Policy Analyst, Forensics (GMG/SEG 2)

Contract Type
Consulting & Project Management, Management
Competitive Salary
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The incumbent is responsible for developing and analyzing policies, programmes and initiatives to support and enhance the Institute of Forensics Science & Legal Medicine capabilities of solving crimes through the application of scientific methods.



  • Scans environment and analyzes current and emerging trends in forensics to identify new policy issues/topics; 
  • Conducts research and periodic needs assessment primarily for the IFS&LM as a means to determine policies, legislation and programmes requirements; 
  • Designs, develops and administers survey instruments; 
  • Collates and analyzes data to determine viable policy objectives; 
  • Clarifies policy objectives relevant to forensics and identify potential conflicts in terms of objectives and interest; 
  • Develops criteria and indicators to assess progress towards objective; 
  • Benchmarks policies and legislation in other jurisdictions and determines feasibility for adoption; 
  • Identifies alternative viable policy instruments, their probable direct and indirect consequences; 
  • Facilitates consultation sessions and related seminars to develop sound policy options and effective; initiatives/programmes to get the involvement of key stakeholders; 
  • Engages in feedback to ensure involvement of key stakeholders; 
  • Clarifies and makes adjustments to discussion papers; 
  • Drafts policy proposals/ policies to address issues identified for approval; 
  • Compares policy options with existing policies to ascertain potential effectiveness and impact; 
  • Drafts Position Papers, Cabinet Submissions, Cabinet Notes, Briefing Notes and Technical Reports; 
  • Submit draft policies for review and make the necessary adjustments; 
  • Generates data in collaboration with the Monitoring & Evaluation, Research & Data Analytics Branch to inform policy decisions; 
  • Designs, develops and implements a monitoring and evaluation framework for policies, programmes, initiatives and projects to facilitate improvement; 
  • Identifies risks associated with policy development, implementation and evaluation; 
  • Maintains Risk Register of risks identified; 
  • Implements measures for mitigating potential risks or risks identified; 
  • Decides the impact/effect of the risk on various stakeholders; 
  • Evaluates risk (s) and decide on control measures/matrices; 
  • Establishes good and productive working relationships with stakeholders; 
  • Maintains a database of stakeholder’s relative to forensics matters; 
  • Responds to requests for data analysis and information/knowledge sharing; 
  • Contributes to Jamaica’s obligations to international and regional bilateral conventions to agreements; 
  • Prepares responses to requests for information from international, regional and local organizations relating to forensics; 
  • Participates in the development of the Branch’s Quarterly and Annual Performance Reports; 
  • Assists with the development of templates, Codes and Practice, Terms of Reference, and Memorandum of Understanding. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy, Public Management or related area; 
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in policy development; 



  • Training in Policy Development, Review and Implementation; 
  • Preparation of Cabinet Submissions/Notes/Ministry Papers; 
  • Strong organizational and Programme Management skills; 
  • Knowledge of government policy and planning processes; 
  • Knowledge of relevant Laws, Government Guidelines; 
  • Sound understanding of social, economic and scientific research processes; 
  • Understanding of economic and scientific research processes. 



  • Critical deadlines for completion of tasks; 
  • May be required to work beyond the normal working hours; 
  • May be required to work on weekends and public holidays; 
  • May be required to travel overseas; 
  • Typical working condition 


We thank all applicants for their interest in this career opportunity. However, please note, only short-listed candidates will be contacted 


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