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Lead public engagement efforts to enhance WV International Haiti's credibility, raise awareness of its mission, influence policy makers, strengthen child protection initiatives, and bolster the organization's visibility and reputation.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic leadership within the public engagement department in order to strengthen the credibility of WV International Haiti by raising awareness and understanding of the mission, vision and results of WV International Haiti; develop and influence key policy makers and external partners in promoting child protection, child rights and other programmatic interventions (HIV/AIDS, anti-trafficking, etc.) that support outcomes in matters of child well-being; and strengthen the public visibility, reputation and brand recognition of WV International Haiti. This department is a critical link between the National Office and the rest of the World Vision Partnership, key support offices, media, government counterparts and, where appropriate, NGOs, donors and other diverse audiences who need to be informed and engaged in the ongoing ministry of the National Office.
  • List the statements describing the end results of this position and the method of achievement, as well as how the results/performance are reviewed and measured. Start with the most important responsibilities.
  • Advise and support the National Director in his leadership role and engagement on critical issues related to public engagement.
  • Support the National Director and management team in change management initiatives and alignment of national strategy and WV International Haiti program priorities in terms of public engagement.
  • Effectively lead, integrate and manage public engagement functions ensuring effective and proactive solutions in advocacy, communications and external relations.
  • Practice servant leadership and be a role model for the staff team, peers and others.
  • Provide spiritual direction to public engagement staff, facilitating an environment conducive to their spiritual formation and internalization of WV's vision, mission and core values.
  • WVI Haiti is recognized as a leading organization focused on children and strategic priorities.
  • Strategy development and planning:
  • Contribute to the development of the national strategy and develop secondary public engagement strategies ensuring that public engagement priorities are integrated.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the public engagement sub-strategy and business plan in support of and in line with the country strategy and priorities as well as global strategies and priorities.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive, integrated and context-specific communications strategy that positions World Vision International Haiti as a leading national agency for development and emergency assistance, while protecting the image and the reputation of WVI Haiti as a Christian organization.
  • Identify key objectives and priorities for information, publishing, marketing, advocacy and media relations (national and international), while using appropriate technologies, tools and networks of people to achieve a national and global audiences.
  • WVI Haiti's annual planning is consistent with the strategy.


  • Guide and facilitate recruitment and selection of public engagement, performance management, remuneration, staff development that will support career development.
  • Lead functional teams reporting to the Director in developing an annual plan and clear objectives and performance indicators for the team.
  • Foster a conducive climate and appropriate mechanisms to encourage innovation and improve functional and individual efficiency in order to achieve work objectives.
  • Develop and support program level advocacy priorities on child rights, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, health and nutrition and other program interventions that directly influence children's well-being, both at the regional and local level;
  • Ensure integration with APs and HEAs to ensure timely and appropriate communications to support offices during emergency responses.
  • Guide and facilitate the development of effective public engagement systems, policies and procedures adapted to the Haitian context.
  • Host resource collection trips from support offices, ensuring they are well coordinated and that incoming teams are well informed and aware of sensitivities regarding interviews and resource usage.
  • Support the Operations team in building strong relationships with WV support offices and donors who fund WV projects in Haiti.
  • Oversee support office and donor visits, requests, meetings, conference calls, contacts, emails and other communications, as well as respond to support office and donor requirements for public engagement.
  • Supervise and coordinate the national office communications department so that it is connected and informed about the work of the program, has the appropriate skills, staff, budget and equipment to operate effectively and is managed in such a way as to guarantee the implementation of the communication strategy.
  • Attend and participate in devotional meetings.
  • Structures are aligned with and support strategic objectives.
  • Capacity building and knowledge management
  • Guide and facilitate the assessment, development and implementation of a capacity building plan for the public engagement team, based on WVI Haiti's quality needs and priorities.
  • Identify and develop core skills and capacity requirements in the areas of communication and advocacy.
  • Share/facilitate access to resources and training opportunities within the team. This may involve hiring trainers, establishing institutional links, identifying opportunities for staff exchange or mentoring.
  • Provide training and capacity building for PA and program staff to consolidate resource collection functions. To do this, establish a WVI Haiti communication “network”.
  • Provide media and communications training and related support to identify key spokespersons and other technical experts/managers of the AP, etc. Keep staff informed and aware of key communications protocols (e.g. child protection/ media engagement/protection of vulnerable people). Develop and supervise these protocols in the context of WVI Haiti.
  • Build the capacity of public engagement staff through performance coaching and support aimed at developing their capabilities and skills, improving their performance and spiritual formation.
  • Facilitate the understanding and interpretation of the public engagement strategy and plans by the National Director, the senior management team and other staff not working in the area of ??public engagement.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned from public engagement practices and tools that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Contribute to the documentation of best practices and contribute to the WV Community of Practice and Center of Excellence.
  • An effective capacity plan is in place and managed for the public engagement team.

