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Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
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The role involves contributing to policy development, analysis, and evaluation within the ministry's science, energy, and technology portfolios, tracking implementation, and ensuring communication with stakeholders.



Under the general direction of the Senior Policy Analyst, Science, Energy and Technology, the Policy Analyst, Science, Energy and Technology is responsible for evaluating and reviewing science, energy and technology policies and programmes in the ministry and its agencies and providing technical support to the ministry and its policy, planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes. 



  • Policy research, analysis and advice; 
  • Stakeholder consultations; 
  • Implementation of Cabinet Decisions coordinated; 
  • Reports; 
  • Monitoring and tracking of programmes and objectives; 
  • Application of Code of Consultation monitored; 
  • Draft Cabinet Submissions; 
  • Policy papers and briefs; 
  • Constant and scheduled analysis. 



Management/Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Participates in the Division’s policy visioning, development, monitoring and evaluation programmes; 
  • Prepares reports for the Senior Policy Analyst as required; 
  • Functions as Desk Officer for assigned agencies; 
  • Identifies and brings to the attention of the Senior Policy Analyst that are lagging.

Technical/Professional Responsibilities 

  • Undertakes research and analysis relevant to the development of the ministry’s science, energy and technology portfolios; 
  • Assists in analysing the feasibility of proposed and existing policies and their impact to drive the transformation of the science, energy and technology sectors, and their economic and social impact on government’s priorities; 
  • Holds discussions with stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of the ministry’s policies, obtain buy-in and solicit feedback; 
  • Analyses and comments on related studies prepared within ministries or agencies and provides information to assist with decision making and/or to determine the advisability of adopting new measures;
  • Provides inputs for developing briefs on science, energy and technology issues and provides options for decision by the Senior Policy Analyst; 
  • Coordinates the orderly and timely flow of accurate and rigorously analysed information on portfolio matters for the attention of the Senior Policy Analyst; 
  • Coordinates the implementation of relevant Cabinet Decisions within the ministry.
  • Collects and analyzes quarterly, annual and special reports compiled by the ministry, its agencies and departments. 
  • Tracks and reports on the implementation of decisions and the status of programmes and projects ensuring that goals and objectives are specific, measureable, realistic and accomplished in accordance with prescribed priorities, time limitation and funding conditions; 
  • Monitors the application of the Code of Consultation in the policy development process;
  • Participates in the analysis of relevant policy issues and recommends policy options to the Senior Policy Analyst; 
  • Drafts outlines of Cabinet Submissions for review by the Senior Policy Analyst;
  • Maintains excellent communication with private and public sector entities in the science, energy and technology portfolios; 
  • Participates in the development of training interventions to relevant staff in the ministry and its agencies to create awareness of the procedures involved in policy development and policy analysis; 
  • Prepares reports on the implementation of Cabinet Decisions and the current status of programmes and projects in the science, energy and technology portfolios;
  • Assists with monitoring and evaluating the implementation of decisions on inter-sectoral issues and facilitate collaboration among ministries; 
  • Brings inter-sectoral policy issues to the attention of the Senior Policy Analyst and proposes measures by which they can be effectively addressed; 
  • Participates in stakeholder consultations to develop policies and to resolve policy conflicts; 
  • Prepares policy papers and briefs for the Senior Policy Analyst on matters impacting science, energy and technology and related portfolio matters; 
  • Analyses and comments on studies prepared by the ministry and its agencies and provide information to assist with decision making and/or to determine the advisability of adopting new measures; 
  • Keeps abreast of trends and changes in planning and policy development and make recommendations for their adoption where necessary to enhance the ministry’s planning and policy development functions; 
  • Provides technical support to the ministry’s policy, planning, development and evaluation process. 


  • Performs related duties as may be assigned from time to time.



  • Effective working relations exist with other divisions/units and external associates;
  • Briefs are researched and coordinated according to agreed standard;
  • Cabinet Submissions, Cabinet Notes and related documents are properly articulated and formatted; 
  • Planning meetings are provided with clear and understandable documents to enable the Principal Director and other senior managers to make decisions in a timely manner; 
  • Policies are evidence-based; 
  • Sound and timely advice is provided; 
  • Monitoring activities are carried out in accordance with established guidelines and feedback is timely and of a high calibre to inform quality policy development;
  • Monitoring mechanisms are effective ensuring goals or specified objectives are accomplished in accordance with prescribed priorities, time limitation and funding conditions; 
  • Established deadlines and targets are consistently met; 
  • Confidentiality, integrity and professionalism are displayed in the execution of duties and personal conduct.




  • Oral communication – public speaking skills
  • Written communication – report writing skills
  • Customer and quality focus 
  • Team work and cooperation 
  • Integrity 
  • Compliance 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Change management 


  • Strategic vision 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Problem solving and decision making 
  • Initiative 
  • Planning and organizing 
  • Goal/result oriented
  • Managing external relationships 
  • Use of technology – relevant computer applications 
  • Knowledge of the Staff Orders and Public Service Regulations 
  • Knowledge of GOJ policies and programmes 
  • Thorough knowledge of policy analysis, monitoring, and implementation; 
  • Ability to conduct research, analyse data and make logical conclusions 
  • Broad understanding of science, energy and technology issues, and cross-sectoral issues and programmes
  • Knowledge of pertinent research and analytical methodologies and ability to apply such techniques to policy issues
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationship with all segments of the ministry and its agencies 
  • Ability to work under pressure



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration, Technology Management, Policy Analysis, Development Studies, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Telecommunications Development or related fields from an accredited tertiary institution; 
  • Specialized training in modern approaches to policy research, development and analysis; plus 
  • At least three (3) years’ relevant experience. 



  • Extended hours may be required to meet project deadlines; 
  • Ability to travel overseas and locally on work related business; 
  • The job is substantially office-based. However, the post holder is required to attend meetings outside the office and visit entities within the energy portfolio. Field visits may expose the incumbent to dust, noise, heat, vibration and other conditions present in energy-related operations. 



  • As directed by the Senior Policy Analyst.
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