programmes through liaisons with the private health care delivery system, related Government and Non-Government Organizations and institutions at the community level.
  • Provide clinical consultation to psychiatric staff in the parish on complex problems or cases where technical expertise is needed.
  • Provide specialist consultation in a clinical setting.
  • Develop and/ or monitor standards for the delivery of mental health services in the parish.
  • Spearhead educational programmes to build awareness of mental health issues and to improve the knowledge and skills amongst the staff.



(A) Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:

  • Sound knowledge of the National Health Policy
  • In-depth knowledge of the principles and methods of psychiatry
  • Knowledge of current trends and techniques in the treatment and management of psychiatric illness.
  • Understanding of social issues and how these impact on mental health
  • Sound knowledge of Public Health Laws and Regulations and the Mental Health Act
  • Thorough knowledge of the Service Level Agreement
  • Knowledge of management practices and procedures

(B) Qualifications and Experience:

  • DM or equivalent post-graduate qualification in Psychiatry
  • Post graduate degree specializing in Public Health would be an asset
  • Management experience/training would be an asset plus
  • A minimum of five (5) years post graduate experience
  • Registration with the Medical Council of Jamaica

(C) Required skills and specialized knowledge:

  • Ability to provide effective leadership and work as part of a team
  • Ability to analyze situations accurately and take effective action
  • Research methodology and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels and in oral and written format
  • Computer skills

(D) Special conditions associated with job:

  • Required to travel extensively within the parish
  • Exposure to highly confidential and sensitive information



Under the programmatic supervision of the Medical Officer (Health), the Parish Psychiatrist will:

  1. Consult and collaborate with the Medical Officer of Health and Senior Medical Officers in ensuring the integration of services through an adequate, fully functional and responsive referral system.
  2. Provide technical programme input in the development of:
  • The three (3) or five (5) corporate plan
  • The relevant operational plans
  • The annual budget

Consistent with strategic objectives in keeping with parish/regional needs and national and regional guidelines.

  1. Maintain liaison with the Director, Mental Health and Substance Abuse to ensure that the delivery of mental health services in the parish are consistent with government's overall policy direction.
  2. Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the Parish Mental Health Programme in consultation with Medical Officer of Health and other health personnel.
  3. Participate in the review and evaluation of legislation, regulations and standards pertaining to Mental Health Services Island wide.
  4. Provide leadership in improving the quality of mental health service delivery within the parish.
  5. Provide/ arrange specialist consultation to the health centers and major hospitals.
  6. Assure safe high-quality service provision for patients and staff by enforcing policies, procedures, standards, rules, and legal regulations outlined in the mental health law and relevant guidelines; participate in service audits and crisis consultations.
  7. Receive and analyze mental health statistics from all facilities, advising the Medical Officer of Health on priorities, new programmes etc.
  8. Coordinate and facilitate the flow of technical information through submission of regular and special reports to the Medical Officer of Health, Regional Technical Director, Ministry of Health and relevant agencies as authorized, and the field i.e. to all officers who have a need for such information and ensure feedback.
  9. Participate in professional activities related to mental health care delivery at parish/regional/national level on request.
  1. Identify and submit training needs for professional staff and participate in the development and execution of in-service training programmes for all categories of staff.
  2. Participate in the selection, evaluation and recruitment of technical professional staff.
  3. Provide confidential expert advice to the Human Resource Department on pertinent matters
  4. Plan, organize and conduct research and data analysis in matters related to mental health in the parish.
  5. Monitor the Parish Mental Health Education Programmes.
  6. Meet regularly with colleagues in mental health services to review policies and procedure and service delivery.
  7. Coordinate the crisis response/ parish emergency mental health services in collaboration with the Region and Ministry of Health Emergency Team/Unit.
  8. Coordinate as required emergency or special responses/ activities such as provision of psychological support post catastrophe
  9. Provide technical supervision to Psychiatric Residents, Mental Health Officers and other members of the team.
  10. Participate in the administration of the Client Complaint Mechanism including but not limited to investigation of complaints within the programme or otherwise required by the Medical Officer (Health)
  11. Ensure the timely presentation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  12. Perform any other duties that may be necessary for effective mental health services in the parish.
  13. Representation of the Medical Officer (Health) as required
  14. Perform any other duties that are general and not specific to the Mental Health Programme such as being rostered to work in Emergency Operations Centre



  • To represent the Parish/ Regional Health Authority at national and international meeting relating to mental health



The job is satisfactorily performed when:

  • Plans and programmes are consistent with the objectives of the Ministry of Health's service level agreement
  • Objectives for mental health service delivery in the parish are consistently achieved



The incumbent is required to co-operate and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Parish Health Services, Regional Health Authority, the Ministry of Health and the Government of Jamaica.

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