Responsibility and quality assurance:

  • Manage the planning and production of feature articles (especially those focused on children), publicity materials, the annual report, a WVI Haiti website, press releases, photographs, videos, partnership marketing resources and other strategic and targeted communications, as needed.
  • Plan and manage all "rapid response" communications in organizational crisis situations and during the occurrence of natural disasters or other major emergencies to which World Vision will respond.
  • Manage visits by international visitors (including child sponsors, donors, media, support office program managers) to WVI Haiti offices and programs. Ensure that relevant departments comply with all visa, transportation, accommodation and itinerary requirements. Ensure that all visits are conducted with a high level of customer service and with a strategic purpose.
  • Develop and maintain a database of visitors to WVI Haiti offices and projects ensuring that visitor orientations are completed and child protection policies are signed and respected by all visitors in the field.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate professional contacts with the written and broadcast media, both nationally and internationally, while ensuring that the protection of WVI Haiti programs is given the highest priority. This task should be carried out in consultation with the National Director and the Regional Director of Communications (for international media).
  • In consultation with the National Director and Regional Director of Communications, develop annual communications plans that cover the following aspects: media relations / advocacy communications / disaster communications /media crisis management.
  • Ensure sufficient sharing of information on World Vision projects between World Vision and government counterparts.  Develop communication channels (e.g. newsletters and brochures) aimed at government officials and agencies to inform them of World Vision's development philosophy, relevant project information and their successes.
  • Maintain close contact with the Regional Communications Director and key communications and advocacy staff within World Vision's main support offices.
  • Ensure that the national office participates in important regional and international communications and advocacy initiatives of the World Vision partnership.
  • Ensure the public engagement team follows appropriate protocols and procedures and consistently uses the WV brand when speaking to external stakeholders.
  • Ensure that public stakeholder engagement through communication and advocacy is consistent with World Vision Partnership standards, policies and procedures.
  • Support the National Director and functional managers in managing performance, compliance and risks related to the implementation of public engagement.
  • Ensure that WVI Haiti aligns with the Global Center's advocacy and communications initiatives.
  • Ensure public engagement practices and policies are aligned with WV Partnership standards and procedures.
  • Ensure confidentiality of information and accuracy of information and stories provided to media, support offices and donors.
  • Existence of quality control systems and mechanisms.

Networking and coordination:

  • Serve as a strategic link and focal point for public engagement of external and internal stakeholders.
  • Develop, manage and maintain the visibility of WVI Haiti in radio and print media, in support offices, with public and private donors, IOs and ministries,
  • Develop, manage and maintain relationships with relevant coalitions that advocate for the needs of children.
  • Develop important advocacy links and networks for program staff, both at the regional and zonal program level.
  • Collaborate with program directors and field staff to ensure consistent messaging for all staff and stakeholders.
  • Develop processes and resources to inform and educate all staff, counterparts, partners and beneficiaries on the World Vision development philosophy and how World Vision works.
  • Support the operations department and program staff to ensure sufficient information sharing by World Vision program staff and staff participation within the INGO network in Haiti. Identify appropriate key personnel within World Vision to become involved in specific sector committees and collaborative initiatives.
  • Represent WVI Haiti on issues related to communication and media with other NGOs and branches of the Haitian government.
  • A network and partnerships are established with strategically identified stakeholders (government, NGOs, etc.) to improve learning, influence competitiveness and visibility.
  • Good quality collaboration between external parties and WVIH.


  • Ensure that formal and informal reporting on public engagement is effective and timely.
  • Working closely with the operations team, support the timely submission of quality reports (narrative and financial) to donors, support offices and other stakeholders.
  • Submission of complete and timely reports.


Minimum education, training and experience requirements for the position:

  • Bachelor's degree in communications/ public relations or any other related undergraduate degree.
  • Degree in Management, MBA, Leadership Studies or any related graduate degree (preferred).
  • Good communication in Creole, French and English (Spanish is an asset).
  • Knowledge of media protocols, graphics, web design and advocacy.
  • Proven leadership, management, networking, collaboration and organizational skills.
  • Strong participatory management and supervision skills.
  • Interpersonal, communication, training and facilitation skills.
  • A strong commitment to World Vision's mission, ethics and core values.
  • Familiarity with donor requirements and regulations (OFDA, CIDA, DFID, WFP, UNICEF, KOICA, AusAID, CE, ECHO, German Government).
  • Multiple skills and professional experience in the field of emergency aid and advocacy with international NGOs.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all staff and other key partners.
  • Demonstrate an ability to innovate, analyze and solve complex problems and create solutions.
  • Understand the theory, process and practice of advocacy.
  • People Management Skills: Strong interpersonal and networking skills to work cross-functionally within the organization and culturally.
  • Be a results-oriented leader, able to handle a heavy workload, manage and satisfy multiple conflicting demands from the organization, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate leadership and team building skills.
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • Experience in personnel management and supervision in an intercultural environment.
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Office. Experience with Lotus Notes would be a plus.
  • Committed Christian capable of providing Christian leadership.
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