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Date Posted
31st January 2018
Hospitality, Tourism & Food Service
Job Type
Cruise Ship
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The Purser will manage and direct the Crew Officer(s), Night Audit Officer, Printer and respective clerks.

Job Description

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain an adequate cash balance and cash flow, exchange of traveler checks, and foreign currency. Order, receive, and deposit monies as required. Maintain ship’s checkbook and cashbook balance on a daily basis. Perform and submit all month-end and year-end reconciling as per accounting policy.
  2. Communicate with ship’s agents to ensure compliance with local laws and requirements for vessel, guest and crew clearance in ports of call. Execution of requirements to ensure clearance of the vessel and ship’s guests and crew is obtained timely into and out of port. Liaison with shore side officials and ensure all necessary documents are provided/ transmitted to government entities and Corporate Office as per requirements for pre-arrival and post clearance.
  3. Ensure the timely and correct preparation and transmission of the ENOA/D files, ensure confirmation receipt and follow up on any file processing problems reported by the Coast Guard.
  4. Ensure accurate administration and processing of the Daily Revenue Report (Dalrec). Monitor daily revenue and payment bookings to the Dalrec (JV/CD). Oversee that End of Voyage processing is completed and submitted timely, and check that the Final Dalrec figures are balanced with the corresponding Cashbook accounts.
  5. Ensure all Onboard Accounting Policies and Marine Hotel Operations Manuals (MOM) related to the Purser’s skillset is followed. Comprehension of Corporate Regulations (e.g. MR 1000) and execution of applicable administration.
  6. Operate the Global Foreign Currency (GFC) exchange program during non-North America itineraries; ensure compliance with required procedures and reporting, and ensure all users receive adequate and ongoing training in foreign cash handling and the GFC program usage.
  7. Supervise all cash floats, including crew funds, GRA and Crew Office clerk floats. Ensure that float count procedures are being followed by all float holders and that all float holders receive continuous cash handling training and supervision. Perform purser float verification counts as per accounting policy.
  8. Ensure accurate final settlement of all Guest and Officer shipboard accounts. Ensure authorization and processing of credit cards is in compliance with corporate financial regulations. Interact with guests when needed regarding any shipboard account issues.
  9. Monitor and ensure accurate daily posting of Hotel Service Charge (HSC) to guest accounts and that extract reports are created daily.
  10. Administer and process the Service Charge calculations and reporting. (mid-voyage repat, home-port repat, and end-of-voyage) in a timely manner, and ensure voyage end reports are posted to the public folders as per policy.
  11. Compile onboard Corporate Partner Statements of Revenue; ensure accurate balancing with the Dalrec, receipt and administration of their cash, checks and other financial requirements.
  12. Coordinate administration of the Shore Excursions operations to include settlement with Tour Operators, completion of timely Shore Excursion reports, ensure balancing with Fidelio bookings and Dalrec, agreement by Shore Excursion Manager and submission to Seattle.
  13. Facilitate all Bingo administration; free cruise certificate, and compliance with US tax requirements.
  14. Order, receive and maintain telephone and internet cards, maintain vending machines, complete sales administration.
  15. Purchase postage stamps, administer inventory, and facilitate sales of stamps. Maintain inventory as appropriate to itinerary in conjunction with other ships.
  16. Facilitate payment of vessel’s purchases in port. Act as a legal agent for Company in authorizing expenses to the Ship’s Disbursement Account in ports of call.
  17. Monitor the administration related to the Fidelio Time and Attendance module.
  18. Ensure that scheduled paydays are held for all officers, petty officers and crew ratings in compliance with company policy. Ensure payroll administration is accurate and monthly reports are submitted timely to the Corporate office and management agencies as applicable (SBI, UPL, Viking, HALBeheer, etc). Facilitate daily draws.
  19. Respond to crew matters and concerns in cooperation with the Crew Officer.
  20. Compile Hotel Manager meeting minutes and distribute in a timely manner. In addition, complete miscellaneous administrative documents when required (e.g. ship phone list, proof daily program, etc).
  21. Coordinate and ensure outgoing and incoming ship’s mail is sent and received as required.
  22. Compile death certificates and ensure compliance with local authorities’ requirements for all administration, clearance, and disembarkation.
  23. Monitor use of e-filing/G:drive, ensure files are being placed correctly and timely. Perform periodic audit of e-filing system compliance per the MOM.
  24. Perform public relations and social duties including participation in formal dinners, suite luncheons and other functions as required.
  25. Ensure Print Shop is operated effectively and efficiently while maintaining high quality and control standards. Ensure compliance with environmental and safety requirements.
  26. Familiarize with the Crew Officer and Night Audit officer duties, tasks and operations; have working knowledge of the associated computer systems used. Direct Crew Officer and Night Audit Officer as needed for efficient handling of any special projects or situations.
  27. Oversee, manage and develop Crew Officer and Night Audit Officer and clerks, using the tools for this (e.g. SMART objectives, LMS/skills sets, appraisals and rating cards) as set out in company policies to facilitate training, feedback and future growth.
  28. Ensure communication channels are maintained between the Crew Officer and Purser as related to all crew administrative matters.
  29. Work with the Guest Relations Manager and team to ensure guest issues pertaining to accounting and billing, clearance requirements, administrative policies, etc. are communicated and dealt with efficiently.
  30. Ensure communication channels with ship’s staff and other departments to facilitate the flow of information, port requirements and regulations, crew information, administrative policies.
  31. Perform other duties as assigned including Health, Employee Safety and Security tasks


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