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Refrigeration Services Supervisor

Date Posted
14th March 2017
Installation, Maintenance & Repair
Job Type
San Fernando
Not Disclosed

Job Summary

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) is pleased to invite suitably qualified persons to forward applications to fill the post of Refrigeration Services Supervisor at the SWRHA.

Job Description

Job Summary

The Refrigeration Services Supervisor leads, and directs the work of subordinate staff in the maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning plant and machinery in the Hospitals and other Health Facilities of the South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA).

This person manages a team of technical staff, is fully responsible for the performance and development of the Section and possesses the direct authority to make line decisions concerning its day-to-day operations.  The position has financial authority limits as determined by the Board of the SWRHA. The job may involve considerable travelling and fieldwork throughout the region.

NB: This job is subject to exposure to electrical and mechanical hazards, vibration, dust, hazardous waste and other conditions as found in a hospital environment.


key functions & Duties:

  • Designs, plans and execute programmes for preventative and emergency maintenance of all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and installations in Health Care Facilities in the SWRHA.
  • Works closely with all supervisors (institution and community) to provide technical support for the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations under their jurisdiction.
  • Oversees the establishment of new installations and or the repairs to existing installations being carried out by external contractors.
  • Ensures that all pertinent refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and installations are tested, charged, discharged and operated in accordance with national and international regulations.
  • Provides and periodically reviews inventories of tools and equipment, including Tradesmen’s Tool Kits, required to effectively perform the job.
  • Directs utilisation of the computerised maintenance management system to ensure that all system operating, maintenance and repair costs are recorded against sub-systems and/or components.
  • Ensures that the computerized maintenance management programme is updated in a timely manner with all pertinent information.
  • Consults with Plant Engineers for the provision of adequate resources to execute the functions of the section.
  • To monitor and measure the performance of subordinate staff.
  • Works closely with the Plant Engineer for the ongoing development of technical competences within the section.
  • Enforces health and safety regulations according to statutory requirements and applicable local and international safety standards and codes.
  • Reviews and analyses subordinates’ documentation of operations activities in logs and/or incident reports, and implements appropriate action where required.
  • Applies continuous effort to increase output quality and reliability and reduce turnaround times for on-going work.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


key knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Laws, regulations, guidelines, and codes standards pertaining to mechanical installations and equipment in health institutions.
  • Local and international refrigeration and air conditioning engineering codes.
  • Local and international safety codes pertaining to health institutions.
  • Knowledge and experience in the management and maintenance of large refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • Knowledge of safety practices, methods, materials, and tools used in the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in health institutions.
  • Working knowledge and of computerized maintenance management and project management software.
  • Ability to supervise technical and professional staff.
  • Ability to read and understand technical manuals and instructions.
  • Ability to read and interpret gauges, meters, charts and other monitoring and recording devices.
  • Ability to produce written documents and reports with clearly organized thoughts using standard English sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.
  • Ability to organize resources and establish priorities.
  • Ability to develop and interpret budget estimates and performance criteria.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing with user departments’ representatives, manufacturers, contractors and the general public.
  • Skills in the use of personal computers and related software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, database, et al).
  • Ability to work in elevated locations.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools applicable to trade.


Required Qualifications, Training and Experience:

  • A First Degree in an Mechanical or Refrigeration Engineering discipline from an accredited institution with a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in refrigeration and air conditioning; or
  • A Higher National Certificate (HNC) or similar appropriate qualification plus ten (10) years minimum experience in the maintenance and repair of domestic and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems; or
  • An equivalent combination of qualifications and experience.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s licence.

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