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Property Officer (SOG/ST6)

Date Posted
30th June 2017
Construction & Building Service, Engineering & Architecture
Job Type
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

Applications are invited for suitable candidates to fill the post of Property Officer (SOG/ST6), Building Projects & Equipment Branch [Two year Contract]

Job Description


Managing the property management services, construction and renovation/repairs projects being undertaken by the Building, Projects and Equipment Branch for properties owned, rented and leased by the Ministry, the Jamaica Constabulary Force and other assigned portfolio entities. Additionally, the incumbent is to ensure projects are executed within budget, agreed timelines and adheres to the applicable guidelines and standards; to include the National Building Codes, the Procurement Guidelines and the National Land Agency Guidelines.


The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Assesses properties owned, rented and leased by the Ministry, the Jamaica Constabulary Force as well as other assigned portfolio entities Island wide;
  • Prepares and submits Assessment Reports detailing condition of properties;
  • Prepares Maintenance Schedule for routine maintenance of properties in collaboration with the Director, Building Projects and Equipment;
  • Responds to complaints concerning facilities and follows through on ensuring complaints are addressed;
  • Prepares and submits Scope of Work and Estimates of projects to be undertaken by the Ministry;
  • Prepares cash flow projections for construction, renovation or repairs to be undertaken by the Ministry;
  • Assists with the preparation of Bill of Quantities and Preliminary Drawings;
  • Monitors and evaluates projects ensuring value for money and satisfactory completion within budget and the agreed timeframe;
  • Follows through on ensuring electrical, plumbing and pipe fittings, sewer, and other critical installations are adequately provisioned for during construction/renovation;
  • Maintains project documentation of each project assigned;
  • Prepares Project Management Plans including Scope Plans, Risk Plan, Quality Assurance Plan etc.;
  • Ensures site reconnaissance is carried out with the stakeholders to develop the scope and concept of the project;
  • Ensures the prerequisites for the commencement of works are in place and the required standards are met;
  • Participates in preparing the final accounts to close off assigned projects;
  • Recommends changes to projects to ensure best practices and manages the quality of service to customers’ expectations;
  • Assists with overseeing contract award and execution processes;
  • Manages the deployment of resources on projects;
  • Monitors the works of Contractors and technical teams and provides technical guidance on works being carried out;
  • Recommends energy conservation initiatives to contain consumption and realize cost savings;
  • Assists in determining satisfactory completion of projects based on scope of work to be delivered;
  • Reviews invoices for accuracy and completeness against scope of work and deliverables and submits for payments to be made.
  • Researches new properties being acquired and ensures there are no adverse pre-existing conditions especially relating to National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) and the National Building Codes;
  • Monitors to ensure adherence of standards and other established guidelines in all phases of projects being undertaken;
  • Prepares and submits progress reports of projects and deliverables;
  • Participates in project meetings and supports reporting requirements;
  • Investigates and reports breaches identified.
  • Assesses and identifies buildings for lease/rentals by the Ministry, the Jamaica Constabulary Force and other assigned portfolio entities;
  • Negotiates lease agreement ensuring value for money and the Ministry’s best interest is maintained at all times;
  • Submits Proposed Lease Agreements with legal comments to the National Land Agency for approval;
  • Follows through to ensure the finalization of Lease Agreements;
  • Assists in developing relocation plans and budget on behalf of the Ministry;
  • Monitors assigned relocation activities and follows through to finalization.
  • Monitors the payment of utility bills, lease, rental, service fees and any other payments due to Landlords of properties rented/leased by the Ministry;
  • Reviews and submits bills for payment;
  • Reports service interruption, damages or repairs to be undertaken by Landlords and utility service providers;
  • Assists in reviewing the Ministry’s Procedural Manual and Disaster Recovery Plan for emergency response and risk management;
  • Arranges and monitors air quality tests;
  • Arranges evacuation drills in collaborating with the Fire Department, the Office of Disaster Planning and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Acts as a first responder in cases of natural disasters and emergencies.



  • Sound knowledge of National Building Codes, National Environmental Planning Laws, the Procurement Guidelines and other applicable guidelines and standards;
  • Sound knowledge of the construction industry standards;
  • Ability to prioritize, plan and organize workloads and to manage;
  • Ability to interpret architectural drawings and designs;
  • Ability to manage projects from initiation through to completion;



  • Exposure to obnoxious surroundings;
  • Working in stressful and hazardous environment;
  • May be required to work beyond the normal working hours;
  • May be required to work on weekends and public holidays;
  • May be required to travel island wide.



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction or related field;
  • Two (2) years related experience property management, construction project management.


Please note that we thank all for responding but only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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